99 Unique Color Combinations To Reflect Your Style

Whether you’re selecting paints or redecorating a room, finding colors that coordinate really brings your look together. Consider these stunning color combinations to design inspiring spaces that relax or energize you. After all, you want your home and DIY projects to match your style and personality. Take your space to the next level with photo spreads and art prints.

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bright colors banner

Pastel Pinks and Yellow

red and orange color combination
Creamy pinks and yellows bring a certain softness to your color palette. When paired with a rich maroon, this dreamy combo really pops.

Tropical Tones

tropical color combinations
Draw inspiration from the tropics by blending blue, orange, yellow and green. An unexpected color scheme, this combination provides energy and vitality.

Lavender and Daffodil Yellow

purple and yellow colors
With this color scheme, let your backdrop be a layer of daffodil yellow — allowing you to add in a myriad of accent colors.

Vivid Yellow, Black and Green

sunflower yellow colors
Complement a bright yellow palette with a dark counterpart, like black, to avoid an oversaturated design.

Teal with Orange Tones

teal and orange colors
Playful and upbeat, this orange and teal color scheme offers zest to any space. Accent with darker orange shades to build texture and character.

Tangerine and Red

bright reds
Maximize the effect of your color combination by selecting vibrant tones — like tangerine and red — for your furniture and throw pillows. Balance the brightness with neutral-toned walls and accents.

Yellow, Black and Brown

yellow and brown colors
Although unconventional, this vibrant color combination enlivens the entire room. Opt for neutral-toned accents, like black and brown, to balance the scene.

Pine Green, Yellow and Pink

yellow and pink colors
Try a dynamic color scheme of green, pink and yellow. This playful combination communicates a carefree sentiment.

Canary Yellow with Pastel Blue and Green

bright yellow and pastel blue
Mimic the radiance of sunlight in your color scheme by incorporating canary yellow. Build depth in your space by accenting with earthy tones of orange, green and blue.

Pink and Green

bright pink wall
Brighten an entire space with a rich pink shade. Layer contrasting tones in your design like off-white and green.

classic color banner

Currant and Spruce

red and green colors
Evoke a sense of sophistication with this darker-toned color scheme. Don’t forget the sandstone accent color to offer a delicate, complementary balance.

Pine Green and Honey

green and yellow combo
Classic themes are enhanced with stunning colors. Craft a vintage look with honey yellow and pine green — colors that’ll fill a bedroom or living room with life.

Brown and Orange

brown and orange colors
Grab attention with a versatile palette of oranges and browns. Whether you’re selecting furniture or forming a photo wall, integrate these strong tones for a bold look.

Muted Green, Brown and Red

muted red and brown
Infuse warmth into your home office, bedroom or living room with a set of darker, muted tones. You’ll have a space that’s inviting but also mellow.

Enchanting Greens

green and silver
Throw it back with a retro color scheme. This diner demonstrates how cool greens pair well with white and black accents.

Creamy Wonderland

creamy pink colors
Comprise a color combination that’s ultra-soothing. Choose cream tones as your main players then accent with teal and black.

Dark Reds

vintage yellow
Looking for dynamic yet timeless color combinations? Opt for this powerful team of yellow, deep reds and black.

Timeless Red and White

classic red
The contrast between off-white tones and reds is striking but not overpowering. Lean on the more dominant tones for your accents and borders.

Pickle Green and Brown

pickle green
Keep your color scheme traditional but throw in some retro flair with green detailing.

Off-White with Seaweed Green

off white and green
Aim for a timeless look by using off-white and black tones to build your color scheme. Accentuate with orange and green to bring life to this calming palette.

everyday colors banner

Bright Blues with Pink and Carrot Orange

bright blue and pink
For your living room or playroom, consider this cheerful color spread of bright blues, light pink and carrot orange.

Flexible Neutrals

neutral color combinations
Maximize the aesthetic appeal of your main living area or bedroom with these conservative colors. You’ll have the versatility to change out accent colors and contrasting accessories.

White and Light Green

white and mint green
Create a calming aura by incorporating pistachio green and off-white hues. Throw in hints of black and brown to delicately build contrast.

Tiger Orange, Pink and Yellow

orange, pink and yellow colors
Give your home a garden-like freshness by pulling in lively floral tones of pink, orange and yellow.

Parakeet Green and Crimson

green and crimson colors
The best color combinations will suit any space — whether they cover the walls of your living room or comprise the fabrics of a keepsake quilt.

