24 DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas To Inspire You (With Printables)

Your bedroom is a sacred space. It’s a room where you are able to rest and rejuvenate. Making the space comfortable and organized is important. Decorating it in a way that matches your style will make you feel more at home.

Transform your bedroom into your dream space with these 24 DIY bedroom decor ideas. Whether you are looking to revamp your furniture or just add some art to your walls, these tutorials will help you create a polished look.

To take your bedroom to the next level, begin with a specific theme in mind. Even small bedrooms can appear larger if you have a unified theme and strategic placement of your decor. From natural retreat to global glamour, these bedroom decor additions will tie the whole look together.

DIY Bedroom Wall Art Printables

An easy way to add a unique touch to your room is through the art you add to your walls. We’ve created printables that you can download and frame to use as bedroom decor.

photos hang above bed

Once you have our printables downloaded, browse our other DIY bedroom decor ideas so see what would compliment them in your room.

1. Rustic Wall Art

Add a rustic touch to your bedroom with wood and metal wall decor. Create a distressed wooden look by using layers of stain. Then, customize the piece by adding metal letters spelling out an uplifting phrase.

2. Two Toned Nightstand

A simple way to add texture to your furniture is by making it two-toned. Find an item, like a nightstand, and paint half of it in a contrasting color. This simple trick will give your room a chic touch.

3. Flower Letters

This quick DIY bedroom idea is a good fit for teen and adult rooms alike. Find large wooden letters that spell out your desired phrase and glue fake flowers on the top. Choose a color scheme for the flowers that match the space.

4. Photo Heart Collage

photos arranged in the shape of a heart

Source: Shutterfly

Photos liven up any room. Browse your library of photos and find ones that make you smile. Print them out and create a heart photo wall with them. This personalized decor would be a fun addition to a teen bedroom.

5. Blanket Hooks

blankets hang on hooks

Source: Shutterfly

The best bedroom decor is also functional. Try adding hooks to a wall in your room to hang blankets or towels. This will showcase their fun designs as well as keep them handy.

6. Truck Terrarium

toy truck with flowers in it

Source: Club Crafted

Get creative with the plant presentation in your room. Try creating a terrarium out of an old toy truck. Fill the truck bed with succulents and other indoor plants that don’t require too much upkeep.

7. Pressed Flowers

Want to add natural elements to your room, but don’t want to take care of a plant? Try pressing your favorite flowers and framing them. This simple homemade bedroom decoration idea has a very professional and polished look to it.

8. Personalized Photo Frame

framed photo with decorative pillow

Source: Shutterfly

If you are looking to add personality to your bedroom, try creating a personalized photo frame. Find a photo of your friends or family members and customize the border. For the final touch, add a text overlay that has their name or the date the photo was taken.

9. Driftwood Bedside Table

bedside table painted like driftwood

Source: DIY Beautify

Want your bedroom to feel like a beachside vacation? Try recreating this driftwood look on your nightstands. Accent the fake wood with knobs that are a blue hue to keep with the beach theme.

10. Pin Storage Banner

a banner hangs with pins atached

Source: DIY In PDX

Showcase all the fun pins or brooches you have by displaying them. This pin storage banner is easy to make and will add a unique element to your wall decor. You can also try displaying jewelry such as earrings on this banner as well.

11. Tassel Duvet

Looking to include some color in your bedroom? Perfect for teen bedroom decor, this tassel duvet adds a fun element to any space it’s in. Choose a variety of bright tassel colors or keep it consistent by using your favorite one.

12. Wooden Accents

bedroom with wooden accents

Source: Shutterfly

If you have several wooden accents in your bedroom, make them stand out by contrasting them with white. White bedding and cream toned photo frames will draw the eyes to the natural wood. Try keeping at least one bedroom wall white as well to capture more light in the room.

13. Crochet Cushion

Give your room a homey feel by adding a crochet accent pillow to your bed or chaise. A delicate touch, this pillow will leave the space feeling cozy. Use a neutral color for a clean, crisp look or add a pop of color by using brightly colored yarn.

14. Painted Dresser

dresser is painted white and brown

Source: Houseologie

Create a unique place to store your clothes by restoring an old dresser. Create depth by making it two-toned. Try a natural tone combined with a brighter color that will really stand out. Add a twist by replacing the original legs for hairpin ones.

15. Copper Garland

copper garland of moons hangs on the wall

Source: Jest Cafe

Add texture to your bedroom wall with a copper garland. Create shapes that mirror the phases of the moon to create a serene vibe. Tie the moon shapes together with twine for a more earthy feel.

16. Unique Accent Pillows

decorative pillows sit on the ground

Source: Shutterfly

The easiest way to quickly change the design of a bedroom is with accent pillows. Create your own pillow by choosing a fabric design or photo you want to be highlighted. Include a quote or keep it simple and let the patterns take the spotlight.

17. Wooden Cubbies

wooden storage cubbies hold materials

Source: Lily Ardor

Channel the carpenter in you by crafting these DIY built-in shelves. Shelves are affordable to make, and these wooden ones have a polished and expensive look t that will give your room a more elegant feel. The more storage you have in your bedroom, the better.

18. Detailed Dresser

Bring an old dresser to life with a new coat of paint. Add delicate patterns to a pastel color to create an antique feel. Try using a neutral tone so that you can add on to brighter decor pieces without it overwhelming the room.

19. Hanging Terrarium

plants hang against a blue wall

Source: Shutterfly

A fun twist to a terrarium, these DIY hanging plants are cute and easy to make. Find a plastic terrarium at your go-to craft store and fill it with a variety of air plants. Then, hang it with twine. If you decide to use a glass terrarium make sure to use more sturdy twine.

20. Lined Drawers

Add a creative element to your bedroom by lining your drawers with fun wallpaper. This will add color to the space and make them easier to clean out. Simply choose a pattern you like and cut it to fit the bottom of your dresser drawers.

21. Flamingo Sign

A quick and easy way to add a statement piece to a room is by creating a stenciled sign. Go to your local craft store and find a stencil that you like and a bright color. Stencil the bright design on a white background so it really stands out.

22. Duvet With Quotes

duvet with quote on it

Source: Shutterfly

You’re bed takes up a large part of your room. Make it stand out with a unique bedspread. Wake up every morning with some inspiration by adding your favorite quote to your duvet. This personalized bedding will become the focal point of your room.

23. Hanging Closet

Storage is key, especially in a smaller space. Showcase all your beautiful clothes with a hanging closet. Tie twine to a long branch for a natural looking hanging closet.

24. Wall Plants

plants hang on the wall

Source: Shutterfly

For a more modern look, try hanging your planter boxes on the wall. Find square pots and paint them fun colors. Then, nail them to the wall at angles. Make sure you fill them last so it doesn’t make a mess.