20+ Creative DIY Bathroom Ideas for Any Home

Add style to your bathroom with decor you create yourself. Let your personality shine and save on the cost of DIY bathroom art. From canvas paintings to mirrors, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful oasis.

Take a look at our collection of 20+ DIY bathroom ideas to find something you love. Whether you’re decorating your master bathroom, guest suite or half bath, choose pieces that fit the theme you’re trying to achieve—whether it’s rustic, relaxing or nautical.

Try adding an extra personalized item to your decor with a framed art print or quote that inspires you. From getting ready in the morning to winding down from the day, you want to create a space that is calm and comforting.

1. Colorful Gallery Wall

Design a gallery wall for your bathroom that’s full of personality. Create colorful picture frames and string art, then arrange your pieces alongside polaroid photos.

2. Driftwood Sunburst Mirror

driftwood sunburst mirror

Source: A’ La Mode

Collect pieces of driftwood next time you visit the beach. Secure them around a mirror to create a beautiful, sunburst design.

3. DIY Bathroom Organizer

Need a way to keep your bathroom in order? Build an organizer for your soap, lotion, makeup and tissues. Nail together pieces of wood to form a rectangular box. Set your wooden organizer on your counter or vanity.

4. Nautical Rope Mirror

Line the edges of a mirror by hot gluing several layers of rope in a tight pattern. Choose a round mirror for an easy project and accent your bathroom with complimentary decor.

5. Seashell Art

Make use of all the seashells you’ve collected on beach trips. Take a piece of stained wood and arrange your shells in the shape of a heart, flower or your initials.

6. Trendy Map Art

Repurpose a map or poster of your favorite city by turning it into an art piece. Frame your design and add a title like “favorite place on earth.”

7. Beaded Jellyfish

Form a jellyfish out of beaded strands and a seashell. Secure it to a canvas for decor that fits well with a nautical or beach themed bathroom.

8. Wooden Shelf Vanity

Create a vanity shelf with a piece of wood, like maple or oak. Place your sink on top, and drill a hole for your faucet hardware to fit through.

9. Framed Mirror

Transform a simple mirror into a professional-looking piece. Frame the mirror with painted wood moulding. Keep it neutral with a white or cream color or add a pop of color by choosing a bright tone.

10. Button Tree

With a pencil, draw a tree onto a canvas to form your basic design, then paint your tree trunk and branches. Form your leaves out of vibrant colors by gluing on a range of buttons.

11. DIY Nautical Shadow Box

Sea glass, starfishes and seashells can be displayed with this fun decor. Construct your own shadow box out of wood panels and secure each accent piece with hot glue.

12. Stenciled Canvas

Looking for easy DIY bathroom ideas? Take mini blank canvases and paint them in a range of colors from blue to orange. Layer images on the surface with stencils and paint.

13. Simple String Art

Make your own string art out of nails, string and a wooden board. Choose an image that will be easy to create, such as a star or letter.

14. Flower Vase

vase made from old bottle

Source: Makely Home

Brighten up your bathroom with fresh flowers. Repurpose a soda or wine bottle, then place long stemmed flowers inside like lilies and daffodils.

15. Rustic Storage Shelf

Construct a wooden shelf to store your bathroom items: washcloths, towels, soaps and toilet paper. Attach hooks and a bin for easy organization.

16. Geometric Wall Art

colorful geometric patterns

Source: Kate Bullen

Cut triangles out of patterned paper or recycled watercolor paintings to decorate a bathroom wall. Piece them together on a white canvas and secure with glue. This geometric art piece will look like it was made in a fancy art studio.

17. Weathered Beach Signs

Simple slats of wood take on a weathered look with enough sanding. Paint words that you associate with the beach so you will be taken to a tropical paradise every time you step into the bathroom.

18. Wooden Mirror

Add a stunning mirror to your decor with this DIY bathroom project. Trim thin pieces of wood into the exact measurements of your mirror, then adhere the wood to each side. Pair it with other wood wall decor for a rustic finish.

19. Seashell Canvas

Paint a small square canvas or piece of wood in a solid color like teal or lavender. Glue a seashell near the center for a simple, beach-inspired piece of art.

20. Potted Plants

Easy DIY bathroom ideas can still look chic and professional. Place lavender or greenery in a pot for decor that sits right on your vanity.

21. Floating Shelves

Extra storage space can always be utilized in a bathroom. Build simple shelves out of wood, then paint them a neutral color like white or grey. Add accent items like flowers or a vintage clock to each shelf.

22. Faux Shell Art

Recreate this shiny piece of art by cutting circles out of wax paper. Make them look like shells using an iron and crayons. Hang your shell-like circles from string in even strands across a frame.

Be sure your bathroom decor includes personal touches as well as professional decor. Try mixing your DIY bathroom idea with a personalized metal print that will tie the whole look together.