50+ Creative Wedding Theme Ideas

When you and your partner are planning your dream wedding, one of the first big decisions you’ll make is your theme. Your wedding theme is a good chance to bring your unique style and personality into your wedding. Deciding on a theme will also help you choose everything from your décor to your menu.

If you’re looking for the perfect theme for your wedding, this list of 50 creative wedding theme ideas will help you. These ideas will help you put together a beautiful wedding filled with imaginative details.

1. Romantic Garden

If you love the great outdoors, consider having your wedding in a romantic garden. Take inspiration from this couple, who held their wedding in a garden filled with colorful wildflowers. To fit their theme, the bride also wore a dress embellished with lacy flowers, and the groom wore a calla lily boutonniere.

2. Step Right Up

Turn your wedding into an old-timey carnival by offering carnival games for your guests to play and serving classic carnival treats, like popcorn and cotton candy. Continue the fun by using vintage signs throughout your reception and brightly colored floral displays.

3. Woodland Creatures

A woodland theme is a fun rustic wedding idea. Fill your wedding with DIY pieces, like tree branch table runners that are surrounded by moss and wildflowers. For a pop of color, place gold animal figurines in the table runners, and use these figurines to hold up your place cards.

4. Vintage Travel

travel themed wedding

Source: Laura DeMars

Antique suitcases and globes are a great décor choice for a travel-themed wedding. Use these pieces as part of your centerpieces and as décor on your guestbook table. You can even have a vintage suitcase-shaped cake and name your seating chart after cities you’ve traveled to together.

5. Trip to the Tropics

Take your guests on a tropical vacation by decorating your wedding with tropical flowers, flamingos, and palm trees. Use bright, bold colors in your décor and on your wedding cake, and consider giving out personalized sunglasses as favors.

6. Willkommen to Oktoberfest

Transport your guests to Oktoberfest by serving Bavarian pretzels, heart-shaped lebkuchen cookies, and German beer in steins. To keep with the Oktoberfest theme, consider going for a blue, white, and yellow color scheme.

7. Lights, Camera, Action

bride and groom in movie theater

Source: Bernadette Pollard

For film-loving couples, a movie theater is the perfect wedding venue. This couple held their ceremony in front of a movie theater screen, and at their reception, they had a concession stand filled with candy.

8. Apple of my Eye

Get your guests into the fall spirit with an apple-themed wedding. Feature apples in your menu and in your signature cocktail, and use apples as part of your centerpiece. For your favor, offer a sweet apple treat, like candy or caramel-covered apples.

9. Mardi Gras

If you’re looking for festive wedding reception theme ideas, a Mardi Gras wedding is perfect for you. Use elaborate masks and beaded necklaces in your décor, and go for a purple, green, and gold color scheme. At the end of your reception, give guests elegant masks to take home.

10. Whimsical Animals

Let out your wild side with a whimsical animal theme. Use animal figurines in your décor, and provide your guests with adorable animal masks to wear during the reception.

11. Ski Lodge

With a few cozy, rustic details, you can make your wedding feel like it’s taking place in a ski lodge in the Alps. Include illustrations of skis on your wedding stationery suite, and decorate your wedding’s walls with antique skis. This winter wedding idea is a good choice for anyone who loves hitting the slopes.

12. Vintage Typewriter

This couple chose to go for a “something old” theme at their wedding. They had vintage details throughout the reception, including a typewriter on their guestbook table and centerpieces with black-and-white photographs and birdcages.

13. Berry Sweet

A berry theme is a sweet summer wedding idea. Fill your centerpieces with ripe berries, and pair them with flowers in complementary colors. For dessert, serve pies in a wide variety of berry flavors, and decorate your cake with berries.

14. Vintage Circus

Invite your guests under the big top tent for a vintage circus-themed wedding filled with eclectic details. Use a circus tent’s classic red and white stripes as the base of your color scheme, and include these colors in your floral displays. For added circus fun, offer a popcorn snack bar with different flavors of popcorn.

15. Boho Chic Country Wedding

At this outdoor wedding, the bride and groom made most of their décor themselves. For their photo booth, they put together a lovely display that included an antique couch, rustic Mason jar floral displays, and a colorful ribbon banner.

16. Down the Rabbit Hole

“Alice in Wonderland” is full of whimsical and creative details that you can incorporate into your wedding reception. Pay homage to the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit by including antique tea cups and clocks in your décor, and adorn your appetizers and drinks with ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels. For your place cards, try using vintage playing cards.

