50 Family Room Decorating Ideas & Photos

Most families spend more time in the family room than any other room in the house. It’s also the room that your guests will likely see first and the most. That’s why it’s important to be intentional about designing a family room that is beautiful but also stays true to your personal tastes.

Whether you prefer a family room that’s modern, classic, rustic or global, you’re sure to find fresh ideas in the 50 photos we’ve compiled here. From small, personal touches to grand design inspiration, there’s something for everyone in this collection of family room ideas. Looking for more inspiration? Our personalized home decor includes throw pillows, blankets, canvas art and more to make your family room reflect your personal style.

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A backless couch is a unique and beautiful way to link two sitting areas in a larger family room.

Photo By: The Chronicles Of Home

Are you looking for a family room idea to bring some color to your neutral walls? A bright wallpaper will make the perfect backdrop to your built-in bookshelves.

Photo By: Hi Sugarplum

To make a statement with your family room decor, place a large, modern painting in a room with otherwise subdued colors.

Photo By: Postbox Designs

You may already incorporate some greenery in your family room, but have you tried hanging it from the walls? This is the perfect touch for a modern family room design.

Photo By: Snazzy Little Things

For family room decor that's both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for everyday living, add a variety of soft and beautiful throw pillows to your couch.

Photo By: Coco Kelley

Are you tired of your family room carpet? Simply cover it with a beautiful rug for a fresh look that doesn't require tearing out and replacing your old carpeting.

Photo By: Sita Montgomery Interiors

Once you find a painting you love, pull one or two colors from it for inspiration for the rest of your family room decor. The final look will be polished and cohesive.

Photo By: Hey There, Home

Make the most of natural light by using window treatments that still let light through. The gold embellishments in these treatments complement the studded chairs perfectly.

Photo By: Withheart

Using symmetrical decor on either side of your fireplace will create a timeless, classic look in your family room.

Photo By: How To Nest For Less

Bring your love for travel into your family room design by turning a suitcase into a unique side table.

Photo By: Mrs. Hines' Class

A large clock is a simple way to fill wall space and create a classic look in your family room—and it's handy for those moments when you're rushing out the door!

Photo By: Cozy Country Living

Are you looking for a family room idea that doesn't center around a television? This seating arrangement encourages guest to connect with one another rather than check out from the group.

Photo By: Southern State Of Mind

A chandelier in the family room will make the space feel unique and timeless at the same time.

Photo By: Provident Home Design

A colorful map is the type of family room decor that makes a statement and invites guests to share their own travel stories.

Photo By: Tessa Neustadt

Via: Emily Henderson

For a garden inspired family room design, add manicured greenery and wooden shutters to your space.

Photo By: Not Just A Housewife

A glass bowl of brightly wrapped candy makes for beautiful family room decor and an unexpected sweet treat!

Photo By: Ivory Lane

Place a favorite Bible verse or quote on paned glass to incorporate your family's personality into your family room design.

Photo By: Noting Grace

If you live in an older home, your fireplace may not be functional, but it can still be a beautiful part of your family room design—simply fill it with candles instead.

Photo By: Vintage Refined

This family room idea is the perfect reminder not to overthink your decor. Mixing chairs of different materials and sizes adds depth and visual interest to any space.

Photo By: Living Rich On Less

If you're not afraid of modern design and bright colors, a fun wallpaper can add a bold pop to your family room decor.

Photo By: Wheel Chic Home

A family room is just that—a room for family. Frame your children's artwork for a personal touch in your family room decor.

Photo By: Southern Revivals

Large calligraphy prints provide a modern touch and offer endless opportunities for fun messages in your family room.

Photo By: Brittany Robertson

If your big pieces—like the furniture and chairs—are neutral, don't be afraid to dress up your family room design with accent pieces that pop.

Photo By: Happily Eva After

Using an unusual material, such as the trunk of a tree, for your coffee table can make for a beautiful statement piece.

Photo By: South Shore Decorating

If you don't have space for a separate home office, simply incorporate a desk and chair into your family room design.

Photo By: Laura Design Company

A wooden blanket ladder makes for a sweet addition to rustic family room decor.

Photo By: Jenna Sue Design Co.

When you have large windows that let in plenty of natural light, don't be afraid to use deep, rich colors in your drapes or furniture.

Photo By: M Pettipoole

Add stability to a soft ottoman with a wooden tray—this provides the perfect space for a little extra family room decor.

Photo By: Six Sisters' Stuff

A three-piece painting makes for beautiful family room decor that is unexpected yet classic.

Photo By: Welcome To The Mouse House

Choose throw pillows that match your couch in color but not texture to add some subtle depth to your family room design.

Photo By: New South Home

A large, modern painting with neutral colors can center your family room design without overwhelming the space.

Photo By: Akin Design Studio

A basket for knit blankets is a soft, romantic family room idea—and is way easier than keeping your throws perfectly folded.

Photo By: Bonjour Bliss

Extending the paint onto your ceiling is a modern family room idea with an element of surprise.

Photo By: French For Pineapple

Small photo frames on your bookshelf are a sweet and simple way to make your family room feel cozy and personal.

Photo By: Defined Designs

Bring hanging plants indoors by adding a section of simple wires to your family room wall.

Photo By: Hello Lidy

Eucalyptus sprigs are an unexpected greenery choice that also add a delightful scent to your family room.

Photo By: Elwood Flair

Repurpose small stools for a unique, modern spin on the classic coffee table in your family room.

Photo By: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Mirrored wall art can make a room feel bigger and brighter, making it a great choice for any family room design.

Photo By: Miss In The Midwest

If you can't pick just one color for your walls, stripes are a fun and unique family room idea.

Photo By: The Homes I Have Made

A vintage telephone is an unexpected talking piece to incorporate into your family room decor—especially as landlines slowly become a thing of the past!

Photo By: The Leslie Style

Carefully spaced shelves can double as a desk for a simple office space in your family room.

Photo By: 4 Men 1 Lady

Add a little lighting to your favorite artwork to ensure it stays center stage both day and night.

Photo By: Oak House Design

If you've selected a bold, colorful rug for your family room, let the colors inspire the rest of your decor, including window treatments and blankets.

Photo By: The Dreamhouse Project

Make a recessed area in your family room feel like its own space by using a unique wallpaper as a backdrop.

Photo By: Molly Hansen Photography

Via: Kismet House