Best Art for Home Décor, Art Gifts and Artwork

Shutterfly has an enormous range of art that you can use to brighten up your home. Our artwork suits various rooms, tastes and styles. These art materials can also be customized to create art gifts with a personal touch. We pride ourselves on our high-quality artwork for home and office use. So whether you are looking for wall art, art prints, canvas art, wood art, art tiles or something else, choose Shutterfly to turn your favorite memories into a unique piece of art décor perfect for celebrations, housewarmings or just for you.

Wall Art

Our wall art décor is also popular with customers looking to revamp their home’s style or if they want to find a fantastic art gift for their friends and family. Choose from our designs in the Shutterfly Art Library or personalize our wall art with your own images. Explore wall art with Shutterfly!

Wall art with photos and framed canvas prints and canvas prints.

Photo Tiles

Our photo tiles are excellent for hanging favorite photos and art with a subtle stylish touch. Our tiles can be purchased with a black or white background, which helps frame the artwork further. In addition, you can upload one photo, or, you can turn your photo tiles into a collage of your happiest memories to give to a loved one. Create one as a framed photo tile or a frameless photo tile. Suitable for every occasion, these tiles are sure to add the finishing touch to your home décor.

Photo tiles with frames, double sided adhesive and made of aluminum with glossy finish.

Metal Prints

If you are looking for a sturdy and durable piece of wall art, look no further than our metal prints. These art designs come in various sizes and orientations. They can also be personalized in any way you see fit. So whether you are looking to display one piece of art in particular or create a stunning collage of your favorite images and snaps, our metal prints are a unique and stylish way to spice up your home décor.

Mounted Wall Art

Curious about our options for mounted wall art pieces? Personalize your wall art décor with our selection of art you can secure to any wall in your home. How about mounting a recent shot from a fun family celebration? Simply select a photo and let your wonderful memories brighten up the room with your mounted wall art.

Art Prints

Customize your very own art prints with a lovely family photo or a whole collage of snaps of an adventurous outing with friends. You can personalize your art print with your name, a caption and even a monogram. These art prints are made from our luxurious cardstock paper, featuring a matte finish and smooth surface for the sharpest photo quality. Check out our collection of art prints for your home or as a gift for a loved one.

Framed canvas print with photo and digital printing on poly-cotton canvas, featuring a matte finish.

Framed Art Prints

Framed art prints are perfect for showing off your amazing memories of family trips and birthday celebrations. Choose which frame color and design you’d like for your framed art print and customize away! Explore our variety of options to decide which text, caption or even monogram you’d like to add to your work of art. You can even create a gallery of images on one of our framed art prints.

Acrylic Prints and Artwork

Our acrylic prints are a fantastic gift idea if you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home with personal photographs and memories. You can print your artwork directly onto a high-quality acrylic background, secured with metal bolts in each corner.  In addition, our acrylic prints are made in the USA with important components and personalized directly in the USA. These prints come in various sizes, though we recommend that you take care of hanging the larger sizes as they are pretty heavy. 

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

One of our most popular art gifts is our gallery wrapped canvas prints. These items are designed with high-quality materials that make your artwork come to life on your wall. Our gallery wrapped canvas prints cover the edge of a sturdy frame, which results in a wrinkle-free and smooth finish that looks fantastic in your home. In addition, the canvas is secured to the frame with discreet and accurately placed staples that do not distract from the artwork.

Tabletop Canvas Prints and Artwork

Curious where to find the perfect tabletop art? Check out our tabletop canvas prints. These items are available in several styles and personalized to suit any desk, table or bedside table. Upload your favorite image or a whole assortment of pics from your library. With so many designs available, these personalized tabletop canvas prints are an excellent addition to your home.

Canvas Art

There are many different types of canvas art available at Shutterfly, all of which will suit your personal preferences and home décor styles. So, take some time to browse our collection and find something that is both tasteful and personal to you or your loved ones. Enjoy adding your own memorable shots of family celebrations and adventures as your canvas art comes to life.

Canvas art with photos and multi-piece print, hanging canvas print and frameless canvas print.

Canvas Prints

Shutterfly canvas prints are the perfect present for anybody looking to liven up a wall in their home. They can be made in numerous styles and personalized in any way that suits you. Our large size canvas prints come either framed or gallery-wrapped. These large canvas prints are available in two sizes: 30×40 and 36×36. So if you are hoping to bring a particular photo or art to life as the centerpiece for your room, canvas prints are the way to do it. 

Framed Canvas Prints

If you have a lot of framed art in your house, consider one of our many framed canvas prints. Our high-quality art frames can be bought with an assortment of colors depending on the design of your choosing. As such, these items are an art décor gift that will be perfect for any home. In addition, the frame will give the central image a sense of depth, making it stand out the wall of your choosing. Customize your framed canvas print with memorable photos with loved ones.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Shutterfly’s hanging canvas prints are easy to display and look a little different from most other art types. As such, these products make excellent art gifts for art lovers and anybody else who appreciates personalized and unique items. Our hanging canvases are made with high-quality poly-cotton and a semi-gloss finish. They can also be bought in three sizes. 

