20+ Creative and Unique Photo Wall Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to showcase your favorite photos, try creating a photo wall. Similar to a gallery wall, picture walls are easy to customize to fit your house, and they’re a great way to get creative with your home design. They’re also perfect for anyone who loves doing DIY projects.

Photo walls can be used in many different parts of your home, from a small space in a bedroom to a large wall in your living room. If you’re ready to start planning your beautiful photo display, these photo wall ideas will help you.

1. Family Triptych

triptych with family photos
A triptych is a unique way to showcase one of your family photos. For symmetry, use two similar photos on the sides of the triptych, and feature your family in the center photo.

2. Vintage Window Picture Frames

If you’re looking for a fun DIY photo wall project, try turning a vintage window into a picture frame. Glue square photos to a piece of cardboard, and then glue or staple the cardboard to the frame. To hang up the piece, attach a wire to the back of the frame.

3. Colorful Frame Collage

Add a pop of color to your photo wall by using colorful frames that feature a variety of textures and designs. Pair these frames with photos in contrasting colors.

4. Fireplace Display

framed photos over a fireplace
Trying to decide how to decorate the space above your fireplace? Use this space to create a miniature photo wall, complete with pictures of your loved ones and art prints. Decorate the fireplace mantel itself with vases or sculptures in colors that complement your creative photo wall.

5. Vintage Pieces

Add depth to your photo wall by decorating with a mixture of three-dimensional antique pieces and vintage family photos. Include a variety of big and small pieces to create contrast.

6. Colorful Geometric Shapes

photos on geometric peg board
If you’re looking for photo wall ideas for a children’s bedroom, try decorating the wall with bright geometric shapes, like the hexagons in this photo. Have your child choose some of their favorite photos to attach to the shapes.

7. Bulletin Board

To create a bulletin board photo wall, staple a white canvas or a white sheet to the board, and then attach square photos using straight pins. This photo collage would look beautiful both in your living room or your bedroom.

8. Fairy Lights

holiday photo wall with lights
Fairy lights add warmth and a festive feel to your photo wall. Clip photos to the fairy lights with wooden clothespins, and add some decorations that match the theme of your photos.

9. Chalkboard Photo Wall

Paint one of your walls with chalkboard paint, and attach some of your favorite photos to it. Then, draw on frames with chalk. This adorable photo wall design is a great art project to do with kids.

10. Food-Themed Kitchen Photo Wall

Create a delicious photo wall in your kitchen using photos all centered around food. Include photos of your favorite family meals to create a beautiful and meaningful display.

11. Binder Clips

For a photo wall idea without frames, use gold or silver clips to attach square photos to your wall. You can attach the clips directly to the wall using an adhesive, or you can string a wire across your wall. This photo wall idea would work particularly well in a kid’s bedroom—kids will love getting to mix-and-match their photos.

12. Colorful Square Prints

square photo collage
Fill a black picture frame with colorful square photo prints for a bright, uniform collage. For contrast, pair this colorful collage with a few artistic black-and-white images.

13. Grid Panel

Use a white or black wire grid panel as the base for a bedroom picture wall. Attach photos to the grid with clothespins or binder clips, and include three-dimensional items for added depth. If you’d like, you can also add a string of lights to the top of the grid.

14. Gilded Gold Frames

Give your photo wall a regal feel using different-sized gold frames. These bright frames work particularly well with black-and-white photos and illustrations.

15. Sepia-Toned Images

If you’re looking for vintage picture wall ideas, try decorating with a medley of sepia-toned images. This idea is perfect for anyone who has vintage family pictures they want to include in their photo wall.

16. Nature Display

nature themed photo wall
Pair photos featuring natural settings with plants for a nature-themed display. For added depth, include a few different types of plants in your display, like colorful flowers and bright green houseplants.

17. Scrabble Pieces

Spell out your family members’ names with oversized Scrabble pieces, and pair the names with some of your favorite family photos. For more texture, surround the photos with rustic wooden and metal pieces.

18. Spring Display

bright photo wall
Photos and canvas art prints featuring birds and plants will give your picture wall a bright, springtime feel. Include live plants in your display, and decorate with books to add another dimension to your photo wall.

19. Photo Ledges

A photo ledge display is an easy photo wall idea that you can customize to fit any space in your house. Build your ledges using long, thin pieces of wood and molding, and paint the wood a color that contrasts with your wall. Attach the ledges to the wall using a nail gun, and then begin decorating with photos you love.

20. Black and White Family Photos

Create a unique family picture display by including photos featuring different generations of your family. For a uniform look, use black and white for all your photos.

21. Bright Succulents

plant artwork on wall
Make succulents and cactuses the stars of your photo wall by including both photos of cactuses and live plants. If you’d like to include a photo of your loved ones in this display, try to go for a picture featuring the same color scheme as the plants.

22. Geometric String Art

For a unique photo wall display, create a piece of geometric string art featuring different colored strings. Attach square photos to the string art using clips.

23. Travel Theme

Celebrate your travels by creating a collage with photos of your favorite trips. Pair these prints with souvenirs from your trips for the perfect international photo wall.

24. Family Motto

wall art with quotes
If you have a family motto, use this phrase as the focal point of your photo wall. Pair this phrase with a photo of your family and a few other pieces of décor, such as sculptures or plants.

If you’re ready to begin creating your picture wall, start by choosing photos that you’d like to include in your design. Then, begin printing out photos to use in a variety of projects, like canvas art, photo collages, gallery walls and more.