Wall Art for Living Room

Custom wall art for living room made with uploaded photos

If your home could use some personal touches, wall art for living room spaces is a great place to start. Whether it’s a single piece of wall decor over your sofa or a gallery wall showcasing dozens of custom Shutterfly designs, you can add a whole new sense of welcoming to your space with a few art prints and other decorative details. By using our unique tools and templates, you’ll take this a step further still, creating custom wall art that’s personalized and one of a kind.

Transform Your Bare Walls With Canvas Wall Art

Create an authentic wall décor canvas art experience for your home with your favorite photos, or simply showcase your favorite images and memories a little more stylishly—you can customize them further by adding a frame. Custom size canvas prints are a great way to add an artistic personal touch to any room in your home and make a unique gift. When you choose canvas wall art for living room spaces, your design will be printed on white poly-cotton canvas with a matte finish and high-quality gallery-wrapped edges so they are as sturdy as they are beautiful. Should you choose to add a frame, you’ll have options including black, brown, white, rustic, natural, gold, and metallic luxe styles. A canvas wall hanging is a perfect option for displaying special occasions, holidays, or just your favorite everyday photos uniquely.

Make Modern Metal Wall Art for Living Room

When your wall art for living room areas is made with a metal design, your image will be printed on high-quality ChromaLuxe aluminum. Each slim panel has rounded corners, contributing to its sleek modern look, and is available in either a glossy or matte finish. Because metal prints are especially durable, your design will be scatch, moisture, and fade-resistant. Our metal prints are made and personalized in the U.S. and come with an attached hanging block, though you should use caution when hanging large metal prints, as they can be heavy.

Upgrade Your Living Room Wall Art With Acrylic Prints

Acrylic wall art for living room areas will instantly add an elegant, polished touch to your favorite photos. Your designs will be printed on high-quality acrylic with a depth of 1/4 inch. These acrylic prints come with some particular care instructions. In addition to following the included hanging instructions, be sure to use caution with larger, heavier prints and, once hung, avoid using cleaners on your acrylic prints, as they could adversely impact their premium finish.
Create Wood Signs and Prints for the Living Room
Natural wood grain wall art for living room areas creates a unique print even if the same exact design is reused. With these, your images are printed on premium-quality birchwood plywood with 1-inch beveled sides. Wood grain shows through photos with these prints, adding a stand-out rustic touch, and any shades of white in your image will be replaced by this texture. Hanging instructions and mounting screws are included, and convenient grooves are carved into the back of these wooden prints.

Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

With any of these styles, your wall art for living room areas can take your space and make it something new and improved. Each print or other piece of wall decor is an opportunity for you to make your home a better place to be, and one that genuinely reflects you and the others who live within it. Best of all, you’ll always have a new option available if you decide to redecorate—you can always create a brand-new design.

When you start with an empty wall, any impressive wall art for living room areas can seem like a lofty dream. With wall decor from Shutterfly, though, you can quickly and easily create a full-fledged gallery wall or decorate an otherwise blank space with a variety of beautiful, meaningful images. Choose multi-piece prints to simplify the process even further or customize each individual print to your liking for an end result that’s completely unique.

Shop Renter-Friendly Wall Art With Removable Photo Tiles and Wallpaper

Depending on your choice of wall art for living room spaces, you can easily create an accent wall that’s ideal for renters or anyone who’d prefer a reusable piece of decor. Opt for our customizable photo tiles, which feature an adhesive that allows them to be unstuck, rearranged, and restuck time and again to create your perfect space, even if you have a particular attention to detail that calls for a few tries. Or, consider picking out removable wallpaper sheets as a unique option that can temporarily refresh your space while protecting the wall behind it and adhering to your personal tastes.

Add Small Touches That Make a Big Impact

Your wall art for living room areas can be transformed with just a few small details, if you so choose. Even a single print, whether it’s made from canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, or another material entirely, can update a blank wall with a statement piece that simply must be studied. Alternatively, you can select an assortment of smaller pieces or a multi-piece print collection in order to create the wall decor you’ve been dreaming of.

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