Using wallpaper throughout your home is an excellent way to make any room or piece of furniture look amazing. If you wish to brighten up a colorless room, a good wallpaper design can really do the trick. Some of the best wallpaper designs can be found right in our catalog where you can choose any pattern or print you love. Once you choose a design that speaks to you, decorate your space using inspiration from your very own home decor in addition to the wallpaper design itself. There are so many ways you can bring a room to life using a little bit of imagination. Friends, family, and guests who visit your home will be wowed by your interior decorating skills and will be inspired to design their own homes with custom wallpaper.

The Best Wallpaper Designs for Your Home

When you want to spruce up a certain room in your home, finding the right wallpaper design to choose from can be an exciting process. With so many ways to decorate your walls and furniture, the options are endless as to how you can decorate your home. At Shutterfly, we offer a large array of independent artist made wallpaper designs to match your personality and taste to help you express who you are. Whether you add an accent wall to your living room to add a splash of color, or choose a fun design from our catalog to decorate your son or daughter’s bedroom, you can use wallpaper anywhere to make a statement.

White and yellow botanical wallpaper featuring a gray couch with personalized pillows

Order Sample Swatches to Test New Wallpaper Designs

If you’re feeling indecisive about which wallpaper design to choose, you can always order a sample test swatch first. Our swatches come in a 2’x1’ size so you can conveniently use them in different areas of your home to see what looks best. When you order our sample swatches, you don’t have to immediately commit to a design if you’re not absolutely crazy about it. Additionally, our swatches can serve as great inspiration if you’re looking to decorate a room.

Match Your Wallpaper With Personalized Home Decor

When you need further inspiration on how to decorate a space, look no further than your very own home decor. Make choosing from our wallpaper designs a simple and easy process by first studying the objects in your room. From there, you can really get to know your style and come up with an overall theme. Whichever theme you decide fits your personality and taste best, you can decorate either your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom to name a few places.

Your kitchen is the main room where you and your family dine so frequently which gives you an even better reason to make this space even more enjoyable to be in. Choose to design your kitchen with one of our farmhouse themed wallpaper, and consider matching your place settings with it. We have a beautiful selection of light-colored floral and watercolor prints to brighten up your kitchen. Then, personalize your table runner or cloth napkins to contrast the wallpaper to bring the entire room together.

As with the kitchen, use the same design technique as an opportunity to decorate your bathroom. Browse and choose from one or more of our stunning coastal themed wallpaper designs with soothing blue hues and sea creature inspired prints. Once you pick a design, take a favorite family trip photo from the beach and upload it onto one of our tea towels to capture your overall theme. Friends, family, and guests will enjoy the relaxing aura of the room as they relieve and freshen themselves up.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you’re someone who loves to pay attention to detail, then peel and stick wallpaper may be for you. Choose your favorite print from our catalog, and design the inside of your kitchen cabinet and bedroom dresser drawers for a fun, added pop of color to display your drinkware or dishes. Then, apply peel and stick wallpaper to your wall. To install, make sure you have a friend or family member help you. Start from the corner of your wall and smooth the wallpaper down. If needed, you can simply remove and rearrange your wallpaper accordingly as it is self-adhesive. It is highly recommended that you do not apply removable wallpaper to textured walls or painted walls that can be scrubbed.

Use Removable Wallpaper to Switch Up Your Design

If you like to experiment with different colors and prints when it comes to decorating, then consider using removable wallpaper to change things up every once in a while. Removable wallpaper allows you to conveniently take down your wallpaper when you’re bored of the design and ready to choose a new one. A great feature about this wallpaper is that it’s recyclable if you’re environmentally conscious in addition to its easy installation process. Because the wallpaper is water-activated, you’ll need to take a damp sponge or cloth to ensure it sticks completely to the surface you’re applying it to. As with peel and stick wallpaper, it is highly recommended that you do not apply removable wallpaper to textured walls or painted walls that can be scrubbed.

Once you choose your next new favorite wallpaper, carefully install the new one as described above, and watch a brand-new room come together. Always be mindful when applying or taking wallpaper of any kind down. Make sure to clear your space of anything that could potentially damage your wall or furniture, and, if you need help, grab a friend or family member to make the installation process easy and safe.

Express Yourself With Custom Wallpaper Designs

With countless wallpaper designs to choose from at Shutterfly, it’s easier than ever to decorate when you’re able to do so with your own personal taste in mind. Whether you choose from our botanical, modern, or playroom themed designs, you can guarantee we have the right wallpaper to suit you and your decorating needs. Being that our wallpaper is made by independent artists, we make sure to go the extra mile in providing the best wallpaper designs that speak to your uniqueness as an individual and personal story.

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