Summery Tones

green, yellow and blue
Looking for delightful color combinations? Liven any space with pastel blues, greens and yellows.

Green and White

green and white
Make both your indoor and outdoor areas beautiful and stylish. Start with a green or white backdrop then accent with blush and sandy shades in pieces like your wall art or patio furniture.

Yellow, Black and Orange

yellow, black and orange
Gather inspiration from this cheerful photo wall to build a dynamic but not oversaturated color soirée.

Pastel Party

blue, white and green
Start with pastel tones of blue, white and green — then accent with fire orange. No matter what you have in mind for this color combination, you’ll end up with a refreshing, playful vibe.

Tranquil Blues

light blues
Recreate the feeling of a calm day at the beach with this delightful blue blend. Each time you step into the room, you’ll sense its soothing nature.

metallic colors banner

Black and Gold

black and gold
For a sophisticated yet classic design, select a black and gold color scheme. Incorporate gold seamlessly into the space through details like your wall decor and light fixtures.

Silver, Brass and Blue

silver and blue
When you add brass or silver to your color combination, you instantly create a shimmery ambience. Decide if you want your other colors to be light and calming, or dark and stunning.

Brigade of Brown

brown color combinations
Integrate a series of brown tones into your room decor or design project. These complementary colors give way to a warm, elegant atmosphere.

Black, White and Red

black and red
Black and off-white tones are a classic metallic color scheme. Adding an energetic red to the mix takes the colors to a whole new level.

Purple and Red

confetti red
Draw attention to a bedroom or living room with splashes of fun colors. Choose a feature, like a couch or accent wall, for one of these vibrant counterparts.

Rich Pink and Purple

pink and purple
Deep pink and purple tones add maturity to any space. Accentuate your style with shimmery details in gold or other metallics.

Light Browns and Olive Green

brown and olive green
A gentle mix of light and medium tones, this earthy color scheme is bound to charm any space.

Purple, Red and Teal

purple and teal
Maximize the impact of your color combination by opting for deep tones, like purple and brown-hued red. Balance the richness with green and teal variations.

Black and White with Stainless Steel

black and silver
With its white cabinets and black backsplash, this sleek kitchen exemplifies a stunning modern scheme. Bring in flair with silver or stainless steel highlights.

Browns with Yellow and Red

rust and red
This brown, red and yellow color scheme is cozy and grounded. Choose it for your living room, basement or den area for a warm, comfortable resting place.

modern colors banner

Gold, Cream and Black

gold and black
Fresh and functional, this black and white living room showcases a modern motif. The soft green and gold accents pack personality into this attractive space.

Merlot and Orange

dark red and orange
Offering a burst of vitality to this color scheme, the merlot brick serves as a contrast to the lighter white, orange and pastel turquoise tones.

Cyan and Apple Red

cyan and red
Depart from a mundane color scheme by opting for this festive cyan and red combination. Select white and gray as your accents to harmonize the tones.

White with Pine Green and Pastel Blue

white and pine green
Many modern color palettes include white or off-white. Have your scheme make a statement with an attention-grabbing pine green or pastel blue.

Red, White and Gray

red and gray
Like these modern-styled buildings, deck out your space in gray, white and light blue. Toss in a vibrant feature, like a red wall, for extra personality.

Orange, Mint and Amber Brown

orange and dark brown
Cities offer plenty of inspiration — from designing your home to determining photo shoot locations. Mirror the splendid color combination here with mint, brown and orange flavors.

Black, Brown and Blonde

black and blonde
Clean lines and sharp borders often denote a modern theme. Complement this design style with blonde, black and brown features.

Grape and Yam

modern grape color
Purple and orange tones make for stunning mates in any color spread. Help them stand out by placing them against white and gray backdrops.

Peach, Green and Daffodil Yellow

peach and yellow
Let your color scheme burst with personality. Overlay bright tones like yellow, green and peach on top of dark gray.

Green, Blue and Pink Medley

green, blue and pink
Infuse a fun, playful vibe into your decor with these cheerful hues. Framed prints are a simple way to add color to any room.

monochromatic color banners

Sandstone and Rose

rose and neutrals
Design a peaceful oasis by blending pinks and light oranges — for everything from your paint colors and bed linens to your candles and wall art.

Gray Variations

neutral grays
While these neutral gray tones are simple, they have a stunning effect when layered together. Add in pops of color depending on the season.

