76 Ways To Decorate A Small Bathroom

The bathroom is truly one of the most important rooms in the house. We use it every single day to maintain health and hygiene, plus get ready every morning. Although it can be a small space, the bathroom definitely has a huge impact on our daily life.

Most people don’t have the luxury of a large or even medium-sized bathroom, which poses an interesting problem of how to decorate such a small space. Decorations can easily become clutter in such a limited space. To inspire your best ideas, we’ve shared our favorite ways to decorate a small bathroom.

With everything from organizational tips and mounted wall art to relaxing color schemes, you’re sure to find the right combination to fit your style.

1. Kaleidoscope Wallpaper

Bring your small bathroom to life with some kaleidoscope patterned wallpaper. It will add a fun element while making the space seem a little roomier.

2. Air Purifying Plants

Keep your bathroom feeling fresh with a small indoor plant. Opt for an air purifying or aromatic plant that does well in humidity.

3. Smart Organizers

A great way to keep a small bathroom tiddy is by using a few baskets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries. Place them in you bathroom’s cabinets or install a few hanging shelves.

4. High Hanging Shelves

In a small bathroom, making use of available wall space is essential. Use a corner or section of your walls to add a few shelves to place any toiletries or decorations.

5. Stylish Toilet Paper Holder

A standing, decorative toilet paper holder will take a minimal amount of space and double up as a decorative piece. For a pop of color, choose a roller in a contrasting shade to your bathroom’s color scheme.

6. Vintage Botanicals

Create an inviting space by incorporating a unique theme. A vintage botanical wallpaper and dark accents will give your bathroom a chic look.

7. Empty Counter Space

When dealing with limited counter space, leaving it free of clutter will help your bathroom look open and clean. Instead, opt for a couple of large baskets to hold any toiletries or linens .

8. Mexican Desert Theme

For a small, all white bathroom, add a bit of color with a fun shower curtain. This Mexican desert theme curtain, cactus and plush rug will make your bathroom a fun space to get ready in.

9. Mismatch Wall Art Gallery

Create a unique wall art gallery with mismatching frames and photos. Use a combination of quotes, images and illustrations to tell a story.

10. Dusty Blue Accents

Light colors like this soft, sky blue will add some freshness to your space. Paint your shelves, cabinets and even a few decor pieces for a cohesive look.

11. Metallic Embellishments

Gold, copper and neutral shades will always give any space a modern vibe. Include some geometric shapes and lines for a truly contemporary look.

12. Unique Framed Art

decorate small bathroom art shelf

Source: Lei Lester

Add an artistic touch with some unique framed art. Whether you purchase a piece from your favorite artist or create something yourself, it’s sure to make a fun decor piece.

13. Knitted Organizers

decorate small bathroom crochet basket

Source: Malloo

Fun textures can really make something as basic as an organizer look decorative. Knit some toiletry organizers for a piece that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

14. DIY Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars are great for organizing toiletries and products as well as holding a bouquet of your favorite blooms. Add a bit of color by making some DIY tinted mason jars.

15. Tall Narrow Cabinet

To create some extra storage space, find a nook where you can place some tall cabinets. Since you probably won’t need tons of storage space, a narrow cabinet will do the trick!

16. Unique Pattern Rug

Keep your decor simple and opt for a unique textile rug. We recommend going for something that complements your bathroom’s color scheme to keep the space looking put together all year.

17. Clashing Floors

Adding texture can also be done with the more permanent items of your bathroom. Combine hardwood floors with small hexagon tiles to create a unique floor design.

18. DIY Organizers

Brainstorm a few DIY organization ideas that work best with your decor and needs. For a youthful theme, something like these hanging buckets will look adorable and practical.

19. Minimal Chic

A minimalist theme will ensure your bathroom looks good every season. Add a gold hanging lamp and some seasonal florals for a quick yet chic look.

20. Rustic Shelves

Use the empty wall space above your toilet wisely by installing a few decorative, rustic shelves. Use them to hold toilet paper, towels and decor.

21. Modern Backsplash

A modern and neutral backsplash is perfect for those who want to add texture and dimension. Combine that with a large hanging mirror to complete the look and make your space feel bigger.

