30+ Easy DIY Craft Ideas For You to Try

Let’s face it: we are all secretly obsessed with DIY. Being able to create something with our own two hands using minimal materials allows our creative side to shine through. Not to mention that DIY crafts make for awesome gifts for family and friends. The personalized, one-of-a-kind quality shows them that you really care.

Sometimes, trying to brainstorm the perfect craft can be complicated. Luckily, we’ve compiled 32 awesome crafts that anyone can make (yes, that means you). Whether you’re crafting with your kids, trying to add some color to your bedroom or just looking for a rainy day activity, these simple DIY projects will have you running out to the craft store.

Pretty and Practical

One of the best parts of DIY crafts is making something useful. Sprucing up your office space will create an environment that will inspire you to be extra productive. DIY some space saving items that will have you feeling organized in no time.


Kids are naturally creative, and your little ones are sure to appreciate these simple crafts. Plus they are made with materials and toys you probably already have around the house. Create this fun unicorn hat to show off your child’s true uniqueness or fashion a fidget spinner made out of everyone’s favorite toy.

Bright and Fun

Using bright colors while crafting is a great way to show your personality and fun sense of style. Bright colors can also add a nice pop of color that every room needs. Spread the joy by trying your hand at crafts like handmade mini piñatas or try out a DIY that doubles as a smartphone station.

Simple and Sweet

Even the simplest of crafts can add intrigue to a room. Burlap, twine and cool, blue fabrics can be used to make small statements that will really tie a room together. Try making a statement with a DIY banner or tea light holders. Who knew such uncomplicated crafts could have such an impact?

Rustic and Refined

Using rustic materials in your DIY crafts will give your home a natural, earthy feel. Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating wooden materials and cozy textures throughout your kitchen or living room. And the best part: rustic decor looks great just about anywhere!

Easy and Sophisticated

Just because a craft is easy to make doesn’t mean it can’t hold a certain level of sophistication. Adding hints of metallic gold and silver to a project will create a look of maturity. Make any outfit pop with your own handcrafted jewelry for a super chic look or painted gem magnets that you can add to a coffee table, desk or anywhere that needs some glam.

Eclectic and Unique

What better way to show your creativity than by adding your own personal touch to your DIY projects? Customization is key in order to create a unique craft. Display your awesome personality by using your favorite color combinations or incorporating funny sayings into your home.

Colorful and Whimsical

Some of the best projects are completed with everyday household items like soda bottles, fabric scraps, cardboard or bottle caps. Let these items inspire you to see beyond what they really are. Turn empty soda bottles into adorable kitty planters for the herbs in your kitchen or scrap fabric into fancy bow ties for dress-up.

If you’re looking for easy DIY crafts to enjoy over the weekend or impress a friend with a unique gift, try your hand at the above. After you’ve mastered these, try other DIYs like a salt dough ornaments or DIY photo frame to keep the creative juices flowing.