When to Start Decorating for Halloween

We all look forward to decorating our homes with spooky Halloween decor every October. From ghosts and goblins to pumpkins and spiderwebs, decorations for this holiday always stand out. Since Halloween involves specific decorations instead of your typical fall home decor, you’ll want to hang your decorations at the right time — not too early and not too late. Create custom fall home decor decorations that will add a touch of personality to your living space and give you the autumn look you want for the season. We’ve provided a bit of guidance on when to start decorating for Halloween below.

carved pumpkins lit up at night for halloween party decorations

When to Start Decorating for Halloween?

The most popular time to start decorating for Halloween is within the first two weeks of October. However, you can start putting up decorations for Halloween as early as late September. You should also consider the scale of your Halloween decorations when deciding on a timeline. If you’re transforming your home into a haunted house, you’ll want to decorate in late September to get a head start. Do your best to start early on intricate Halloween set-ups. If you’re keeping it simple this Halloween, you can put up your decorations in early October.

Halloween Decoration Tips

When it comes to decorating your home with Halloween-friendly items, there are a variety of ways you can create a unique space. Here are a few Halloween decoration tips for making your space picture-worthy.

Consider A Theme

When choosing Halloween decorations, tie your items together with a common theme. From vampires and mummies to scary clowns and witches, a cohesive theme can make your decoration shopping easier.

Create Custom Wall Art

With Shutterfly, you can create any type of Halloween type of wall art that will look amazing in your home. From canvas prints to photo tiles, you will be able to make your own unique Halloween wall decor. Add images of spooky ghosts and black bats to carry out the Halloween theme.

Design Custom Halloween Pillows and Blankets

Snuggle up during the cold fall months with cozy Halloween pillows and blankets that will set the mood when you watch any Halloween movie. These custom pillows and blankets can come in many different designs and you can mix and match any pattern to create your Halloween themed home.

Make Personalize Halloween Candles

Nothing says more about Halloween than dark lighting with candles around. Design a Halloween candle with your favorite memories of your past Halloween celebrations or create a personalized candle with the different festive Halloween and fall-themed embellishments for a one-of-a-kind candle.

Decorate Your Dining Table

There are a variety of different designs that will accent any Halloween dining table. Mixing and match the different Halloween patterns to create the most unique tablescape that will accent all of the meals you serve. In addition, you can use these Halloween themed dishware when you are passing out the Halloween candy to all your Trick-or-Treaters.

Spooky halloween haunts serving platter designed by zoe feast

Incorporate Easy Crafts

Choose a few craft projects to complete your decoration list so the little ones can get involved as well. Decorating for any holiday is always a fun experience and getting your kids on board makes it even better. Get them in the spirit of Halloween by creating easy crafts that you can display within your home.

Scare factor

If you want to create a dramatic set-up, don’t forget to include a staple Halloween item that’s scary to make your decorations stand out. From fake spiders to skeletons, Halloween decorations are all about the scare.

Halloween Party Decorations

It’s a perfect time to throw a Halloween party after you’ve decorated your home for Halloween. The best way to get your loved ones together to celebrate this spooky and haunted day is to invite them all for a Halloween party. The best way to get the word out to your guests is to create a Halloween party invitation that matches your Halloween home decor.

How to Make Halloween Party Invitations

Making Halloween party invitations is easy with a few simple clicks from Shutterfly. As you browse through our range of Halloween themed party invitations, your guest will be excited to receive your invitation and they’ll look forward to your Halloween party. Simply start out by choosing a Halloween party invasion template you like. These invitations can give your guest an idea of what to expect at your Halloween party and you can add any important information you want to tell your guests. Be sure to include some important information about your party such as location, time, dress code, and anything else you want to mention easily to your guests. As you fill in all the necessary information, choose a corresponding envelope that you think will accent your Halloween party invitation.

Creepy cobwebs halloween invitation designed by stacy claire boyd

For an added touch, utilize Shutterfly’s Addressing Service to have your recipient’s name and address printed on the envelopes. This service also allows you to send the Halloween party invitations right after they finish off the printing line. These quick and easy Halloween party invitations will be the talk of your Halloween party.

Closing Thoughts about Halloween

Arguably the best time of the year, Halloween is the best time to let you, inner child, out and celebrate. As you decorate for this festive holiday, choose the items that best suit the Halloween goals you are trying to achieve. Each and every detail will make a big difference to your home and your loved ones will know that you took the time and effort in making this the best Halloween ever.