Best Custom Wall Decor For Every Style

Looking to level up your home decor? Transform your space with incredible, stylish, high-quality wall decor ideas from Shutterfly. From framed canvas prints to photo tiles, collage posters to foil art prints, you’ll find the best deals on the best designs. Magnify your memories, loved ones, and epic adventures for your hallway, living room, bedroom, and bathroom walls for you and yours to appreciate anew every single day. Find the best kitchen wall decor, bathroom wall decor, great living room decor ideas, and make the aesthetic bedroom of your dreams.

Framed Canvas Prints

Framed canvas prints of family members and serving as personalized wall decor

If you’re looking for framed canvas prints, do we have bedroom, bathroom, and living room decor ideas for you. Select a frame style, finish, and size, pick a matte color, upload a favorite photo, and voilà—you’ve got a custom art piece made to suit your unique home style, whether boho, modern, farmhouse, or mid-century. Your friends and family will delight in seeing the personalized wall decor you made. Use photos of your family or pets, of a spectacular trip, occasions like weddings or children’s birthdays or family reunions, and make the perfect framed canvas print. Or, if you like, choose one of our curated Art Library designs instead. You’ll add a gallery look to your living room decor in a snap.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Those looking for something a little different for their bedroom, bathroom, or living room decor will love our hanging canvas prints. Available in three sizes, these hanging prints come with a handy bar from which you can hang a rope that hooks onto a nail on your wall. These make for truly easy home decor. Choose the bar color: black, natural, or rustic. Our hanging canvas prints come in many designs and can be customized with your favorite photo (or multiple photos if the design allows) and text. These hanging canvas prints are available in portrait or landscape and are made with a durable poly-cotton canvas. They’re a great choice for an aesthetic bedroom, hallway, or bathroom and are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Framed Prints

Framed prints of a husband and wife and serving as living room wall decor

Our custom framed prints make fantastic gifts for all occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other holidays—and can be customized to suit the taste of any of your loved ones. With so many sizes and frame styles—classic curve, contemporary, or modern—to choose from, you’ll be able to find an item that fits any room or space in your home, no matter how small or compact. With numerous available finishes for your frame, you have the option to match a frame to other wall decor items or home accents in the surrounding area. You can also choose your preferred frame style: classic curve, contemporary, or modern. You’ll find the best bedroom, bathroom, and living room decor ideas here at Shutterfly.

Art Prints

Our gallery-quality, premium cardstock art prints feature our thickest cardstock and a matte finish for a smoother surface and the sharpest photo quality. With so many design templates, from collage to foil, brushed watercolor to photos set in word silhouettes, you’ll find wall decor ideas that can turn any wall from bland to captivating in the blink of an eye. Our art prints are suitable for all sorts of occasions, from weddings to Valentine’s Day, and make stunning surprise gifts. We even have art prints that are very pet-centric, perfect for any animal lover in your life. So upload your photos, personalize your text, and go crazy with our art print customization process.

Foil Art Prints

If you’re tantalized by art prints, you’re sure to excite at our range of personalized foil art prints. These prints feature many of the same customization options as our regular art prints, but also benefit from a shimmering personalized foil, which elevates your photos and other embellishments to another level. The raised foil draws the eye to design details, making even the tiniest intricacies stand out and your living room or bedroom wall decor pop. Our art prints are also made with signature cardstock that is responsibly and sustainably sourced and harvested. Once again, you can also choose to have a frame, though this is not a requirement. Our foil art prints look great without a frame as well.

Photo Tiles

Nine custom photo tiles as wall decor and featuring pictures of family and pets

Our metal photo tiles are an exciting way to bring any wall in your home to life. These tiles are available in various shapes, including square, rectangle, and hexagon and make for a stunning living room, hallway, or bathroom aesthetic. Upload your own design or choose one from our Art Library. Metal photo tiles are made from aluminum and come with a double-sided adhesive that sticks securely to any flat surface; no need to bother with nails or holes in your wall. Have a little more space to play with? Photo tiles look particularly great in sets and as multi-piece wall art. Upload a single photo and we’ll apply it across three or any number of photo tiles, which, spaced on your wall, give your wall art a panoramic presence.

Framed Photo Tiles

Those looking for a twist on classic photo tiles should try our framed photo tiles. Available in numerous sizes, framed photo tiles are fantastic pieces of wall decor for your bedroom or bathroom or any space where you cannot fit any particularly large prints or designs. They are also a great addition to any child’s or teenager’s bedroom. Choose whether you want a black, brown, or white frame, add your favorite photos, and order as many photo tiles as you need to create a unique focal point on your wall. Once again, these photo tiles come with a double-sided adhesive for easy hanging and make for an unmistakable aesthetic for any wall and home decor.