Pinkish Oranges

pinkish orange
For a vibrant color scheme, mimic the tones of this fruity arrangement. You’ll end up with fun, flavorful decor — from your wall colors to your pillows.

Purple Vibes

shades of purple
The effect of this purple medley is both gorgeous and striking. If choosing this for a bedroom color scheme, temper it with white tones to avoid an oversaturated color palette.

Fire Orange and Amber

orange and white
This orange color scale evokes a playful, festive aura. Include light tones from the spectrum to balance the more dramatic ones.

Salmon, Lemonade and Flamingo Pinks

shades of pink
You can almost taste the sweetness of this color palette. Like orange sherbert and pink lemonade, these colors complement each other deliciously.

Light to Dark Gray

light and dark gray
A grayscale palette lends plenty of flexibility. Intermix these colors throughout a kitchen, bedroom or living room for a simple, yet attractive design.

Green Medley

mint and dark green
Green tones — from mint to evergreen — are a beautiful way to fill a room. Throw in darker accents, like brown or black, to add additional warmth.

From Sky Blue to Denim

shades of blue
A soothing combination of blues, like the color scale here, fosters a delightful aura. Choose it for a favorite spot in the house, a baby shower scheme or outfits for a family photo session.

moody color combinations

Greens and Browns

green and brown
Whether you’re aiming for a modern or classic look, this color scheme is versatile enough to accompany either. Greens and browns are frequent partners in nature, making them beautiful counterparts in any design.

Tan and Periwinkle

Tan and Periwinkle
Opt for a periwinkle blue backdrop and decorate with browns, tans and darker blue tones. The balance of these soft colors provides a dreamy atmosphere you’ll love relaxing in.

Medallion Yellow, Brown and Gray

Medallion Yellow
This edgy color scheme is infused with character and texture. When placed against the dark greens and browns, the medallion yellow adds immediate dimension to the space.

Muted Purple and Brown

Muted Purple and Brown
Draw inspiration from this enchanting prairie scene to build your color combination. The browns play off of the cream tones — giving way for the purple shades to provide warm energy.

Pastel Blue and Pecan Brown

Pastel Blue and Pecan Brown
A combination of soft tones and comforting dark shades, this moody palette is extra easy on the eyes.

Crocodile Green and Carob Brown

green and dark brown
These succulent-inspired colors are subdued but stunning. Consider this cozy palette when choosing bedroom decorations and paint colors.

Purple, Blue and Black

Purple, Blue and Black
A mesmerizing color scheme, these purples interact with the black and blue accents in an eclectic fashion.

Teal, Caramel and Currant

Teal, Caramel and Currant
Make brown and gray your mainstays, especially if you’re living or working in a refurbished industrial space. Accessorize with colors like teal and currant to offer extra character to your already exciting locale.

Mixed Greens

mix of greens
Green color scales naturally give off a relaxing vibe. Furnish an entire room primarily with green shades, accenting with light and dark varieties.

Autumn Tones

autumnal colors
Lean on the brilliance of these autumn hues when determining colors that go together. When placed against rich greens, the marigold yellow seasons the space with a subtle vibrancy.

colors from nature banner

Greenish Blues and Sandstone

Greenish Blues and Sandstone
Capture the calming aura of the beach with greenish blues and sandstone colors. Consider this color palette for a family room, bedroom or other favorite spot in the house.

Blonde, Mint and Black

Blonde, Mint and Black
For a soft, serene contrast, opt for luminous colors like mint and blonde. Bring in dark gray features for extra visual dimension.

Spectrum of Green

different green colors
Build a refreshing color palette made primarily of green variations. Set these delightful hues against a light, neutral backdrop for maximum effect.

Mint Green and Mauve

Mint Green and Mauve
Natured-inspired tones like brown and green allow for delightful accents — such as the mauve featured in this bedroom. Not only does the combination foster an outdoorsy vibe, but it allows you to add splashes of color as you see fit.

Greens with Magenta

Greens with Magenta
Evoke an earthy vibe by introducing various greens into your color scheme. Accent with rich magenta for a playful touch.

Peachy Pink and Green

Peachy Pink and Green
Peachy pink, like these flower petals, makes a pretty statement that isn’t overpowering. Surround the pink tone with green colors you’d find in a summer field.

Meadow Green and Golden Yellow

Meadow Green and Golden Yellow
Like a rolling meadow, fill your color scheme with vibrant greens and sunshine yellows. Pair these brighter tones with neutral tans to balance the overall palette.

