70 Relaxing Beach House Decor Ideas

Whether you dream of sailing the seven seas or love nothing more than relaxing at a tropical retreat, a beach house is the perfect place to showcase your love of the ocean. From nautical furnishings to tropical decor, there are tons of beach house decorating ideas. To help you plan your dream beach house, we’ve gathered 50 creative coastal decorating ideas.

Use the filters below to find beach house decor ideas that are perfect for you. With the help of these ideas, in no time at all you’ll be relaxing by the water at your lovely decorated beach house. Look for those coastal accents to add like custom fleece blankets, wooden frames and more by browsing our home decor.

70 Relaxing Beach House Decor Ideas

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For a lovely coffee table centerpiece, collect different types of seashells and place them in a large clamshell.

Photo Credit: Starfish Cottage Blog

To make an adorable wall decoration, use collected driftwood to make a seahorse. This seahorse will look perfect anywhere in your house.

Photo Credit: Creative in Chicago

The bold lettering is a beautiful addition to this coastal dresser. The whale bookend on top of the dresser also adds a nice seaside touch.

Photo Credit: House of Turquoise

The painting of swimming fish matches nicely with the coral decoration on the coffee table in this living room.

Photo Credit: Jessie Preza

Light up your beach house with candles in glass jars that are filled with shells and starfish.

Photo Credit: Song Bird Blog

If you’re looking for coastal decorating ideas for your shelves, take a look at this floating driftwood shelf that’s easy to assemble.

Photo Credit: Lotts and Lots

Take inspiration from sailors with this adorable ’Ahoy’ sign that features a clever life preserver mirror.

Photo Credit: Inspiration for Moms

Create a nautical wreath for your front door by wrapping blue and white striped fabric around a foam wreath form. Finish with some classic Jute cord and a wooden anchor.

Photo Credit: Making the World Cuter

For simple beach house decor ideas, try wrapping driftwood around white candles. You can also decorate with starfish.

Photo Credit: Shabby Art Boutique

Use a long piece of driftwood to create a lovely candle holder that will look perfect on your mantel or as a table centerpiece.

Photo Credit: Kim Power Style

This spool side table looks like it just came off of a ship. The distressed paint and rope help add to the nautical feel.

Photo Credit: Simple Stylings

A few pieces of decorative coral can make any dresser look more beachy. You can also pair the coral with colorful flowers.

Photo Credit: Savvy Southern Style

For a creative wall decoration for your beach house living room, try framing vintage bathing suits.

Photo Credit: Meredith McBrearty

To add a subtle nautical touch to your entryway, try using cute anchor coat hangers.

Photo Credit: Tim Furlong Jr.

This unique driftwood console will make any home feel like a seaside retreat. The glass top adds a modern element to the piece.

Photo Credit: Tim Williams Photography

If you’re looking for beach house decorating ideas for your bedroom, take a look at this lovely vintage lantern that contains a starfish.

Photo Credit: Jane Coslick Cottages

You can easily add a nautical touch to your living room by using a blue and white rug and hanging up illustrations of anchors and ships.

Photo Credit: It all Started with Paint

To create decorative pillows for your beach house, try sewing together old pairs of jeans in different shades of blue. Finish by painting on ’Beach’ in white.

Photo Credit: Remodelando la Casa

You’ll feel like you’re on a vintage ship as you look into this mirror decorated with nautical rope.

Photo Credit: Mountain Modern Life

For a rustic and lovely table centerpiece, fill ceramic dishes with shells, starfish and moss.

Photo Credit: My Romantic Home

Using all white furniture will make your beach house feel light and airy. For contrast, try using brown ottomans and gray pillows.

Photo Credit: Kate Holstein

Using metal wire, hot glue and brightly colored paint, you can make your own creative coral to display in your beach house.

Photo Credit: Ohoh Blog

Decorative pillows with coral, starfish and seahorse silhouettes are a simple way to add a nautical feel to your living room couch.

Photo Credit: Happily Island After

With a few simple table decorations, you can easily add a nautical touch to your living room. For inspiration, take a look at the cute seahorse and lantern on this table.

Photo Credit: Gina Cristine

Decorating with a vintage tray is a versatile and easy way to add seaside decor to any room.

Photo Credit: Confessions of a Serial Diyer

To give your room a seaside feel, try using different shades of blue in your living room decor and furnishings.

Photo Credit: Ashley Gilbreath

Kids and adults will both love swinging away on a hanging bench. To make the bench feel nautical, decorate with a life preserver and blue and red pillows.

Photo Credit: Mandi Tremayne

Try using maritime signal flags to spell out the names of your family members. For another nautical touch, place vintage oars around the flags.

Photo Credit: The Kim Six Fix

If you need coastal decorating ideas for your shelves, take a look at how these shelves incorporate colorful coral and ceramic sea creatures.

Photo Credit: The DIY Playbook

To create this whale of a coat rack, cut a whale outline out of wood, and then paint with nautical blue and white.

Photo Credit: Domestic Ingenuity

Add a nautical touch to your beach house bedroom by decorating your walls with a vintage life preserver and a starfish.

Photo Credit: Perfectly Imperfect

Illustrations of coral are a beautiful addition to any room in your beach house. They also look perfect paired with sea glass bottles.

Photo Credit: A House Full of Sunshine

Add a whimsical touch to your beach house bedroom by decorating with a lovely illustration of a mermaid.

