45 Inspiring Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

The living room is one of the most visited places in the home — and generally, the most special. It’s where you unwind at the end of a long day, where family and friends gather together and share quality time, and especially where memories are made! No matter your living room’s purpose, give the space a much needed refresh with our inspiring living room wall decor ideas and photos. With over 40 living room wall art ideas, this collection will offer you inspiration to decorate your living room in a way you’ve only ever dreamed of. Whether you’re partial to back and white photographs or colorful paintings, give your blank walls a personal touch and a little extra love with custom wall art.

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

If you think your living room looks incomplete or bare, it may need a few pieces of art on the walls. But where do you start? Think about what you’d love to see on the walls as soon as you walk into your living room. Maybe it’s a gallery of images from a recent trip or a personalized canvas print of art that makes your heart sing when you see it.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few brightly colored pieces of artwork to liven up a dark or dull corner of a room. Let loose and have fun completing your living room with artwork that reflects your personality. From gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing pressed flowers and large-scale photography, we’ve got plenty of living wall art ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Metallic Framed Prints

Select a classic photo, like a portrait or cityscape, to place in a metallic frame. Your image will be turned into a timeless piece with plenty of style for your living room wall decor. Not only do metallic framed prints complement every decorating theme and color scheme, these beautiful works of art can also showcase your best memories. Metallic frames have a sleek, clean look that is ultra modern and allows all of the attention to be on the subject of your photo.

metallic framed prints of family for living room wall decor ideas

2. Pressed Plants in Custom Frames

For many people, plants can evoke memories and a strong emotional connection. Perhaps a flower was given in a special bouquet from a loved one or a collection of leaves were gathered during a memorable walk in the park. Like any other treasured keepsake, such foliage can serve as a great subject for a handcrafted custom framing project. Pluck leaves and branches from your favorite green plants. Press and frame them with custom frames for living room wall decor that’s natural and earthy.

3. Postcard Wall Art

Whether your postcard and personalized stationery collection is from family, friends or your own favorite trips, build wall art by clustering them together. Frame your artwork or keep it casual with an unframed design. Postcards make for a great living room decoration since they’re very personal and affordable.

postcard wall art

4. Marbled Artwork as Mounted Wall Art

This DIY living room wall decor uses an unusual ingredient: shaving cream. When mixed with watercolor paints, it can create a marbled look. When you have a beautiful finished product, scan your art to upload it to Shutterfly and turn it into beautiful mounted wall art. No one will know it was a DIY project!

marbled artwork

5. Landscape Framed Canvas Art Prints

Have a stunning landscape photo from a recent vacation or local hike? Transform it into a piece of framed canvas art prints. Personalized framed canvas prints from Shutterfly are perfect for bringing a touch of warmth and personality to any space in your home. Canvas photo prints of landscape are the perfect way to showcase your favorite memories while hanging a unique piece of wall art that doubles as a special keepsake.

framed canvas prints for living room wall art ideas hanging above a table

6. Macrame and Canvas Wall Decor

As a simple DIY project, a woven wall hanging will bring comfort and style to a living room. Replicate this design with a single knot pattern featuring tassels at the bottom. Create a collection and hang them in your living room for a gallery feel. You can also hang canvas prints on the same wall since they have the same neural tones. The finished look will be a great bohemian living room design.

Stylish and natural concept of living room design furnitures and elegant accessories. Template.Stylish and natural concept of living room design furnitures and elegant accessories

7. Compose A Gallery Wall With Mounted Wall Art

A photo gallery wall with mounted wall art makes for an ideal living room wall decor. Create your own by forming a gallery of photos decorated in unique frames. Using photos of the same theme—like those from a hike in the woods or trip downtown—brings harmony to your photo wall. No matter the photos you choose, your living room wall art will add an individual touch to your house.

family photo gallery wall living room wall decor ideas

8. Mix and Match Frames for Wall Art

Combine a variety of frames, canvas prints, and other wall art materials for a diverse wall art display. Include an array of photo styles, too, like a cityscape and a close-up of your favorite people. The eyes are naturally drawn to a spread with texture and dimension. Check out our wall art selection to get started.

Brick wall with hanging pictures

9. DIY Pet Art Prints

We have an idea for how you can showcase your pet’s adorableness in your living room decor: a DIY pet print project that will draw out your inner artist. Turn your favorite photos of your pets into personalized pet art prints in minutes. Create several different color patterns to add accent to your living room walls.

black and white poster of dog on the wall of fashionable living room wall art

10. Form A Heart With Photo Prints

Let the kids have fun with this DIY wall art. Build a collage full of love with a heart-shaped design. Select photos that seem to say ‘love,’ whether they capture a favorite local spot, vacation place or person. By clustering your high-quality photo prints close together, guests will be able to see a lot of favorite memories in one easy viewing.