22. Vintage Vase And Bright Blooms

decorate small bathroom floral white

Source: Tuft & Trim

Place a vintage or distressed vase with a handful of some bright florals to liven up your counter space. Add a matching trinket tray and towels to bring it all together.

23. Spa Vibes

For the ultimate spa feel, organize your bath towels by rolling instead of folding. Select two to three colors to coordinate with the rest of your color scheme.

24. Over The Sink Shelves

These shelves make a great DIY project and are a space-saving technique for your small bathroom.

25. Hanging Baskets

A simple basket saves valuable counter space and holds items like a hair dryer and curling iron.

26. Makeup Shelves

A simple trio of shelves can help keep organize your beauty products and keep them off the counter. Use clear jars and baskets to arrange everything neatly so you can always find what you need.

27. Toilet Cove

This toilet cove shelf is an easy project that makes a great piece of decor and acts as a place to store extra items.

28. Door Towel Racks

Bathroom Decoration Idea

A small bathroom should utilize all the available space — for example, try hanging towels and robes on the back of the door door.

29. High Shelves

The higher the shelves the better. They will draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space.

30. Practical And Decorative Hooks

Hooks everywhere! Use them to hang towels, plugs or even flower pots.

31. Built-In Cubbies And Shelves

Built-in shelves are perfect for opening up the space of any bathroom. Keep them organized for a clean appearance and so you can always find what you need.

32. Vintage Pink Tile

Light, neutral color schemes create a calming atmosphere. Use a soft pink tile like this one for a vintage and relaxing feel.

33. Savvy Bathroom Vanity

This vanity features unique storage below, allowing for cleanliness above.

34. Small Toilet Cove Shelves

These toilet cove shelves are an easy project and makes a great place to store extra items or decor.

35. Wireframe Furniture

If you want to add furniture, make it wireframe so that it takes up less visual space.

36. Organized Towels

Use your towels as decor by opting for a single color and organizing them neatly on a shelf.

37. The Basics

When decorating, add only the basics. A vivid hand towel for a pop of color, a fun patterned rug and a hanging wall frame are all you need for a cohesive look.

38. Unique Shapes

Use uniquely shaped basics to double as decor, like a mirror or hanging lamp. Combine with a neutral or muted wall to make them stand out.

39. Bold Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to use bold wallpaper—especially if the rest of the room is white.

40. Dark Walls

Although dark walls can make a room seem a lot smaller, they can add a stylish flair. To balance out a dark accent wall, add a few wooden pieces and plants for a natural look.

41. Over The Toilet Prints

If you don’t need the space for storage, large art prints are a great choice around the toilet.

42. Oversized Art Print

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Evaru Design - Shutterfly

Source: Evaru Design

Choose a bold piece of art to create a focal point. Place it at the back wall of your bathroom to distract from the small space.

43. Bold Window Shade

If you are looking for some pops of color, try a flashy window shade. Go for fun patterns or a vivid color to complete the look.

44. Organized Vanity

This vanity has some storage space below to keep things out of the way. Keep it even more organized with baskets.

45. Optical Illusion Wallpaper

These long and lean tree prints on the wall draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of more vertical space.

46. Black And Yellow Decor

Bathroom Decoration Idea for home decor

Coordinate your colors through all aspects of the room. Apply a fun black and white pattern to your floors and combine with yellow decorative accents for a stylish space.

47. Small Sink

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Shutterfly - Shutterfly

Source: Shutterfly

If you have the option to change up your sink, opt for a smaller one. This will give you a bit more room and make your bathroom appear larger.

48. All White Tile

Bathroom Decoration Idea by 4 Men 1 Lady - Shutterfly

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

The color white is analogous to openness and cleanliness, something you want for your small bathroom.

49. Long And Narrow Sink

A long, horizontal sink is a great choice if your small bathroom is long and skinny.

50. Hacienda Style Walls

Unique wallpaper or tile patterns will give your small bathroom design a beautiful flair. Go for a chic black and white color scheme and add a few fun pops of color throughout your decor.

