35 Makeup Room Ideas To Brighten Your Morning Routine

Whether you’re hastily putting on foundation for the day or perfecting your winged eyeliner for the night out, having your makeup organized and easily accessible is a necessity.

We’ve put together 35 ideas for your makeup room that are sure to accelerate your routine. Even a small change like adding decor or a blanket to warm your seat can make all the difference. This post has it all, from entire makeup rooms to vanities, organizers and decor. You may be inspired to completely remodel your bathroom or simply organize the plethora of palettes, brushes and tubes that clutter your space. Soon all of your friends will be vying for your makeup station.

1. DIY Lighted Mirror

If you don’t want to pay a premium for a simple lighted mirror, you can always make your own. Run some string lights around a standard mirror and feed the cord behind the desk. Let there be light!

2. Jewelry Stand

Not only is a jewelry stand visually pleasing, but it keeps all of your jewelry in one place. The next time you spend 10 minutes hunting down and untangling that one necklace, you’ll wish you had a stand.

3. Engraved Mason Jar

make up with mason jar

Source: Shutterfly

Mason jars can hold a variety of bathroom products from cotton balls, makeup sponges, toothbrushes and more. Engrave your mason jars with initials or quotes for additional glamour.

4. Modern & Retro

make up modern desk

Source: A New Bloom

This vanity will conveniently store your makeup without forcing you to sacrifice a third of your room. The modernity of the desk tied with the retro wooden legs create its own unique style. Hang a mirror and voilà!

5. Seat Warmer

make up room ideas pillow seat warmer

Source: A New Bloom

What do woven, wooden, leather, metallic or even plastic chairs have in common? They all get little chilly. Pop on a throw blanket and fun pillow to keep your seat warm and add to the look.

6. Drawers-a-Plenty

Turn any regular desk into a vanity with some extra storage. Essentially a dresser for your makeup, standing drawers can frame your desk and even be placed underneath. White furniture will brighten up your room and match any color.

7. Rustic & Sassy

A wooden vanity with pigeonhole compartments caters to your farmhouse and rustic vibe without straying away from your femininity. Spruce it up with some flowers and a fold out mirror.

8. Mix n’ Match

Innovate by using unconventional brush holders. Reuse an old glass or fill a funky jar with sand or beads to showcase your one-of-a-kind style. Throw in a furry chair or pillow for some extra flair.

9. Shelving Units

Shelves are a fast and easy way to clean up your space. Put one or two in your room and now there’s a place for everything from purses to perfume to trophies. Add some candles and glitter initials to give it your own personal touch.

10. Drawer Organization

Plastic organizers are perfect for cleaning up your makeup drawers. They are low-cost with a high reward. Organize your makeup by type, brand, color or however your heart desires.

11. DIY Shower Curtain

makeup room shower curtain

Source: Shutterfly

You can easily change the entire look of your bathroom simply with a new shower curtain. There’s no need to invest time and money in a complete remodel — you don’t even need to buy a new vanity. DIY your shower curtain to give your bathroom a fresh, unique feel.

12. Simple Elegance

For a graceful look, use a glass organizer with metal trim. It can store your precious jewelry pieces and serve as a beautiful ornament. Frame it with your perfume and delicate flowers and you’ll feel like royalty.

13. Acrylic Organizers

Acrylic organizers are so versatile because they can hold a variety of makeup. Their drawers and pigeonholes can hold eyeshadows and compacts while lip gloss, mascara and foundation can be placed on top. Personalize it with your monogram or sticker of choice.

14. Perfume Tray

make up room ideas accessory tray

Source: Liv’s Life

Nothing says high class like a perfume tray. A variety of trays can be bought from antique stores or flea markets to ensure originality. Flaunt your perfume collection and maybe even display some essential oils.

15. Repurpose Antiques

make up dresser desk

Source: Liv’s Life

Antique furniture has a special, intrinsic value whether you inherited it or bought it for a good deal. Sand it down, repaint it and screw on some stylish knobs for a look that is exclusively yours.

16. Large Wall Mirror

An intricate wall mirror will revitalize any makeup station. From your grandma’s antique mirror to a quick purchase at a home decor store, it’s sure to add grandeur to your makeup room.