Stone Blue and Forest Green

Stone Blue and Forest Green
Blue and green are gorgeous counterparts — so why not mix variations of these two tones for a truly enchanting display?

Pine Green and Gray

Pine Green and Gray
Pick your color palette straight from the great outdoors. Complement the earthy aura by incorporating a patterned design that features leaves or flowers.

Brown, Tan and Olive Green

Brown, Tan and Olive Green
Looking for rustic color schemes? Combine green, brown and tan to craft a woodsy wonderland.

pastel colors banner

Apricot Orange and Pastel Blue

Apricot Orange and Pastel Blue
Make it feel like summer all year long with this playful, bright color scheme. The natural contrast of the orange, green and blue make this diverse palette perfectly harmonious.

Salmon and Off-White

Salmon and Off-White
Choose charming tones like pastel pink and off-white to sweeten a special space in your home.

Mint, Gray and Light Blue

Mint, Gray and Light Blue
The best color combinations are soft on the eyes, like this luscious blend of pastel hues. Sprinkle in these tones in features like your linens, pillows and area rugs.

Cloudy Gray and Oat

Cloudy Gray and Oat
A blend of muted tones, this color scheme cultivates a cozy, carefree atmosphere.

Crepe Pink, Blonde and Pistachio Green

Crepe Pink, Blonde and Pistachio Green
Suitable for just about any room, this eye-catching color blend is pure delight. The best part? You can accent with a variety of darker tones to enhance each distinct hue.

Purple, Pink and Teal

Purple, Pink and Teal
Pack pastels into your space with pink, purple and teal. Build cohesion by adding gray to the palette.

Grecian Inspiration

pastel blue, purple and orange
Imagine you’re on a Greek island by echoing similar colors in your home. Set the soothing shades of pastel blue, purple and orange against brilliant white features.

White and Sky Blue

White and Sky Blue
Breathe life into any arrangement with a light blue and white medley. These soft tones will take center stage, especially when accented with a cantaloupe orange.

Light Salmon and Soft Gray

Light Salmon and Soft Gray
Bring the magic of the beach right to your bedroom, kitchen or living room. These soft, pastel hues make for a truly calming presence.

Stone Blue, Soft Green and Honey Orange

Stone Blue, Soft Green and Honey Orange
Like the scales of a rainbowfish, these pastels complement and contrast each other seamlessly. Without one color being too dominant, each attracts its own attention.

rustic color banners

Purple Grape and Dijon Yellow

Purple Grape and Dijon Yellow
Dynamic but not overpowering, this purple and yellow scheme brings muted and vibrant colors together. Try it in a space where you’d like more energy, such as your living room or outdoor patio.

Cinnamon and Gray

Cinnamon and Gray
Bright colors aren’t required for beautiful color schemes. This medley of brown, black and light gray fills a room with comfort and warmth.

Evergreen and Strawberry Pink

Evergreen and Strawberry Pink
Draw color inspiration directly from the outdoors. Temper your bright yellow and pink tones with evergreen and light brown.

Olive Green with Deep Blues and Reds

Olive Green with Deep Blues and Reds
Rich reds, deep blues and olive greens provide sophisticated color to your living area, especially if your house features exposed brick or wood accents.

Meadow Green and Iris

Meadow Green and Iris
For a peaceful scheme, choose a forest-inspired combination. Because this color palette appears in nature, your room decor will look naturally beautiful.

Brick and Teal

Brick and Teal
Add texture to your favorite room with a brick accent wall. Fill the space with other rustic tones, like green and teal.

Rusty Red and Peacock Blue

Rusty Red and Peacock Blue
For a chic but modern look, choose this color palette. Make rusty red your accent among the blue tones.

Maroon, Black and Salmon

Maroon, Black and Salmon
Build a distinct contrast in your color combination by placing dark maroon and black against light grays and salmon hues.

Mocha Brown, Gray and Off-White

Mocha Brown, Gray and Off-White
Modern but rustic, this color arrangement combines dark gray, brown and off-white. Green accents add life to this otherwise neutral scheme.

Wood Wall

deep browns
Inspired by wood colors, your palette will highlight each tone, from light chestnut to darker browns. Incorporate actual wood elements to enhance your theme.

Finding a beautiful blend of colors is the first step to designing a space. Once you’ve selected your scheme, personalize with special features like framed canvases and metal prints.