50 Above The Bed Wall Decor Ideas For Every Style

Design your bedroom to be a personal oasis and select decor that inspires you. Whether you’re relaxing at the end of the day or waking up in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere you’ve created. To offer you inspiration for this important space in your home, we put together 50 above the bed wall decor ideas to infuse energy into your space. From framed photo galleries to DIY bedroom decor, you’ll surely find something that matches your taste and style.

If you have a large space above your bed, consider a panoramic print. These designs maximize the space of a big wall and can feature everything from a landscape to a special family portrait.

1. Boxed Wall Plants

boxed wall plants

Source: Shutterfly

Build an eclectic arrangement above your bed. Orient indoor plants in varying directions, with some growing vertically and some draping downward. This plant-inspired arrangement is a cool, modern design with plenty of texture.

2. Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hanging

Source: Hello Nest

A woven wall hanging offers a bedroom both comfort and style. Replicate this woven art with a single knot pattern, then add tassels at the bottom.

3. Geometric Painting

Take a blank canvas and paint geometric shapes in a range of colors, from pink to gold to mint green. Hang your artwork above your bed for a pop of personality.

4. Vertical Photo Frame

vertical photo frame

Source: Shutterfly

Remove the glass from frames to create a vertical photo board. Secure string to the top and bottom of the frame, then clip your photos to the rope using paper clips. Keep your color scheme cohesive with tones like brown, green and white.

5. Flower Art

flower art

Source: Pink Sole

Choose serene photos for above your bed, like those of roses or lilies. By adding a garden vibe to your room, you’ll feel more at peace morning, noon and night.

6. DIY Artwork

Looking for something to fill the space above your kid’s bed? Post their artwork on their walls. Not only will it bring a personal charm to the room, but your child can be proud of what they created.

7. Personalized Words

personalized words

Source: Shutterfly

Design wall decor that embodies your personal mantra. Fill a canvas with a favorite quote, song or Bible verse. Every time you enter your bedroom, you’ll be reminded of what’s truly important.

8. Interchangeable Art

interchangeable art

Source: Unsplash

Looking for wall art that’s simple? Hang a set of six frames—each with a unique color—above your bed. Swap out the photos and artwork at any time to match the mood or season.

9. Stencil Art

With colored pencils, fill in a stenciled outline of trees or flowers. Frame your artwork and hang it above your bed for sophisticated DIY wall art.

10. Square Photo Wall

square photo wall

Source: Shutterfly

Choose identical squares for your photo prints. Arrange them in symmetrical rows for timeless art that displays favorite memories like an ice cream date or a trip to Nashville.

11. Plant Art

Put paintbrush to paper to create plant and leaf artwork. This simple painting project lets you flex your artistic muscles and design wall decor for your bedroom.

12. Landscape Print

landscape print

Source: Shutterfly

Enlarge a landscape photo by printing it on canvas or metal. Whether it’s a display of your favorite lake, mountain or rainbow, you’ll have wall art that inspires you daily.

13. Painted Wall Pattern

Bedroom wall decor includes more than just artwork. Create an accent wall with a stencil or stamp. The color and texture of your design will boost the energy in the room.

14. Family Sign

Transform a wooden board into a timeless family sign. Paint your last name across the board and add fun accents like hearts or stars.

15. Washi Tape Frame

washi tape frame

Source: Shutterfly

Construct your own photo frames out of card stock and washi tape. A patterned tape, like one with polka dots or stripes, offers personality to your DIY frame. Hang your photos above your bed for personalized wall art that you can adjust at any time.

16. World Map

If you love to travel, this bedroom decor is for you. Bring your wanderlust to your bedroom with a world map. Mark the places you’ve been or hope to visit with pushpins.

17. Checkered Wall

For the wall behind your headboard, make a statement. Paint a stenciled pattern that adds dimension and texture to your space. Choose neutral tones like white and grey or go bold with colors like navy and maroon.

18. Block Letters

Personalize your bedroom wall art with a name. Paint cardboard letters in a favorite color, then hang them above the bed in your kid’s room.

19. Wooden Frames

wooden frames

Source: Lei Lester

Complete your bedroom decor with framed artwork. These simple pieces add finesse and a personal touch to a well-decorated room. Choose prints that represent you—whether that’s a map of your favorite place or a family portrait.

20. Hanging Terrarium

hanging terrarium

Source: Shutterfly

Bring instant charm and greenery to your bedroom with a hanging glass terrarium. Build your own floating garden of succulents or air plants with glass spheres and jute rope.

21. Watercolor Cacti

If you’re looking for bedroom decor that’s colorful, fresh and fun, consider a watercolor cactus painting. Blend light and dark green tones together for artwork that offers both beauty and character.

22. Driftwood Hangers

driftwood hangers

Source: Shutterfly

Collect pieces of driftwood next time you’re at the beach. Tie your driftwood together and intermix family photos for wall art with a beachy vibe.

23. DIY Canvas Art

Cover blank canvases with luxe wrapping paper to create bedroom decor that’s chic and trendy. This DIY project is great for beginners and doesn’t require advanced art skills. You can display this wall decor with pride—knowing you created it yourself.

24. Fern Wall Hangings

Fresh greenery brings a calming, peaceful aura to your space. Add greenery to your bedroom with dried fern leaves. Collect the leaves during the spring, summer or fall, then press them in photo frames that can be hung in unison above your bed.