Photo Credit: Nagwa Seif Interior Design

If you’re looking for a way to make your mantel more nautical, try decorating with vintage ships and lanterns.

Photo Credit: From my Front Porch to Yours

Adding simple starfish decorations to your dining room table will make the table fit in perfectly in your seaside retreat.

Photo Credit: From my Front Porch to Yours

Vintage oars are fun beach house décor ideas that can be used in tons of different ways. For a great example, check out how well these oars go with the wicker chair.

Photo Credit: Jessica Glynn Photography

Add a seaside element to your front door with this adorable shell, sand dollar and starfish wreath.

Photo Credit: Finding Silver Pennies

If you’re looking for a simple way to use more beachy decor in your house, try adding a few pieces of decorative coral to a shelf filled with family photos.

Photo Credit: Beach House in the City

Make your dining room table look seaworthy by decorating with distressed candleholders and a bright blue vase.

Photo Credit: Breezy Designs

To make a creative candleholder that will fit in perfectly in a beach house, glue together oyster shells of a similar size, and place a candle in the center.

Photo Credit: Simple Nature Decor

Using frosted glass paint, you can easily transform regular jars into beach glass. For an added nautical element, tie rope around the jars.

Photo Credit: Natasha LH

Pair jars painted to look like sea glass with antique books for a lovely vintage decor idea.

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Cottage

You can easily make your bathroom feel more beachy by using a few simple shell decorations and white wicker furniture.

Photo Credit: Judy Cook Interiors

Oysters are a great choice for your dining room, and not just for dinner - oysters shells also make a unique and creative dining room chandelier.

Photo Credit: Jones Design Company

Try decorating your sideboard with jars and wicker baskets that look both vintage and nautical.

Photo Credit: Blackband Design

If you’re looking for coastal decorating ideas for your bedroom, take inspiration from this lovely room featuring distressed wooden fixtures.

Photo Credit: Adore Your Place

Long blue drapes beautifully complement bright white armchairs. For a matching pop of color, use blue decorative pillows on your armchairs.

Photo Credit: Colleen Duffley Photography

Add brightness to your beach house’s guest bedroom by using colorful illustrations and turquoise paint. For contrast, pair the bright walls with a white bedspread.

Photo Credit: Vintage American Home

The creative octopus illustration adds a unique element to this coastal dining room. The matching blue and white chairs are also a lovely touch.

Photo Credit: Henderson Development and Design

Vintage oars are a great way to give your room a nautical look. To make the room cohesive, use accent pillows in colors that match the oars.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Decorates

Tie burlap rope around a vase to give it a nautical feel. Finish by hot gluing on a cute seashell.

Photo Credit: The Country Chic Cottage

Gather small pieces of driftwood and tie them together with burlap rope to make a lovely nautical vase.

Photo Credit: Simplicity in the South

A rope lamp makes any room feel like a cabin on a ship. You can also pair the lamp with a nautical table, like this mosaic piece.

Photo Credit: Marty’s Musings

Give your bathroom a rustic and nautical look by hanging up a driftwood mirror over your sink.

Photo Credit: Young House Love

Brightly colored pieces are great beach house décor ideas, like this beautiful blue cabinet and matching fish coat rack.

Photo Credit: Paint Me Pink

Use a few simple nautical pieces to give your bedroom a seaside feel, like a vintage trunk nightstand and a wooden wheel.

Photo Credit: Mignosis Home

Add a pop of color to an all-white room in your beach house with a bright painting of the ocean.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kraus Designs

Place flowers and a white candle in a tropical tray for a simple and beautiful piece of coffee table décor.

Photo Credit: Miss Frugal Fancy Pants

Make an easy and eye-catching DIY door decoration by arranging long pieces of driftwood into a starburst shape.

Photo Credit: Sadie Seasongoods

This living room expertly uses a starfish accent pillow and starfish coffee table décor to give the room a subtle tropical feel.

Photo Credit: Love of Home

Decorate your tropical beach house shelves with all different types of shells, from large pink conches to tiny white shells.

Photo Credit: Pure Joy Home

This kitchen’s unique wooden buoy light fixtures go perfectly with its tropical wicker chairs.

Photo Credit: CGI Design

Transform a bulletin board into the perfect beach house décor using shells and some driftwood.

Photo Credit: Craft-o-Maniac

Attach hooks to a vintage oar for a creative coat hanger that will fit in perfectly in your nautical beach house.

Photo Credit: The Picket Fence Projects

If you’re looking for a way to decorate a large blank wall, fill the space with fun tropical décor, like this swimming fish piece.

Photo Credit: Alicia Murphy Design

To make a wall decoration inspired by the sand and sea, glue blue and white glass gem marbles to a piece of tan paper.

Photo Credit: Rosyscription

If you’re looking for easy DIY beach house decoration ideas, try attaching shells to blue paper and framing them. Then, tie burlap string around the frame.

Photo Credit: An Extraordinary Day

Add a modern element to your beach house by hanging a geometric chandelier in your dining room. For a tropical touch, decorate the table with an elephant ear leaf.

Photo Credit: Sarah Stacey Design

Cheery yellow accent pillows, a large plant and a white coffee table and couch make every room feel brighter.

Photo Credit: Alicia Macias

A wooden sign featuring one of your favorite sailing quotes is a beautiful and inspirational addition to your bedroom.

Photo Credit: Brian and Kaylor