How to Create a Wellness Spa

a green colored wellness spa

Make your home your happy place! This year is all about wellness — take the time to keep yourself centered and focus on self-care. Rest and relaxation don’t have to mean a trip out of town or a day at the spa. Create a serene oasis in your master bathroom and get in the routine of washing your worries away.

black wellness spa and candles

Say Goodbye to Bubble Bath

Get a good soak by adding organic ingredients to your tub. One popular combination is a chlorophyll and citrus bath. Chlorophyll helps to purify your skin and bring out its healthy glow. Citrus fruits — oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit — are rich in antioxidants and provide an invigorating fragrance. Another calm option is a floral charcoal bath.  Charcoal is a known detoxifier.  Floating chamomile flowers smooth muscles and encourage relaxation. Rose petals reduce stress and jasmine is a mood enhancer.

black wellness bath and flowers

Add Some Ambiance

Pull in natural elements like potted plants and greenery to soften up a sterile bathroom. Ferns and ivy thrive in humid environments. Tea lights and candles create a calm vibe while moisture-resistant artwork adds a pop of color and personality. Labeled jars filled with bath bombs, salts, soaps, sponges and loofahs are an attractive and functional way to store supplies.

soap and fizz bath bomb for the black wellness bath

Take the Edge Off

Turn on your favorite tunes and cheers to the end of another day with a glass of wine or cup of tea. Invest in a tub tray if you need a place to rest your book or beverage.

green wellness bath and a glass of wine

5 Ideas for Wine Glass and Mug Sentiments

  • Yay to the end of the day
  • On cloud wine
  • Time to wine down
  • Sip & Soak
  • Me Time is My Cup of Tea

green wellness bath from a top view

black wellness spa from the top view