Decor includes anything that gives a room more style or ambiance. It can include decorations like wall decor and tabletop decor as well as home furnishings. Decor can be used indoors or outdoors and include themes set by style, color, shapes, and more. Some popular decor items for the home include picture frames, table centerpieces, throw pillows and curtains.

Home Decor by Room and Area

Your home decor can include a specific theme throughout the home, or you can be creative and use a different decor style in each room. Certain styles and types of decorations work better for certain rooms and spaces throughout the home. For instance, you wouldn’t hang a picture frame on your outdoor deck, but you could put up a metal print that would look great and last outside.

Bathroom Decor

For bathroom decor, many people like to keep the design clean and simple. Since your bathroom space is usually one of the smallest areas in your home, it just needs a few pieces of wall decor and potentially some tabletop decor on the bathroom counter. Some great bathroom decor themes include ocean or watercolor since they play on all the bathing and getting ready that we do in the bathroom.

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decor varies depending on age and style. For younger children and teens, their bedroom decor might just include some of their favorite poster prints along with bold, bright colors. For college kids, dorm decor is usually all about displaying photo prints in fun, creative ways to commemorate their friends and favorite memories. For adults, bedroom decor might include elegant art prints and bookshelves to hold their favorite books.

Living Room Decor

For living room decor, you may have more space to show off tabletop decor on your coffee table or fireplace mantel. Coffee table decor usually includes coffee table books or photo books and flower vases. For the fireplace, you can set up personalized photo frames with family portraits. In the living room, you probably also have more space for wall art. Some popular ideas might include putting up a gallery wall with a mix of personal photos and artwork.

Outdoor and Garden Decor

Outdoor decor is unique because it needs to be durable. Unlike some home decor like blankets and throw pillows, nearly all outdoor decor is just for aesthetic purposes and isn’t functional. When it comes to outdoor wall decor, you’ll need to put up materials that can last different types of weather, even if the wall art will be covered. Metal wall decor is a great choice and you can easily take care of it by wiping it clean. For your garden, fun garden signs can help add personality, and you can also plan to swap them out for different holidays and occasions.

Office Decor

We may not always think about our offices as laces to decorate, but they can be one of the most important spaces for decor. With all the time we spend in the office, beautiful decorations can help make it feel more relaxing, yet productive and organized. Some office decor ideas including customizing office products like calendars, notebooks, and stationery. A desktop calendar can be functional and double as personal decor for your desk. You can easily liven up an office as well with multi-panel wall art that looks great and shows a panoramic view.

Everyone has their own preferences and design style, but there are several popular themes that people can easily choose from. Farmhouse decor, or rustic decor, includes styles like reclaimed wood and wrought iron, which gives an old-timey feel that’s also casual and classic. Other popular styles include boho decor and beach decor, which are slightly similar. Bohemian decor is very laid back and incorporates natural textures like woven rugs, canvas, and jute. Boho decor can also be very colorful. Beach decor includes many of the same textures as boho, but it can be more tropical and vibrant. 

If you’re looking to revamp your decor throughout the year, you can also follow styles based on seasons and holidays. Fall decor might include warm colors like orange and red, and you can decorate with Halloween decor as well for one of the most popular fall holidays. For the winter, incorporate more blues and whites and refresh your space with Christmas decor as well.

Creating Custom Decor

Creating custom decor can be one of the best choices to make sure you’re matching the rest of your home interior. Personalized wall art might include your own photos as well as unique engravings and messages in picture frames. With decor, it’s all about what you think looks best and makes your family or guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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