Make your bathroom feel like an oasis with unlimited decorating ideas. Take a simple shower curtain and spice it up with bright colors. Or add fun accents in the little things like mats and towels. However you decide to decorate your bathroom, these ideas will give you some inspiration to turn something drab into fab.

living room decor decorating ideas
May 16, 2022

Great Decorating Ideas for Your Home and Yard

With decorating ideas from Shutterfly, you can refresh your living room, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor yard with personalized decor. Each item is custom made using your photos. Find some design inspiration today. 5 min read

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Wall art for bathroom decor with different types of pictures
March 4, 2022

Bathroom Art for Decorating the Home

Bathroom art is a decor element that can easily be overlooked, but when paired with Shutterfly design, bathroom artwork can become some of your favorite accents in the home. Explore bathroom art prints, canvases, and more to find pieces just for you. 5 min read

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Wallpaper hero with wall art and other home decor
March 4, 2022

Custom Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper Designs

As the days go on, you may be thinking about revamping your home for a fresh change. Add some personality to your walls with peel and stick removable wallpaper. Explore all the various wallpaper options you can use to make your house into a home. 4 min read

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Red and green floral wallpaper featuring a silver pitcher with babys breath flowers
February 24, 2022

How to Find the Best Wallpaper

Wallpaper of any kind is a great way to tell your life story. With Shutterfly, wallpaper options are endless with how you choose to personalize your own space. Let your imagination run wild and create the space you’ve always dreamed of a reality. 7 min read

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summer decorating ideas for your home garden
May 1, 2019

Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Home

It’s finally warming up outside which means it’s time to brighten things up around the house, so here's some of my favorite summer decorating ideas. 5 min read

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women in front of mirror
November 19, 2018

26 Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Refresh Your Space

Make your bathroom stand out every morning with these mirror upgrades. 7 min read

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woman in bathroom mirror
October 15, 2018

35 Makeup Room Ideas To Brighten Your Morning Routine

Get creative with your vanity with these 35 ideas. 9 min read

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black wellness spa and candles
June 19, 2018

How to Create a Wellness Spa

Make your home your happy place! This year is all about wellness — take the time to keep yourself centered and focus on self-care. Rest and relaxation don’t have to mean a trip out of town or a day at the spa. Create a serene oasis in your master bathroom… 2 min read

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bathroom curtain hanging in bathroom
March 1, 2018

20+ Creative DIY Bathroom Ideas for Any Home

We've come up with 20+ DIY bathroom ideas that will help you transform the space. 6 min read

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February 14, 2018

36 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Follow these simple tips for a spring fresh home. 6 min read

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November 15, 2017

20+ Simple Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Soak in the inspiration with these easy bathroom wall decor ideas. 5 min read

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June 28, 2017

20 Relaxing Bathroom Color Schemes

If you want to create a new look in your bathroom, but want to avoid a complete interior overhaul, consider tweaking your color scheme and decor. A few simple changes can create an entirely new vibe without going over budget. Design a bathroom… 7 min read

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