Personalized Wood Wall Art to Decorate Your Home

If you’re looking to add style, warmth, and creativity to your living space, wood wall art is a great home decor option. Thanks to the organic nature of wood, every wood wall in and of itself is truly unique, and the same can be said of wall art made from wood. Whether you’re looking for living room wood wall art, farmhouse wood wall art, or even personalized wood wall art to create a focal point in the dining room, we’ll help you design wooden wall art using your own photographs or original art pieces, so they’ll carry more meaning than generic wood wall designs found elsewhere. Here are a few of our favorite wood wall art ideas to help get you started decorating.

Adding a touch of wood wall art can elevate any room or living space, and with Shutterfly; you can personally add sentimental pictures that everyone will love to see. Each wood wall art can be personalized to match any room its hung in and give a unique look with the nice wood grain finish. Explore some additional wood wall art options that best match your space and personality.

Canvas Wood Wall Art

For those looking for DIY wood wall art, our canvas art prints are an excellent choice. Simply upload photos from your Shutterfly account to our canvas prints and select wood art for walls as your material. Each wood wall hanging is available in popular portrait and landscape sizes like 8×10, 10×24, 16×20, and 20×30, so you’ll be able to find rustic wood wall art for most wall spaces. You can also explore our art library to find custom wood pieces featuring beautiful beach views, or you can discover geometric and modern wood wall art. We have canvas layouts supporting one to 12 photos, so you can design a fun family collage or capture a shot of your favorite vacation spot.

Wood Framed Wall Art

If you’d prefer to keep the brushstrokes of canvas art as opposed to wall decor made of wood, but you still want to give your piece a rustic wood wall art vibe, we recommend choosing a wall art design with one of our rustic or natural wood frames. Our wood-framed wall art comes in all our popular standard sizes, and it’s also available in large sizes like 30×40 and 36×36. Turn one of your favorite photos into a museum-like piece as a focal point in the living room, dining room, or even above your bed. Our matte finish ensures excellent photo quality, and you can even take advantage of our design review service that includes photo retouching to make sure you get the best wooden wall design you can.

Joshua tree canvas print with a natural wooden frame

Panoramic Wood Wall Art

Do you have a few photos that could tell a great visual story as wood wall art? If so, check out our panoramic custom wood designs to commemorate a special occasion or event you’d like to display in your home. Our panoramic wood prints are available in 10×24 and 12×36 sizes, and they’re perfect for displaying three photos from your Shutterfly account. We also have a single-photo panoramic design that’s perfect for showing off a stunning landscape, and it includes a text option at the bottom of the picture to display an important date or describe the scene. Remember to decorate it using our full selection of wood background patterns as well.

Panoramic wood print featuring a couple taking a photograph in the desert

Gallery Wood Wall Art

If you want to design an entire wall art gallery in your living room or other large wall space, then take a look at our multi-piece wooden wall designs. We have a 35×16 two-piece arrangement made of 16×16 squares that’s perfect for portraits or smaller travel photos. If you need something a bit larger, check out our 54×20 three-piece across arrangement featuring three 16×20 portraits. Use this to tell the visual story of your wedding day or another special occasion. We have stunning four-piece repeating arrangements as well, so you can capture a perfect moment from every angle. Of course, we have plenty of other gallery arrangements, too, when you explore our full range of options.

Two piece wooden wall art set featuring a bride and groom

Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Wood Art Pieces

Wood wall art is an excellent and unique way to decorate your home if you want to achieve the ultimate rustic vibe. If you want to design organic pieces for other areas of your home, we have plenty of wood home decor ideas. Here are just a few of our top recommendations.

If you need some desk or tabletop decor to go with your wooden wall art pieces, then have a look at our wooden plaque designs to decorate your home office or nightstand. These are made of maple veneer with an MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) core, and each one includes a custom-fit resin stand for convenient display. Their coating also makes them resistant to scratches, chemicals, and fading. Our wooden plaques are available in 5×7 and 8×10 sizes, and our layouts support one to nine photos. The matte finish ensures great photo quality, and since the maple veneer is organic, each panel on your plaque is truly one-of-a-kind.

Celebrate the Holidays With Cute Wooden Ornaments

Wood wall art is a great way to add a feeling of warmth to your home, making it perfect for the holiday season, and now you can decorate your tree with our wooden ornaments as well. Our rustic wood Christmas ornaments are available in square and circle shapes made of birch and composite wood. They’re perfect for one family photo or a single festive art design, and each one comes with a red ribbon for easy hanging. If you want to display two photos, check out our wood cube ornaments that can be personalized with two photos and text. Each of these items makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your shopping list as well.

Love and joy ornament featuring a red ribbon and a family of six taking a photo in a field

Welcome Guests With Wood-Themed Yard Signs

Wood wall art is perfect for your home’s interior, and if you want to decorate the exterior as well, we recommend some of our wooden sign ideas to put in either your front or backyard. Technically, our personalized yard signs are made of corrugated plastic, but we have several fun wood-themed designs, like our rustic wedding signs and wood floral designs. If you’re throwing a big party, bridal shower, graduation celebration, or any other important event, these unique yard signs are perfect as decoration and for directing guests.

Make Your House Feel Like a Home

When you want to make your living space feel extra cozy and unique to you, shop from our large selection of beautiful wooden art pieces from Shutterfly. Personalize each piece of art of your choosing and watch your home come to life right before your eyes. With so many options to choose from, your design possibilities are endless. Whether you decorate your bedroom, living room, or foyer, you can guarantee your custom creation will make your house feel like a home.