40 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Light Up the Room

Your bedroom is where you start and end your days. It’s your own personal haven—a place where you can retreat and be yourself. So why not make it as beautiful and as uplifting as possible? With our 40 bedroom wall decor ideas, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to bring character and energy to your room. From DIY paintings to wood shelves to washi tape designs, there’s something here for every style and personality.

Include special photos in your bedroom wall decor by choosing framed prints to complement the rest of your design. Your bedroom decor is a representation of you—enjoy the process of deciding what makes the cut.

More Wall Decor Ideas

1. DIY Canvas Art

diy canvas art

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

Make decorating your bedroom walls simple by hanging striped canvases. Choose colors for your artwork that match your comforter and decorative pillows.

2. Floral Decor

Tie your bedroom wall decor together with a floral theme. Include a paper flower, floral canvas or vase of fresh blooms to your design.

3. Jewelry Organizer

Who says bedroom wall decor can’t also have a practical purpose? Create your own jewelry organizer to hang your earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

4. Inspirational Phrases

inspirational phrases

Source: DIY Mama

Start your days off right with uplifting words and phrases. Get inspiration from encouraging quotes, songs and books.

5. Beach Painting

Create a calming scene by painting a lake or oceanside beach. The best part? Water is one of the easiest elements to paint.

6. Washi Tape Art

washi tape art sits on dresser

Source: Karen Kavett

Add some color to your bedroom wall decor with a festive washi tape design. Layer the washi tape in a plaid pattern to recreate this look.

7. Canvas Prints

canvas prints

Source: Shutterfly

Bring family photos and vacation candids into your bedroom by making beautiful canvas prints. Include large and small canvas sizes for a diverse gallery effect.

8. Corner Shelves

corner shelves

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

Ever feel like you need more places to put things in your bedroom? Build wooden shelves in a corner of the room to store items like books and plants.

9. Pressed Leaves

On your next walk through a park or garden, pluck a few green leaves. Press your plants to create natural, earthy art pieces.

10. Wall Stripes

washi tape wall

Source: Ann Kelle

Fill a whole wall with fun by lining it with washi tape. Stick with the same color sequence from top to bottom or mix it up for more character.

11. Photo Panels

photo panels

Source: Shutterfly

Turn a single photo into a striking art display. Infuse acrylic art panels with a photo from a recent hike or day at the zoo.

12. Name Art

Build wall decor for your bedroom using wooden letters. Form your child’s first name or use your family’s last name.

13. Finger Painting

Call the kids for this fun DIY project. Have them finger paint on white paper, then help them cut their art in the shape of their favorite animal.

14. Color-coordinated Decor

By picking a few colors, your wall decor for the bedroom will be harmonious. Choose yellow, grey and black like this example or create your own scheme.

15. Artsy Initial

Punctuate your bedroom wall decor with an art piece of your initial. Consider a metallic finish for a trendy feel.

16. Simple Wall Pattern

Enhance a blank wall with solid-colored washi tape. If you build your design with straight lines and an even pattern, your wall will appear professionally crafted.

17. Decorative Mirror

By hanging a mirror in your bedroom, you’re able to fix your hair or put on your makeup without needing to occupy the bathroom. Place a decorative mirror, like this wooden one, above your dresser or vanity.

18. Art Letters

art letters

Source: Lia Griffith

Find decorative washi tape that matches your personal style. Then, form the tape in the shapes of letters to create your initials or last name.

19. Fabric Wall Art

Repurpose scraps of fabric by making decorative art pieces. Overlay the squares with a monogram or inspiring phrase.

20. Framed Prints

framed prints

Source: Shutterfly

Professionally framed photos bring a polished look to any bedroom. Photos like landscapes and family candids are ideal for a beautiful gallery wall effect.

21. Polka Dots

Looking for super easy bedroom wall decor ideas? Add metallic polka dots with paint or wall stickers.

22. Wooden Decor

Imprint a piece of wood with a favorite image, like a nautical creature or musical instrument. Keep your artwork two-toned for a professional feel.

23. DIY Pixel Painting

Simple yet professional, this DIY pixel art will add texture to your bedroom walls. Consider a black and white color scheme or splash your canvas with plenty of color.

24. Hexagonal Art

hexagonal art

Source: Tara Dennis

Jazz up your bedroom wall decor with metallic hexagonal art. Create a single canvassed piece or place your hexagons directly on the wall.

25. Sequin Wall Art

Add some serious flair to your bedroom walls with sequin art. Choose an uplifting word for the center, such as ‘inspire,’ ‘dream’ or ‘create.’

26. Quirky Canvas

Infuse a fresh canvas with a unique image like an octopus or rhino. Make your art piece two-toned for a simple design.

28. Nautical Themed Decor

Decorating bedroom walls is easier if you have a theme in mind. Consider a nautical theme where you can add anchors, ocean animals and sailing decor to your arrangement.

29. Song Lyric Canvases

Take inspiration from a favorite wedding song or other tune. Paint the lyrics onto a canvas along with a stenciled image.

30. Feather Collage

feather collage

Source: Decor8

Using real feathers or ones made of paper, design a beautiful collage of mixed colors. Arrange your feathers in a way that builds texture and makes the art truly pop.

31. Geometric Wall

geometric wall

Source: Eliza Rose

Design an entire wall with a geometric layout. Set the structure with tape, then paint each portion with a varying color.

32. Mounted Wall Art

mounted wall art

Source: Shutterfly

Make your favorite memories come to life with mounted wall art. Select photos from a recent trip, family outing or friends gathering.

33. Fabric Hoops

Dress up an entire wall with wooden fabric hoops. Stretch pieces of fabric across the hoops then trim the excess from the back.

34. DIY Canvas Painting

Paint a canvas using simple strokes and calming colors like blue or green. Add contrast to your painting with touches of black and white paint.

35. Retro Wood Art

retro wood art

Source: Oh So Lovely

If you love wooden decor and want a simple way to bring it into your bedroom, consider triangle-shaped pieces. Paint a favorite fruit, veggie or flower for a quirky appeal.

36. DIY Monogram Art

Personalize your bedroom wall decor with metallic monogram artwork. The secret ingredient to this DIY? Thumbtacks!

37. Nuts and Washers

Line up washers and nuts to form a unique pattern. Glue them to a single-colored canvas to ensure the hardware stands out.

37. Imprinted Canvas

Choose a special memory, like your wedding day or graduation, to imprint on a canvas. Keep your artwork black and white for a timeless feel.

38. Paper Flowers

Transform your bedroom wall into a garden with paper flowers. Build an assortment of colors and sizes for a diverse arrangement.

39. Paint Chip Art

Gather a range of paint chip samples to make this colorful DIY art. Incorporate tones that contrast your bedroom wall paint color.

40. Geometric Art

geometric art

Source: We Are Scout

With colored paper as its main supply, this DIY project is both simple and fun. Create your geometric pattern to match the existing colors of your bedroom decor.

Still unsure what’s best for your bedroom walls? Consider a panoramic print or collage poster embedded with the photos you love. The more personalized canvas wall decor, the more energy it brings to your space.