25. Shelf Display

shelf display

Source: Shutterfly

Build a beautiful arrangement above your bed. Place a potted plant, decorative candle and photo book on a shelf. Not only will your design bring character to your room, you can pull down your photo book anytime to reminisce about favorite memories.

26. DIY Abstract Painting

diy abstract painting

Source: Amber Oliver

Pull out your watercolor or acrylic paints to create abstract wall art. Select colors that complement and enhance the tones already in your bedroom. Design a few smaller canvases to hang in a row above your bed, or paint a larger piece to fill the space.

27. Heart Photo Collage

heart photo collage

Source: Shutterfly

Bring a personal touch to your bedroom decor with a photo collage. Arrange photos of family, friends and favorite locales in a heart shape. The best part? You can change out the photos at any time and for any season.

28. Neighborhood Map

neighborhood map

Source: Harri Wren

Draw your neighborhood or city streets on a blank piece of paper. Note your favorite landmarks, like the library or coffee shops. This trendy wall art is great for urban and suburban homes.

29. Headboard Decal

Make a statement with your headboard. Place a giant decal of a favorite shape or animal to infuse your room with personality.

30. DIY Watercolor Painting

diy watercolor painting

Source: Love Maegan

Design calming artwork with watercolor paint. Choose a softer color palette that includes tones like aqua, mint green and lavender.

31. Word Mural

Paint inspiring words across the wall above your bed. Choose a phrase that will offer you energy in the morning or help to relax you at the end of the day. The colors in your mural should complement other features in your room, like your throw pillows and area rug.

32. Photo Wreath

photo wreath

Source: Shutterfly

Infuse your room with photos of your favorite people and places. Clip the photos to a wreath and add greenery, like eucalyptus leaves, to add a natural, beautiful element.

33. Leaf Stamp Painting

leaf stamp painting

Source: Bliss Makes

Gather large leaves, like ones from a banana or palm tree. Dip the leaves in paint and stamp them onto a canvas. Go simple with black and white art, or choose colors that will catch your attention like purple and orange.

34. Framed Photo Gallery

Collect your favorite photos from vacations, family portraits and gatherings with friends. Arrange the photos in a large frame that can be hung above your bed. This bedroom decor is beautiful and carries special meaning.

35. Modern Rustic Decor

Wood wall decor offers a certain charm to any home. Choose inspiring words to frame above your bed, then accent with other rustic pieces like a wooden arrow or cross.

36. Bamboo Window Shade

Have a window above your bed? Hang a woven bamboo shade to block out light and offer privacy. The natural beauty and colors will give your space style and comfort.

37. Patterned Wall

patterned wall

Source: Shutterfly

An accent wall is a great way to bring character to your bedroom. Design a statement wall with paint, decals or wallpaper.

38. Simple Art Prints

Make a big impact with subtle wall decor. Choose prints with calming colors, natural artwork and animal faces. This sweet ensemble is ideal for a kid’s room, baby room or master bedroom.

39. Monogram Wall Decor

Personalize your bedroom decor with custom monogrammed prints. Frame the first letter of your last name or spell out your first name. You can even change your monogram prints to reflect the season.

40. Squirt Gun Paintings

Have fun with this DIY art project. Turn squirt guns into art tools and splatter canvases with vibrant paint. This colorful wall decor infuses your space with personality and life.

41. Canvas Print

canvas print

Source: Unsplash

In the market for bedroom ideas that are simple and classic? Print a favorite photo on canvas for wall art that will last for years. Opt for a photo of a river, railroad or bridge for a dreamy feel.

42. Peaceful Paintings

Looking for calm decor on your bedroom wall? Opt for pastel paintings of waves, puddles or subtle abstract designs. The layered colors add dimension to your room without being overpowering.

43. Black and White Sketch

black and white sketch

Source: Harri Wren

Looking for simple above the bed wall decor ideas? Try your hand at a black and white drawing of your favorite things, whether that’s coffee mugs, stars or books.

44. Bed Canopy

Provide your bedroom or a kid’s room with a whimsical touch. Decorate a bed canopy with fun colors to make the room feel light and airy.

45. Faux Weaving

Want to create modern wall decor without the hassle? Try a simple weave pattern like this faux weave hung from a wooden dowel. The piece will bring a warm, cozy vibe to your bedroom.

46. Rustic Print

Whether you have a rustic or farmhouse vibe in your home, bring that style to your bedroom. Frame a print of a deer, barn or cow to tie your decor together.

47. Photo Ledges

photo ledges

Source: DIY Mama

Secure slender shelves to the wall above your bed. Arrange a variety of frame sizes to create a layered effect. Fill your frames with inspiring words, photos and maps.

48. Geometric Headboard

Fill the space above your bed with a trendy headboard. Try one with geometric shapes like rectangles or triangles for a simple yet decorative look.

49. Pennant Banner

pennant banner

Source: Decor Hint

Add a simple splash of color to your bedroom. Cut triangles out of felt, then sew them to a clothesline rope. This easy DIY project is great for a kid’s room or a guest room.

50. Patterned Prints

Frame a variety of prints to hang above your bed—knowing you can change them at any time. From flowers to polka dots to stripes, choose patterns that match your personality.

Because your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, ensure your decor has a personal touch. Choose photos to create a framed print or a collage poster, so that every time you walk into your room, you can admire the artwork you designed.