Multi Panel Wall Art

Multi-panel photo tiles as custom wall art and wall decor

If you like the look of multi-panel wall art, you’ve come to the right place. We have many multi-panel designs in our store, all of which are fantastic ways to show off your most jaw-dropping snaps. We’ve found many customers use these products to display landscape and nature photography, but they’re also great for pictures of family, friends, or pets. First, decide whether you want canvas, framed, mounted, or metal panels. Then choose amongst our two, three, four, or five piece panel designs. You can make several pieces of one photo with multi piece wall art, or you can upload many images to create a collage on your wall. These are sure bets to transform your living room wall decor at once.

Premium Posters

Premium poster serving as custom wall decor for a great bedroom aesthetic

Our premium posters are a terrific addition to your bedroom, study, office, or any other room in the house. These posters can be customized with your favorite photos, or you can start with a design from our Art Library. Printed on high-quality materials with optimized brightness and a premium matte finish, our posters feature designs of up to 23 photos, depending on which template appeals to you the most. In addition, our posters look good with or without a frame and, either way, go great with motivational quotes or funny slogans. What’s more, premium posters make tremendous gifts for friends, college students, teenagers, and more. Give the gift of wall decor today.

Collage Poster Prints

Our collage poster prints are a fun way to customize your favorite photos or display a new piece of wall art in your home. There are six sizes for you to choose from, and you also have the option of a collage calendar, a classic collage, or one of our art collection designs. All of these choices can be customized with the photos you upload to your Shutterfly account and are printed on archival-quality paper. So browse our wide selection of collage backgrounds and layouts to create unique wall decor for your hallway, bathroom, den, or any space you desire. What’s more, these are versatile pieces of wall art and can suit modern, boho, farmhouse, mid-century or any style of home decor.

Wall Hook Organizers

Custom wall hook organizer with family name and photos and serving as wall decor

Our wall hook organizers are a fantastic way to keep your coats, backpacks, bags, and keys in order, proving wall decor can be as practical as it is decorative. Our wall hook organizers are 12”x36” and made from fir wood with a tasteful white-wash finish. In addition, each organizer features five individual hooks, oil-rubbed for design purposes. When we print your photos onto your wall hook organizer, you’ll notice the wood grain shows through the photo, lending itself to any traditional decor style you may choose to implement in your home. However, we recommend using darker, saturated images on our wall organizer as they will print much better on this particular wood grain.

Wall Crosses

If you are looking for a sentimental piece of wall decor, you should think about purchasing one of our many wall cross designs. We have many religious-themed crosses with touching quotes and passages that serve as a timely reminder of the important things in life. We have crosses suited to weddings, children, and even in memory of those who have passed. These crosses are made from porcelain and make a fantastic keepsake for yourself or a loved one. We have found that many customers like to purchase these crosses for their mother or grandmother in the lead-up to Mother’s Day.

Personalize Your Wall Decor

Custom wall art featuring a happy family and serving as wall decor

Shutterfly has an abundance of customization options for customers who want to create the perfect piece of bedroom, bathroom, hallway, den, or living room wall decor for their home or to give it as a gift. You can either upload your own design from scratch or take inspiration from our numerous layouts. Alter the color of your wall decor item with our Custom Color Palette, add photos, customize text, and add names and monograms to certain items. This is the best way to ensure your home is an extension of who you are as a person.

Choose Photos For Your Wall Decor and Wall Art

When you create a Shutterfly account, you’ll be able to upload all your favorite photos and store them in one easy-to-find album on our platform. You can then use these photos to design the best wall decor for your home, brimming with personality and individuality. We accept photos from numerous sources: Facebook, Instagram, mobile, and desktop. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions and select your favorite photos. You can even upload whole albums from your social media pages if you so wish. Create a collage with your favorite photos, or choose one stunning image to turn into an eye-catching piece of wall art above your fireplace.

Give A Customized Wall Decor Item as a Gift

Those looking for bedroom or living room decor ideas as gifts for friends or family will find just the thing they’re looking for, along with the best deals, at Shutterfly. Personalize one of our wall decor options with photos and add your own flavor. If you are buying wall decor for a friend, customize your gift with an inside joke or motivational message. If you are buying for a parent or sibling, add a sentimental and heartfelt message. If buying for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas present, show them how much you love them with personalized messages and other embellishments.