How to Make a Heart Photo Wall

11. Complementary Personalized Frames

Choose an assortment of photos for a balanced gallery wall, inclusive of vacation snapshots and birthday party candids. Tie it all together with similarly colored personalized frames. Shutterfly’s picture frames give you options for different background colors as well as space for text.

complementary frames

12. Inspirational Wall Quote Art

Turn your favorite quotes, song lyrics, and poems into wall art that has special meaning. Place your wall art as a stand-alone piece or intermix it with photo wall art. With personalized wall hanging ideas like quote art, you’ll have a home that represents your personality.

wall art with quotes

13. Colorful Heart Decor

By punching heart-shaped pieces out of paint chip samples, you have the main material for this colorful wall decor. Secure the hearts to a canvas in even rows for a living room decor piece that beams with love. This idea could also be great for temporary Valentine’s Day decorations if your hosting a party or looking to be more festive.

colorful heart decor

14. Music Sheets in Glass Frames

Whether you play the piano or have a special love song, pin the music sheets to a glass frame. Your living room will sing with a little bit of extra life. If you want to place this living room decor on a table instead, you can also upload photos of your music sheets to Shutterfly and create an engraved glass frame that includes a quote or song lyric.

music sheets

15. Colorful Wall Art

Modern and trendy, this 3D wall art is as colorful as it is unique. Make your own with wood circles and acrylic paint. Colorful wall art is great for living room decor if you have neutral furniture since the fun colors will pop and add some character to your home.

colorful wall art

16. Love Map Poster Prints

Have maps of your home state, the place you got married or your current residence? Turn your maps into meaningful wall decor by uploading them to poster prints. Add a glass frame, and your love map will turn into elegant, sentimental wall decor.

love maps

17. Black and White Swirl Canvas Art

Ideal for a contemporary or modern living room, this DIY canvas art can fill that empty space on your walls. Brush your canvas with simple swirl strokes to recreate this edgy look.

black and white swirl art

18. Favorite Family Moments as Photo Prints

Incorporate all of your favorite memories onto the same wall with a variety of framed photo prints. Select fun candids from swimming in the pool, preschool graduation or a recent trip to see the grandparents. Your wall of memory will look great as living room decor and give something to smile about every time you walk by.

favorite family moments

19. Decorative Mirror

Mirrors often make a living room seem larger than it is. Hang a decorative mirror above a shelf or cabinet, and ensure it complements the other decor in your room. Position your mirror strategically so it reflect like, which can also help open up small living room spaces. A decorative mirror in the living room is an easy way to make your space feel larger and more put together.

decorative mirror

20. Canvas Pet Art

Make a calming piece of artwork of your pup with DIY paint. Choose a softer tone like blue, lavender or mint green that will pop on a canvas. If you aren’t feeling very creative, you can also upload your favorite pet photos to Shutterfly and create a canvas pet print. Either option gives you fun living room decor with a personalized touch.

21. Circle Art Framed Prints

What color is your living room wall paint? Complement or contrast that color with a circle art piece you can make yourself. Shutterfly always let you upload your own designs to make framed art prints, so you’ll have your new wall decor in just minutes.

circle art

22. Drip Painting

If you’re new to DIY or just want a simple project, drip painting is the way to go. Choose several paint colors to ensure you have contrast. Choose colors for your DIY painting based on the rest of the colors in your living room. You can contrast your furniture or choose to match your accents like pillows and rugs.

drip painting

23. Acrylic Wall Decals

Take your recent family portraits or wedding photos and turn them into professional art. These acrylic wall decor pieces are as timeless as they are stunning. If you have an outdoor living room, the acrylic prints will also look great on your patio since they’re protected from moisture.

acrylic wall decals

24. Bubble Wall Art

Repurpose your tissue paper from birthdays and holidays. Cut the pieces in circles for a bubbly, geometrical art design. This type of wall art can give your living room a nice modern look and make the space feel more fun and inviting, especially for hosting guests.

bubble wall art

25. Wooden Wall Art and Decor

Compose your living room wall decor with a wooden theme in mind. You can print nearly any of your favorite photos on wooden wall art for a rustic or nautical feel. Find wooden frames, arrows and other accents for a diverse spread.

wooden decor

26. Washi Tape Monograms

Design artwork out of washi tape using the first initial of each person in your family or spelling out your last name. Make the pieces colorful or black and white depending on the rest of your living room decor.

washi tape monograms

27. Sunburst Mirror

Bring some flair into your living room with a sunburst mirror made of bamboo sticks and a simple round mirror. Spray paint the bamboo sticks with a metallic color for additional punctuation.

sunburst mirror

28. Wooden Art as Family Sign

Add a personal touch to your living room wall decor with a family sign. Make yours out of wood for a more warm, homey feel. Shutterfly’s wooden wall art will let you add your family name or monogram along with your favorite family photos.

family sign

29. Photo Tiles

With stick-on photo tiles, you can hang your wall art in seconds and move them at any time without damaging your walls. Choose two or more tiles to place next to each other for a photo spread. Photo tiles are perfect ways to show favorite moments from the past year, whether it’s commemorating a birth, graduation, or special night out.