51. Themed Gallery Wall

No one says you can’t have a gallery wall in your bathroom. But be sure to keep it small and coordinated for a cohesive look.

52. White And Neutral Decor

If nothing else, go with an all white and clutter free style. It is the ultimate tactic to making a small bathroom feel larger.

53. Black And White Tile

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Simply Grove - Shutterfly

Source: Simply Grove

Juxtaposing white tile with dark flooring works great in a small space.

54. Hanging Planters

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Mocha Casa - Shutterfly

Source: Mocha Casa

Try adding plant life in the bathroom. If you hang it from the ceiling, it won’t take up valuable countertop or floor space.

55. Oversized Mirror

A mirror can become the focal point of a small room if everything else is white. Hang a large mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space.

56. Repurposed Baskets

Repurpose wicker baskets to add a storage option. Hang them sideways to make simple but cute shelves.

57. White Wooden Board

Unique floor patterns help open up a small bathroom. Make sure to measure the space beforehand so you can create a clean cut on the tile pattern.

58. Nautical Theme

Bathroom Decoration Idea by A Cup of Jo - Shutterfly

Source: A Cup of Jo

For this small apartment bathroom, the heating pipe was used as part of the decor. Choose a fun theme, and repurpose what’s available as your decor.

59. Farmhouse Style

Use one wooden wall to create a rustic farmhouse feel in a small room. All you need is a little paint and a few matching decorations.

60. Color Blocking

Newborn photo prints in nursery with colorful decor

By changing the style in the upper third of a wall, you can exaggerate height in the room. Split between to shades to make the illusion of space.

61. Slender Sink

A slender, horizontal sink saves space in a small bathroom. Use the extra space below to add storage.

62. Eye-Catching Shower Curtain

Don’t shy away from a bold shower curtain. It can define your small space and bring in an exciting focal point.

63. Ladder Towel Rack

Small, simple decorations are perfect for a small, simple bathroom. Use an old wodden ladder as your towel rack for a unique look.

64. Statement Orange Sink

Introduce statement colors in a unique way by incorporating then in your cabinetry, flooring and decor.

65. Wire Baskets For Storage

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Tidbits - Shutterfly

Source: Tidbits

Simple wire baskets make great under-the-sink storage when there’s no room elsewhere.

66. Small Planters

Add some plants in your bathroom. They will help liven the room by making it look fresh and open.

67. Under The Sink Laundry Bin

If there is no other place for the laundry bin, try under the sink. Use wicker baskets or drawers to efficiently use this space.

68. Muted Gray And Neutrals

Stick to neutral colors when decorating your bathroom. This will help it look polished and decluttered.

69. Track Lights

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Frazzled Joy - Shutterfly

Source: Frazzled Joy

Instead of having light pool in one particular portion of the room, use a track of smaller lights to direct the light where you need it most.

70. Tiny Wall Patterns

Versatile patterns can make all of the difference in a small space! Break up the tiling with a minuscule pattern on the wall and a larger, more open pattern on the floor.

71. Brick Style Floors

To accomplish a rustic-themed bathroom, consider introducing reclaimed wood, brick and black hardware to the space.

72. Contrasting Color Scheme

Suprisingly, going for a few contrasting colors can create unity and flow. Colors like blue and yellow will make your bathroom look bright and youthful.

73. Outdoorsy Vibe

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Source: Shutterfly

Bring the outdoors inside with a nature inspired shower curtain. A scenic shower curtain with mountains or a forest will add a unique and serene touch to your bathroom.

74. Teal Tile

Tiling can help open up a bathroom and break up the space. Make sure you consider where the tiles will start and finish so you can ensure there is a clean way to end the pattern.

75. Artistic Shower Curtain

Bathroom Decoration Idea by Shutterfly

Source: Shutterfly

Treat your shower curtain as a piece of art. This bathroom let’s the curtain do all the talking.

76. Tall Hanging Curtains

Bathroom Decoration Idea by The Butlers - Shutterfly

Source: The Butlers

If you have the luxury of a window, hang the curtain higher than the frame. This makes the window appear larger.