Photo Canvas Wall Art Sizes And Photo Wall Ideas

High-quality canvas prints are made of linen or cotton that’s hand-stretched over a wooden frame, and they have a matte finish that creates a glossy look on your photos. Canvas photo prints are lightweight, making it easy to hang them up and rearrange them as you’re putting together your photo wall.

You can also customize your canvas prints in lots of different fun ways. Whether you’re looking to decorate a small space in your bedroom or a large wall in your living room, a photo wall is a good way to display your pictures. Read on to learn all about photo canvas prints and how to create a unique photo wall using different sizes and prints.

Canvas Sizes | Photo Wall Styling | Photo Wall Ideas

Photo Canvas Sizes

When you’re choosing your canvas prints, one of the first things you’ll want to decide is the size of your canvas. There are a few different factors to consider when picking your wall canvas print, including how many photos you want to have on your canvas print and where you’re hanging the print.

Gallery wall in living room

To help you choose the right print for your home decor, here are all the canvas sizes available.

Small Canvas Sizes

Small: 8×10, 10×14, 10×20

An 8×10 print is a perfect size for a single-family photo or an art print. If you’d like to create a collage, opt for a 10×14 or 10×20 canvas—you can fit four 5×7 photos on these canvas prints. Small canvas prints are great for a smaller gallery wall in a kitchen, bedroom or entryway. They’d also pair well with larger pieces in a living room.

Medium Canvas Sizes

Medium: 10×24, 12×12, 12×36

If you’d like a bit more space to play around, try a medium-sized canvas print. The 10×24 and 12×36 canvas prints are both long and thin, making them a good choice for a panoramic picture or a landscape shot. The square 12×12 is a versatile print that can be used for everything from a large family photo to a collage featuring photos in a wide variety of sizes.

Large Canvas Sizes

Large: 16×16, 16×20, 20×30

A large wall canvas print offers plenty of space for a collage with photos and quotes. You could also create a large portrait with a colorful background and matching frame. This large canvas print will work well as a focal point in your photo wall.

Extra Large Canvas Sizes

Extra Large: 24×36, 30×40, 36×36

If you’re looking to fill space in a room with high ceilings, an extra-large photo print is a good choice. For balance, pair extra-large prints with a variety of smaller prints. You can also try pairing them with DIY wall decor.

Photo Wall Art Styling

If you’re looking for a unique way to hang up photos in your home, a photo wall is perfect for you. Photo walls are great for anyone who loves doing creative DIY projects, and you can include everything from family photos to art prints in your display.

Photo gallery wall on blue background with boho decor

You can choose to use a variety of art and photo prints, and if you’d like, you can also include pieces of wall decor in your display. To help you get started, here are some tips for how to turn your favorite prints into photo wall art.

Decide on Horizontal or Vertical Prints

Decide if you’d like to order horizontal or vertical canvas prints. If you’re working with a small space, a horizontal print might be a good choice for you. If you’re filling a large space, consider a vertical print. Spend some time creating custom designs online to see which design works best for you.

Add Texture

To make your picture wall really pop, try using canvas prints and different types of photo prints and artwork. Consider pairing framed canvas prints with pieces of artwork in matching frames. Also, try including three-dimensional pieces in your display, such as clocks, mirrors or hanging wooden sculptures.

Choose a Layout

Spend some time playing around with your layout before deciding on your final look. Lay your pieces out on the floor, and move them around until you have an arrangement that works for you. Start with the large, focal point pieces, and then fill in the space around them with smaller pieces.

Decide on a Theme

To create a cohesive look, consider using a theme for your photo wall. You could choose to have a family photo wall featuring candid and staged photos of your family. Or, you could go for a water theme and include photos and art prints featuring rivers, lakes, oceans, and more.

Match Photo Wall With Your Home Decor

Use your home decor as a guide for your photo wall. For example, if you’re decorating a room filled with vintage furniture, consider using sepia-toned canvas art prints and vintage wall decor.

Use Shelves

Incorporate shelves into your photo wall for added depth. Include pieces of decor that match your photo wall’s theme, and try displaying some of your smaller photos and canvas prints on the shelves.

Incorporate Plants

Add brightness to your photo wall by using plants. Hang up shelves and fill them with plants. Or, if you’re creating the photo wall above a fireplace, place the plants on the mantel.

Use Patterns

Styling your photo wall is a fun, creative project. Patterns are a good way to add more color and texture to your photo wall. Consider including a patterned background in your canvas art print. Pair the canvas prints with art prints in complementary patterns.

Unique Photo Wall Ideas

Ready to begin putting together your photo wall? To get you started, here are some themes and ideas you can incorporate into your picture wall.

Decorative photo gallery wall with home decor

Travel Photo Wall

Use your travels as the basis of your photo wall theme. Create a canvas print that includes a photo collage of pictures from your trips. To add a three-dimensional element to your display, hang up shelves and display your travel keepsakes.

Nature Photos

If you and your family love spending time in the great outdoors, try using nature as your photo wall theme. You can include outdoor family photos, and you can also hang up some images of natural landscapes.

Fun Quotes

Pair hanging canvas prints featuring quotes you love with canvas photo prints. You can also consider using quotes on your canvas print collages.

Pet Photos

When you’re putting together your wall art, don’t forget your furry family members. Consider including canvas prints featuring you and your pets. Or, you can include photos of your pet on their own.

Canvas print of dogs on bookshelf

Family Timeline

Turn your photo wall into a family timeline by displaying photos of your kids growing up over the years. For contrast, include both collages and portraits.

Canvas Print Triptych

A canvas print triptych is a unique way to display some of your favorite photos. Use three photos that fit one theme, or split one photo into three parts.

Monochrome Photo Wall

Pair black and white canvas prints with art prints and three-dimensional monochrome pieces. The result will be a bold, eye-catching picture wall.

Photo Grid Display

Create a grid using canvas prints that are all the same size. If you’re decorating a small space, you could go for six 8×10 prints. Or, if you have a large space, you could use nine 12×12 prints.

Vintage Display

Do you have vintage photos that you’d love to display? Turn them into canvas prints, and hang them up together to make a striking photo wall.

Photo gallery wall on blue wall with home decor

Seasonal Photo Wall

Try matching your gallery wall with the season. For instance, in the spring, you could hang canvas prints featuring photos of your family outside in a garden. In winter, you could hang photos of your snowy adventures. This would work particularly well with a smaller photo wall—it would be easy to change up this wall a few times a year.

Wrapping Up

If you’re interested in creating a photo wall, these ideas will help you get started. Now, get your photos printed, choose which photos you want to include in your canvas art, and begin creating your beautiful gallery wall.

Canvas prints are customizable and come in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for any sized photo wall. Plus, canvas prints also make a wonderful photo gift. If you’re ready to turn your photos to canvas wall art, check out all the photo canvas prints available. Look through the different sizes and styles, and choose the style that’s right for you. And if you’re looking for more photo gifts, take a look at customizable wall calendars or home decor.