24 Big Ideas for Small Entryways

We’ve sought out the 24 of the most inspired entryways to help you turn your small entryway into something that feels big. These foyers, mud rooms and entryways are designed to be classy, yet functional. It’s time to get excited about walking into the house!

Hide backpacks, bring coats into the open and modify that closet you never use into a seating area that all guests will enjoy. Whatever size entry you have can be modified into a gorgeous, open area with a minimum of work.

Take a look at these inspired ideas for easily refreshing your small or narrow entryway.

1. Woven Leather Bench

Creative custom furniture pieces, like this woven leather bench, make a memorable entry. There are thousands of materials you can use to create a personalized look that reflects your home’s personality.

2. Entryway Mirror

Even the smallest entry can benefit from a mirror. Even the smallest mirror gives guests and residents a place to check their appearance. Remember to provide an area to drop keys and other essentials, as they’ve done here with this small shelf.

3. Custom Photos

small entryway ideas custom photos

Source: Shutterfly

Take advantage of wooden beams by adding custom photos of the region. Canvas prints are also ideal for bringing new life to a plain wall.

4. Decoupage Transforms Furniture

Decoupage is a fast and easy way to transform any item. This classic technique uses small pieces of colored paper and other elements to create a fully-finished custom look. Learn how to decoupage chairs, tables and more.

5. Accentuate Throw Pillows

small entryway ideas throw pillows

Source: Shutterfly

Throw pillows are an easy way to brighten up a space. Create a whimsical custom design or use your personal photos to create throw pillows that will give any room a look that can’t be replicated.

6. Furniture Segments Rooms

When there is no entry, use furniture to make one. This is a brilliant way of breaking up space to turn one room into two rooms.

7. DIY Wall Hanging

small entryway ideas DIY wall hanging

Source: Shutterfly

Create a gallery wall hanging with your own photos. These are beautiful ways to bring life to a small entryway without taking up precious space.

8. Hanging Plants

Hanging indoor plants are ideal for adding a splash of color to a drab area. Place them near the door for natural light and add hat and coat hooks for rural living.

9. Weathered Rugs

small entryway ideas weathered rugs

Source: Love Lola

Unique weathered rugs and an antique mirror are simple ways to bring a classic design to any small entryway. The brushed gold highlights bring a posh look to a small space.

10. Repurpose a Closet

Don’t be afraid to repurpose a closet to expand a narrow entry. This mudroom takes on new life after adding an inset bench and blackboard wall.

11. Closet Makeover

A small entryway closet can be easily repurposed into a recessed bench seat with plenty of storage up top. This simple look is ideal for small cottages, and is a great way to add personality to a rustic decor.

12. Pastel Colors

small entryway ideas pastel colors 1x

Source: Lovely Etc

Switch out your fall decor for some pastel colors for spring. This lends a vintage feel to a cozy entryway. An antique mirror and old books can help set the theme for your home.

13. DIY Coat Rack

In cold, rainy regions, coat hooks are a must have item. This is a simple way to incorporate a DIY coat rack. Be sure to allow plenty of room for coats to dry out.

14. Switching Rugs

Try replacing an old rug for a completely new look. A simple change from bronze to gold fixtures can lighten up an entire entry.

15. Simple and Clean

small entryway ideas simple and clean

Source: Jordan Jean

When working with small entryways, simple and clean is the best rule to follow. White walls make this small space feel open and inviting. Coat hooks and a small bench give visitors a place to remove shoes, which tuck away nicely beneath the bench.

16. Entryway Wreath

A laurel wreath adds a splash of color to a small entryway. Don’t forget to add a shelf for incidentals and new lighting fixtures!

17. Custom Frames

small entryway ideas custom frames

Source: Shutterfly

Custom photography in classic frames are ideal for any tabletop. Bring new life into a small area with frames that match your personality.

18. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can help give the illusion of space. Replace outdated fixtures with new designs that help make a space pop.

19. Custom Lighting Fixtures

Changing out a lighting fixture can be a simple way to give a new look to an outdated entryway. Choose unique fixtures that match your personality and style.

20. Clever Coat Hooks

small entryway ideas clever coat hooks

Source: Shutterfly

Organize towels in a beach house with sturdy coat hooks. This gives them time to dry between use while reminding kids to grab them on the way out the door.

21. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns lend this small entryway a big feel. Combine a variety of patterns to help each element stand on its own.

22. Entryway Coat Hanger

Just a few feet of space affords plenty of room for a double hook coat hanger. Always keep your climate in mind when planning an entryway makeover — do you need space for many coats or just a few?

23. DIY Coat Rack

Coat racks add a casual look and plenty of room in a small entryway. Customize an inexpensive coat rack to create one that is the perfect style for your home.

24. DIY Pallet Console

This DIY pallet console table can be made in only a few hours and is the perfect addition to a small entryway that needs a little extra something.

Your entryway sets the tone for your entire home — it’s the first thing visitors see when entering and the last impression of your home they’ll have. Make even the smallest entry stand out with an updated look.