16 Easy Room Organization Ideas To Help Cut The Clutter

Are you ready to get your home neat and tidy but not sure where to start? From the kitchen to the office, the garage to the bedroom, you can turn every room in your house into an organized, welcoming space. No more overflowing drawers and cabinets in disarray — it’s time to make over the mess. We’ve compiled some of our favorite room organization ideas to help inspire you to declutter your home and get every room in your house in order.

1. Kitchen Utensil Rack

Keep all your kitchen tools in order and within reach with this handy utensil rack. Not only functional, this industrial country wire rack is also an attractive, simple and versatile way to organize the things you need most when you’re cooking.

2. A Nook For Books

bookshelves breakfast nook

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Make the most out of your breakfast nook wall space with shelves that can hold books, decor, plants and more. Both pretty and functional, wall shelves are a timeless design that will work with any decor.

3. Under The Sink

A place for everything and everything in its place. Keep your cabinet clutter to a minimum by installing storage racks on the inside of your cabinet doors. Next, keep everything in order by using storage bins and removable hooks. Then you’ll be ready to do a little spring cleaning.

4. An Orderly Office

desk office art

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A Harvard study proved that a tidy, well-organized office leads to a more productive day. Take your home office decor up a notch. Make use of hanging clipboards and a wire rack to keep your desk free from clutter and your workspace neat and clean.

5. A Perfect Pantry

Turn your cluttered kitchen pantry into an organized masterpiece. Make your pantry feel like it’s doubled in size by arranging everything in labeled glass jars, easy-to-reach wicker baskets and color-coordinated plastic bins.

6. Neat And Tidy

coat rack bench

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If your entryway or mudroom suffers from a lack of space or storage, this is the solution. A simple coat rack on the wall and a clean, narrow bench below will go a long way in getting coats and scarves up and organized.

7. Keys, Please

Keys can easily turn into a jumbled jingling mess. If that’s the case with your keys, check out this chic and modern way to organize them. Mount the simple wooden holder in your entryway for quick and easy access when you need them. No more frantically searching for your keys!

8. Screwdriver Storage

tools shelf hardware

Source: Fresh Crush

Wouldn’t it be nice to look for the screwdriver you need and find it right away? Using odds and ends supplies you probably have in your garage, you can put together this simple, yet extremely effective storage shelf to hold all your screwdrivers.

9. Pantry Perfection

Kitchens are notorious for being cluttered — especially when it comes to the pantry closet. But with a clear plan, your pantry can be put together and picture perfect. Use bins, turntables, canisters, baskets and drawers to give everything a place.

10. Think Outside The Jewelry Box

Is your jewelry box overflowing with a tangled web of chains? Think outside the box and organize your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings by using practical pegs and hooks. They’ll stay tangle-free and you can find what you’re looking for at a glance.

11. Tree Bookshelf

This unique bookshelf serves as a creative, easy access way to store books in a child’s bedroom or playroom. They are minimal in design and take up little valuable space. Add visual interest by color-coordinating the books.

12. After School Snack Station

snack shelf organizer

Source: Mom Advice

Keep your kids fueled and out of the kitchen with this smart bar cart stocked with after school snacks. Use metal pails with chalkboard labels to organize ready-to-grab munchies and stock the bottom of the cart with bottled drinks.

13. Bathroom Junk Drawer

It’s easy to accumulate lots of clutter in your bathroom drawers, but fortunately, it’s also easy to keep your drawer neat and tidy. Simple wood lathes and some glue are all you need to build a custom drawer insert that will keep all your goodies in order.

14. Modern Bathroom Caddy

This beautiful, modern bathroom caddy is big on function — perfect for a bathroom that’s low on storage. Make use of unused wall space and create this stylish and functional storage solution for your bathroom.

15. Organize Supplies

Here’s a lesson in keeping your child’s school supplies in order — build a wall locker. This space-saving wall caddy holds a backpack, notebooks and a chalkboard to remind you of upcoming due dates and field trips.

16. Color Coded

Style your bookshelf with this creative way to keep all your texts in order. Color coding your books keeps them looking clean and organized and also brings an interesting element of design to a room.

Your home is a reflection of your state of mind, so cut out the clutter! Keeping each room in your home neat, tidy and organized will keep your home looking great and help you stay stress-free.