How to Find the Best Wallpaper

Wallpaper of any kind is a great way to tell your life story. Made from independent artists with a vision for expressing their true individuality in mind, Shutterfly has the right wallpaper print that matches your personality and taste. Whether you want to spruce up a space in your home, or a business of your own, choose a design that speaks to you and the story you wish to tell for years to come. With Shutterfly, the options of wallpaper are endless with how you choose to personalize a space to make it your very own. Let your imagination run wild and create the space you’ve always dreamed of a reality.

What is Wallpaper?

When you want to spruce up your walls or any other surface in your home, use wallpaper as your first design tool. With this tool, you can use paste paper on walls to create a stunning look. Whether you choose to use removable wallpaper, peel and stick wallpaper, or wallpaper for commercial purposes, you can guarantee we have the right wallpaper just for you and your needs. When you put up your favorite wallpaper, you can bring any room to life with a pop of color or unique design. Perhaps you want to create an accent wall in your whitewashed bathroom to give it a little more personality. Or, maybe you want to spruce up a piece of furniture in your home whether it be a dresser in your bedroom or cabinet in the kitchen. Depending on the type of wallpaper you choose, wallpaper can be easily removed from your wall when you get bored or tired of the design. With Shutterfly, take your interior design skills to the next level and choose your favorite design to express your personality in any space.

When you choose wallpaper from Shutterfly, you are supporting many independent artists from Shutterfly and Spoonflower, who have specifically designed wallpaper with their personalities and tastes in mind. Starting with a vision, independent artists are able to tell their story by creating a wallpaper design that truly speaks to them and is representative of who they are as individuals. We hope that in choosing from our wide array of unique wallpaper designs will inspire you to become your own artist as you embark on your self-expressive journey. Envision and create an inviting space for all your friends and family to enjoy in addition to one that tells your unique story.

Pile of wallpaper featuring hexagonal floral and black and white plaid print

Choose Any Living Space to Decorate With Wallpaper

Before you can put up wallpaper of any kind, first think about the room or place you’d like to decorate. Whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, home office, or kitchen, wallpaper of any design or texture from Shutterfly is sure to make a statement. Perhaps you run a grooming salon for cats and dogs because of your passion at a young age for animals. Add a little bit of personality to your walls by adding fun designs of your furry customers. If you have a culinary background and own a family-owned restaurant, think about how you want to dress up your walls and furniture not only based on the kind of food you sell, but the kind of story you want to tell your customers. Maybe you want to express the history of opening up your restaurant with our wallpaper designs. Regardless of the space, the most important thing to remember when decorating is to let your imagination run wild as you piece everything together to make your space uniquely you.

How to Choose Your Wallpaper Design

After choosing a room to decorate, you’ll want to determine what design you want to use on your accent wall or furniture. Start by thinking about your environment and the overall theme you want to capture. Perhaps you’re an outdoor lover at heart and want to dedicate a blank wall in your living room to show just that. Choose from a number of our nature inspired themes from farmhouse, rustic, or vintage which offer an array of beautiful floral and pine tree designs to really encapsulate your outdoor vision. You can guarantee your friends, family, and guests will love the woodsy aesthetic you were going for and will be inspired to go out on a hike of their own.

You can also consider using the furniture and home decor to match your wallpaper, and serve as inspiration for what kind of wallpaper design you choose. If your furniture leans more modern, consider choosing from one of our neutral designs with colors that capture more of a subdued feel. If your furniture has more of a farmhouse feel, we have plenty of light-colored floral, herringbone, and outdoor inspired prints to choose from. Once you select the right design for you, add wallpaper to the old dresser in your bedroom to make it feel brand new. Or, consider lining the back of your cupboards with wallpaper to beautifully display your drinkware or tableware.

Botanical inspired room featuring a bench with a pink blanket and personalized pillows

As mentioned, if you own a grooming salon for cats and dogs you’ll want to choose a theme that matches the theme of your business. Check out our creative animal designs that can give your salon a fun and edgy look. Once you choose your favorite design, use it to create an accent wall or decorate a surface to impress your clients.

If you own a restaurant, consider choosing one from one of our coastal themes. We offer beautiful blue oceanic wallpaper in addition to nautical and sea creature designs. Once you select a design, apply your wallpaper to the back of a headboard above the booth for your customers to enjoy while they eat their meal. You can also create an accent wall with sea creatures behind the sushi bar to complete the ultimate seafood experience. Guests will be wowed by your interior decorating skills and will love and want to continue to dine in your establishment.

Compliment Wallpaper With Personalized Home Decor

Whether you’re decorating a living space in your home or restaurant, you can further your decorating skills by complimenting your wallpaper with personalized home decor. If you wish to decorate your living room with a nature theme, consider matching your wallpaper with Shutterfly’s unique custom pillows, fleece photo blankets, and desktop plaques, all which can be personalized with your favorite photos or patterns that match your wallpaper. Add a fun family photo or two from a memorable hiking trip to your personalized blanket, or choose from our boho theme which offers various animal prints to add to your wallpaper aesthetic.

Living room with nature inspired wallpaper featuring a family photo blanket and personalized pillow

While decorating your home or restaurant, you can match your wallpaper with table runners and cloth napkins to go with your overall theme of your space. Get creative and personalize photo coasters for customers to place their beverages on and add wall art as well for them to admire while they dine. Perhaps your coasters have personalized pictures of your family or places you’ve been to highlight the theme of your family-owned restaurant. They’ll be sure to appreciate the above and beyond decor in addition to your family backstory.

Herringbone inspired room with table featuring decorative cloth napkins and table runner

Discover and Try New Wallpaper Samples

When you order wallpaper from Shutterfly, you’re able to conveniently order sample test swatches first to find the design that suits you best. Ordering wallpaper samples will not only help you narrow down which design you like best, but save you money as you don’t have to purchase an entire roll of wallpaper. Apply each of your samples to different walls in your house or space of your choosing, and visualize how and where you would like to see the wallpaper play its role in your decoration process. Our samples come in a 2’x1’ size so it’s easy for you to order as many as you need.

Pile of colorful wallpaper rolls and decorative pillows featuring botanical designs

How to Install and Remove Wallpaper With Simple Steps

Prior to installing your wallpaper, consider what type of wallpaper you’d like to use first. If you’re someone who likes to change things up frequently or move from place to place, then removable wallpaper may be the right choice for you. To install, use a wet sponge to apply the wallpaper to preferably light colored walls, then gently press the wallpaper to the surface. Note that you should not apply removable wallpaper to textured walls or painted walls you can scrub. To remove, carefully begin by peeling back the wallpaper from the corner of your ceiling and use your wet sponge to help lift it with ease.

Peel and stick wallpaper is another great option if you’re looking to keep the design temporarily. A nice feature about this type of wallpaper is that it’s self-adhesive, and you can remove and reposition it as you see fit. Note that you should not apply peel and stick wallpaper to textured walls, painted walls you can scrub, and children’s rooms or nurseries. To remove, carefully begin by peeling back the wallpaper from the corner of your ceiling where the roll begins until it is completely off.

When removing wallpaper of any kind, make sure your space is clear of anything that may get in your way or could potentially damage your wall. Safely secure your ladder and have a friend or family member spot you before you start.

Express Yourself with Personalized Wallpaper

When you choose a wallpaper design with Shutterfly, you are allowing us to help highlight your life story. Created by independent artists, our wallpaper is meant to be designed with you in mind. When it comes to your likes, interests, favorite colors, or designs, put it all into one with wallpaper you truly love. Have fun and take your interior design skills and self-expression to the next level by shopping for personalized wallpaper at Shutterfly.