20+ Simple Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Often a calming place in the home, the bathroom is where you get to pamper yourself. Maybe you lather on a facial mask or soak in a hot bath at the end of a long day. Whatever your vision for your bathroom, you can create a space that’s both inspiring and relaxing. With over 20 bathroom wall decor ideas, our collection offers you fresh ideas for this essential room. Most importantly, choose wall decor pieces that uplift you and make you feel centered.

Design your bathroom wall decor as a reflection of you with mounted wall art that incorporates your favorite landscapes or family photos.

More Wall Decor Ideas

1. Decorative Shelf

decorative shelf

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

Adding a shelf to your bathroom can be practical, decorative—or both. Consider it a home for your plants, photos and extra bars of soap.

2. Abstract Watercolors

Set the mood in your bathroom to serene. Paint abstract watercolor pieces with calming bathroom colors like blue, green and lavender.

3. Giant Mirror

giant mirror

Source: Sweeten Blog

Looking for sleek and simple bathroom wall decor ideas? Install an extra-large slender mirror above your sink and vanity.

4. Acrylic Photo Panel

acrylic photo panel

Source: Shutterfly

Turn a vacation photo into a stunning piece of art. Create acrylic wall prints using your favorite landscape or city view.

5. Wooden Cubbies

Construct cubbies out of wood and hang it for your bathroom wall decor. You can hold all of your essentials, like lotion, cotton balls and tweezers.

6. Serene Scene

Start your mornings with calming decor. Photos of mountains, lakes and beaches are a simple way to build a serene atmosphere.

7. Love Themed Art

Utilizing red and pink as your color scheme, design watercolor art that bursts with love. Stencil on a love quote or lyric from your wedding song for extra meaning.

8. Bed Frame Towel Bar

Foster a vintage feel by repurposing a bed frame. Add a simple shelf and towel rod to make this piece practical.

9. DIY String Art

diy string art

Source: Nine Red

Choose a favorite animal or U.S. state to make as your string art design. The supply list for this project isn’t long: string, nails and a wooden board.

10. Pressed Flowers

pressed flowers

Source: Hello Gwen

Next time you’re walking through a park or taking a hike, pick an array of fresh flowers. Press and frame the petals for beautiful bathroom decor.

11. Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf

Fasten popsicle sticks together to form a hexagonal shape. Add a cactus or succulent to your newly-made bathroom shelf.

12. White and Gold Art

Take a blank canvas and write in a metallic paint pen. Create inspirational art by writing an uplifting phrase or positive quote.

13. Beachy Inspired Art

Hoping to find inspiration for nautical bathroom wall decorations? Make your own anchor art with watercolor paints.

14. Ladder Frame

Ideal for family photos and outdoor snapshots, this ladder frame suits many styles. Polish or stain the wood to match your other bathroom decor.

15. Framed Mirror

Decorating bathroom walls doesn’t have to be complex. Paint the frame of a mirror to give it a fresh new look.

16. DIY Wood Pallet Shelves

Repurpose wood pallets for your bathroom wall decoration. Fill the pallets with framed photos and fabric flowers.

17. Washi Tape Art

washi tape art

Source: Sarah Hearts

Design your own canvas artwork with washi tape. Find colors and patterns that match your personality, and add them to small blank canvases.

18. Mason Jar Rack

Create this trendy bathroom organizer with mason jars and a stained piece of wood. You can store everything from fresh flowers to cotton balls.

19. Magnet Organizer

Wrap decorative cloth around magnets to create holders for things like bobby pins and nail clippers. Not only will your bathroom be more organized, but it’ll be trendy too.

20. DIY Pixel Art

Brighten your bathroom with colorful pixel art. Hang it on a wall that you’ll notice every morning.

21. Seashell Art

Have a collection of seashells from your trips to the beach? Glue them to a painted canvas or piece of wood for simple decor that has meaning.

Start and end your days in a place that makes you feel centered. Choose framed prints for bathroom wall decor that’s both personal and full of style.