17. Metallic Jewelry Stand

A jewelry stand can organize your adornments, but a chrome-plated stand has that elegant touch that your vanity needs. Pair it with flowers, perfumes or candles to liven your space even more.

18. Unique Containers

Think outside of the box for your jewelry storage. These adorable macaron cases are a sweet way to store your rings, earrings, bobby pins or even small hairbands. They remove your clutter, prevent losing small pieces and make for cute bathroom decor.

19. Vintage Mismatch

Ironically, the best look is sometimes one that doesn’t match at all. A vintage white desk coupled with a bronze-colored mirror is a showstopper. Throw in some recycled containers and you’ll have the funkiest vanity in town.

20. Motivation

Spruce up your makeup room with motivational quotes to help you get your day started. The best part is that they can be made out of anything and put anywhere — desk ornaments, wall decor and even little reminders stuck to your mirror!

21. Vintage Everything

Occasionally the best new thing is actually an old thing. Vintage, or at least vintage-looking, jewelry boxes and knobs are subtle pieces that sophisticate your space.

22. Custom Jewelry Tray

makeup room tray

Source: Shutterfly

Give your makeup station the ultimate personal flair with customized jewelry trays. Whether you DIY or order prints, these jewelry trays will be exclusively yours. Choose a picture of a loved one for extra inspiration to start your day.

23. DIY Vanity

A simple desk, wall mirror, mounted lights, organizers and a chair — that’s all you need to make your own vanity! Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to give up a paycheck for a nice makeup station.

24. Picture Perfect

Little square frames are usually available at your local craft store. Frame a small photo or famous logo for an aesthetic that will have you feeling like a fashion icon.

25. Throw Some (Lamp)shade

makeup room desk mirror

Source: Miss Crystal

A simple lamp or two can give your vanity that extra pizazz. For a unique style, mismatch the lamps or thrift them. Notice how the funky lamp on the bedside table is different than the other two lamps.

26. Fancy DIY Shelving

If you’re tired of your shelves looking too plain and drab, cheer them up with some decorative paper. Grab some floral or patterned craft paper and tack it down to your shelves. It’s easy and low-cost with a beautiful result.

27. DIY Ring Holder in One Minute

If you have old books lying around then this is for you. Fold chunks of pages in half, with the outside folding into the spine, creating a little loop. To finish, place your rings between each loop.

28. Glitter Galore

Why not trick out your vanity with glitter? If you can’t find glittery containers or mirrors, you can easily do-it-yourself. Get crafty with glitter glue, glitter paper and actual glitter to make your vanity sparkle.

29. Hollywood Glow

makeup room lights desk

Source: Neko Sonia

Purchase two or three stand-alone light fixtures to make your vanity fit for a professional makeup artist. It’s cheaper than a full-fledged makeup mirror, but yields the same result.

30. One-of-a-Kind DIY Vanity

Invent your own look by making a vanity from scratch. You can pick the wood, color, legs and overall style. Hairpin legs create a modern feel that juxtaposes the rustic wood.

31. Vanity Bridge

If you have two small dressers or nightstands, all you need are a couple planks of wood to create your perfect vanity. Use the planks to bridge your two pieces of furniture, but don’t forget to leave room for your chair.

32. Modern Swank

This swanky vanity is made of metal and glass. Its height, neutral decor and pop of color give it an elegance fit for a lady. If you want to upgrade your makeup area to have a more cultured look, consider glass.

33. Beauty and the Beast

A mirrored vanity will make you feel like you live in the Palace of Versailles. Its beauty is exquisite as it reflects natural light. Make it a fairytale by adding a cowhide or fur rug.

34. Rose Gold and Green

Garnish your vanity with flowers, succulents and small animal statues for a lush feel. Green pairs nicely with rose gold, but will accentuate any metallic colors. Metal baskets are also cute storage containers.

35. Recycle Plant Holders

Decorative plant holders can be used as makeup brush holders instead. Gone are the days of fumbling around in drawers for different brushes. They will be conveniently located and organized in one place.

Designing your makeup room isn’t as hard as you thought. There are so many ways to make it your own — buy new items, repurpose pieces or DIY your decor. You’ll be motivated to get ready in the morning with your new and improved vanity.