Panoramic Canvas Art

Our panoramic canvas art is eye-catching and makes for a great conversation starter, creating a striking centerpiece on any wall. These items are available in multiple sizes and designs, lending themselves to landscapes, cityscapes and wildlife art. So if you have breathtaking photography or artwork that you want to show off, a panoramic canvas print should serve you well.

Panoramic canvas art with three print pieces to display photos and made of poly cotton canvas with matte finish.

Wood Art 

Wooden art is perfect for anyone searching for artwork that really displays a classic rustic tone. We offer a range of various wood art pieces that are made from birch wood, including everything from wood wall art to wood prints to wood art gifts. Select a design and upload your photos to create the perfect artwork or gift for a loved one. Explore our wood art selection below and have a blast making your own work of art!

Wood Wall Art

Our wooden wall art selection makes for a perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys the outdoors, especially someone who loves log cabins or life in the country. Design a truly unique gift for that special person in your life by customizing the wood wall art with an incredible photo of you both. Craft your diy wood wall art by uploading an image, and we’ll print the photo on our premium quality wood. Then watch as the natural grain shines through as you hang the artwork on the wall.

Wood Prints

Wooden prints make excellent gifts to display on a tabletop in the living room, entryway and even your bedside table. Searching for some natural tones to liven up your home? Check out our wood prints perfect to display two or more photos of your favorite photos. Add some cute shots of your little ones to celebrate their first birthday or maybe a goofy family photo at a recent holiday party. Check out our collection of wood prints for gifts or decorating your home.

Wood Art Gifts

If you’re looking for a natural theme for your home décor, try our wood art gifts. Made with real wood-grain texture, these products are fantastic for any rustic or country-cottage style homes, bringing your photographs and artwork to life in a timeless fashion. Even better, you can add your own nature shots or photos from a family hike to your wood art

Art Gifts and Art Décor

Shutterfly’s extensive collection of art gifts and art décor are a great way to show your friends and family that you love them. They are also an excellent way to show off your favorite memories, photos, and artwork designs. Simply take a photograph or an image from our Art Library, customize your favorite product design template and hit order. Personalized gifts are only a click away when you shop with Shutterfly.

We have a huge range of designs, templates and products to help you make any home feel more you. After all, it’s the people who make a house a home. As such, you should ensure all your artwork suits your taste and preferences.

So if you are buying for loved ones, young or old, Shutterfly has the perfect custom art gift for you. Our products are fantastic for people of all ages, particularly when the item is tailored specifically to them. To help you find the right present, we have included a few artwork recommendations that you may want to keep in mind when browsing our online store.

Custom Canvas Art

We have so many custom canvas art designs available in numerous orientations, sizes and styles. Personalize these canvases with unique photographs and artworks. Made with premium materials, we are confident your artwork will look fabulous in any room in the house, which is why we recommend them as gifts for any special occasion.

Wall Hook Organizers

Shutterfly wall hook organizers are an excellent and practical addition to your wall décor. We have many styles to choose from, so you are bound to find the right organizer for your home. In addition, these items can be customized with your own photos and messages for an added personal touch. Wall hook organizers also come with five hooks to hold multiple coats, making them perfect for the family home.

Art Materials for Every Occasion 

Shutterfly’s art materials are a great gift idea for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to housewarmings and graduations. So whether you are looking for a gift for friends or family or just want to treat yourself to artwork for your home, Shutterfly’s designs can help you usher in any important day properly; they are an excellent way to display happy memories and personalized art designs. Our personalized art gifts are made with various materials, each lending a different style to your artwork.

Where Can You Find Shutterfly Art Deals?

We constantly offer all sorts of discounts and promotions across all our artistic gifts and art décor products. Whether you are looking for art tiles, framed prints, panoramic canvas or something else, we often have a great selection of promo codes, discount offers and coupons to help you save while also enjoying a personalized piece of art.

You can find all our savings and offers by following these links:

What Deals Do We Offer on Art Gifts?

We offer several different deals on all your favorite Shutterfly art gifts. No matter the time of year, we regularly offer discounts on art gifts and artwork . So if you are looking for a piece of art for your friend or browsing for ideas in your own home, you’ll potentially make a massive savings when you shop at Shutterfly.

Our discount deals may include:

  • Promo Codes: Our discounts and promo codes can help you save up 25–50% off on various items.
  • Free Shipping Deals: We also offer free shipping when you spend over a certain amount on your artwork.
  • New Customer Offer: If you are making your first purchase on Shutterfly, you’ll be added to our mailing list, which is where we send you all our promo codes and special offers.
  • Free Prints, Cards And Other Products: Keep checking our promo page for all sorts of free items and discounted goodies, including prints, art designs and more.
  • Exclusive Social Media Promotions: Be sure to follow us on social media. Fans of our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are often the first to hear about our best offers.

How to Use Shutterfly Promo Codes

If you want to take advantage of any of our promo codes and discounts on art gifts, check out the Shutterfly deals and special offers pages regularly, as we continually update new promo codes on a range of products. You can also find discounts on our homepage or social media pages.

Follow the steps below if you need help applying promo codes to any of your Shutterfly art purchases.

  • Log in to your Shutterfly account.
  • Create your personalized piece of wall art, then add it to your shopping cart.
  • Continue to checkout.
  • Select your preferred delivery option.
  • Input your Shutterfly promo code when prompted.
  • Complete your order and enjoy your item!

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