Custom photo tile wall art for Galentine's or Valentine's Day gifts

30. DIY Fluid Painting as Canvas Print

Boost the mood in your living room with eye-catching abstract art. Try your hand at fluid painting to create a piece that guests will mistake as professional. You can transform your painting into a framed canvas print to make it look just like you found it in an expensive art gallery.

diy fluid painting

31. Window Panes

Old window panes make for versatile wall decor. Turn them into glass picture frames for your favorite family photos or hang them on their own and add a wreath for color.

window panes

32. Junkmail Photo Collage

Who knew junk mail could be turned into art? Cut pieces out of magazines and catalogs to form a quirky collage. To get even more creative, you can scan your favorite scrapbook or magazine images and upload them to a poster photo collage for a more professional and put-together look for the living room.

junkmail collage

33. Panoramic Wall Art

You might have a big space to fill in your living room or perhaps you just want your space to match your big personality. Either way, using large, contemporary works of art is a great choice. Panoramic wall art lets viewers feel like they are actually inside the image, and you can bring that magic to the walls of your home using your own pictures.

panoramic wall art is perfect for displaying family portraits or vacation photos

34. Fern Collection

In the fields near your house or in the park, collect ferns—ideally ones of different varieties. Press and frame them to make earthy inspired art. This DIY technique will especially look great as wall decor if your living incorporates the same green or neutral earthy tones. Your living room will easily become a calming oasis where you feel like you’re surrounded by nature.

fern collection

35. Pixel Art

Create your own artwork without lifting a paintbrush. This pixel design only requires a canvas and colorful washi tape. Use bright colors that you can pair with other home decor like throw pillows to make your living room feel more modern and lively.

pixel art

36. Simple Wall Pattern

While washi tape can be bright and colorful, it can also be simple and subtle. Design a decorative wall using a more neutral color and straight lines. Unlike wallpaper, the washi tape will be easy to stick on and remove, so you can easily change up your living room wall art when you’re ready for something new.

washi tape design

37. DIY 3D Wall Art

Get creative by fashioning your own 3D artwork. Switch up the shapes and colors for a truly festive design. This DIY wall art calls for simple supplies like plenty of scrap paper and glue.

diy 3d art

38. Scallop Wall Art

Resembling a colorful roof, these scallop art pieces will add life to any living room wall. Choose a color scheme like reds or blues before getting started. All you need to do is find cardstock or premium paper in the colors you like and cut out circles that you can stack on top of each other to create the scallop design. This DIY project looks great as living room wall art and takes just a small budget for the materials.

scallop wall art

39. Yarn or Canvas Hanger

For chic wall ideas for your living room, think outside traditional paintings and artwork. Design a hanging piece out of pastel yarn and a wood dowel. If you like the hanging affect, you can also create custom canvas hanging prints to place around the yarn hanger and create a unique type of gallery wall.

yarn hanger

40. DIY Canvas Art

Imprint a fun image, like an octopus or walrus, onto three separate canvases. Keep the color scheme two-toned for a more professional look. Multi-photo canvas prints will look great in a large living room if you have a kid’s play area since the canvas makes the space feel more inviting.

diy canvas art

41. Beachy Paintings or Canvas Prints

Nautical art is one of the easiest painting styles to create yourself. Try an ocean or beach scene by fluidly painting on canvas. You can also print your favorite beach travel photos on canvas prints to create wall art instantly. The canvas works great for beach scenes since it has a textured feel.

beachy paintings

42. Pressed Flowers

If you are looking for innovative ways to incorporate natural elements into your living room, this DIY wall art is an easy way to spruce up your home. On your next walk or hike, pick flowers that would make for beautiful wall decor. Press and place the flowers in matching frames. The easiest flowers to press? Daisies, violets, and single-petal roses.

pressed flowers

43. Push Pin Poster Map

Do you have a love for travel or a desire to visit all 50 states? Mark your territory with a framed map and plenty of push pins. Print the map you want to use on a photo poster first to make it look more professional.

pin map

44. Washi Tape Detail

Accent a small or large wall in your living room with washi tape. Choose a washi tape style that matches your personality, like one with bicycles, polka dots or floral patterns.

washi tape detail

45. Hoop Photo Print Display

Make a metallic hula hoop the border for your photo wall art. Incorporate photo prints of the whole family, including pets and extended relatives. The hoops will give your photo prints a unique feel that’s more creative than standard picture frames for your living room wall decor.

hoop display

Update Your Living Room With Personalized Wall Art

Your living room is the first thing people see when they visit your home and can be the perfect place to showcase your sense of style and family values. Give your space a homey energy by infusing your living room wall decor with personal accents and memorable moments to make the most out of personalized wall art for your living room.

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