17. Desert Chic

Add a desert chic feel to your wedding reception by decorating with terracotta bowls and centerpieces featuring a mixture of bright flowers, cactuses, and succulents. Bring your theme into your wedding stationery suite by including illustrations of cactuses and succulents.

18. Spirit of Adventure

This adventurous couple showed their love of travel in every aspect of their wedding. They used antique suitcases and globes in their décor, and they had postcards in their centerpieces. Plus, they had guests throw paper airplanes during the recessional.

19. Off to See the Wizard

Use the Emerald City as the inspiration for your “Wizard of Oz” themed wedding, and include emerald accents in everything from your décor to your cake. You can also add other homages to the “Wizard of Oz” in your décor, such as miniature hot air balloons or antique bicycle centerpieces. Complete the Oz look by wearing a pair of ruby red high heels.

20. Fly Away

For a lovely bird themed wedding, go for delicate nest place cards with the table number written on an egg, and decorate your tables with ceramic birds and paper cranes. For your wedding favor, consider giving guests bags of bird seed.

21. Action Figures

When you’re putting together your wedding details, don’t forget about your place cards. This couple creatively used their favorite action figures as part of their place cards. They also used these toys to hold up signs throughout their wedding.

22. Camping Celebration

If you’re planning on having a small wedding, try going for a nontraditional venue, like a campground. Decorate with wooden pieces and wildflowers that match the feel of your rustic venue. For dessert, light a bonfire and invite guests to make their own s’mores.

23. Desert Trailer Palace

If you’re looking for outdoor wedding theme ideas, check out this desert trailer park wedding. The couple said their vows at an altar attached to a trailer, and their reception was held outside next to the trailer park’s pool. For their lighting, the couple went with Edison lights the perfectly fit their venue.

24. Cherry Blossoms

A cherry blossom themed wedding is a beautiful spring wedding idea. Use these pink and white flowers in your centerpieces, and decorate your cake with delicate blossoms. You can even weave cherry blossoms into your bouquet and use them in your hairpiece.

25. Seaside Celebration

beach wedding decor

Source: Kelly Kollar

To match their seaside venue, this couple chose to have an ocean theme at their wedding. The couple had creative driftwood place cards, and they used a surfboard as their guest book.

26. Wild West

Bring a Wild West feel to your wedding by using hay bales as seating, cowboy hats as the base of your centerpieces, and a snack bar made with rustic barrels. For your place cards, try attaching the cards to metal horseshoes.

27. Roaring ‘20s

The Roaring ‘20s is a great theme idea for anyone who loves the style and aesthetic of the Jazz Age. Take inspiration from this Jazz Age wedding, which featured art deco invitations and a gilded gold cake. The bride and bridesmaids’ flapper-style dresses were the perfect finishing touch.

28. Monochrome Wedding

Go bold with a monochrome color palette. Pair black table runners with bright white centerpieces, and use these two colors to create a striking cake. Bring these colors into your bouquet by tying white flowers together with a black ribbon.

29. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings themed wedding

Source: Laura DeMars

This couple found tons of creative ways to incorporate their “Lord of the Rings” theme into their wedding. They included maps of Middle Earth in their centerpieces, and they topped their cake with the famous White Tree of Gondor. Plus, the bride wore a stunning elf-like headband.

30. Superheroes Assemble

Superheroes is a unique wedding theme that’s easy to customize for your big day. Go for a wedding color combination that’s inspired by your favorite superhero’s uniform, and include these colors in everything from your bouquet to your décor. Plus, consider including superhero figurines in your groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

31. Farm-Fresh Celebration

If you’re an animal lover, a farm-themed wedding could be a good choice for you. Take inspiration from this couple, who had their ceremony and reception at a farm and had a llama as their guest of honor.

32. Pumpkin Patch

If you’re looking for fun fall wedding ideas, try throwing a pumpkin-themed wedding. Line the aisle at your ceremony with pumpkins, and feature small, painted pumpkins as part of your table centerpieces. For dessert, be sure to offer some pumpkin-flavored treats, such as classic pumpkin pie.

33. Literary Love

Show your love for reading by including books in your centerpieces and giving away some of your favorite books as wedding favors. You can also bring your theme into your bouquet by including roses made out of book pages.

34. Ticking Timepieces

vintage clocks as seating chart

Source: Laura DeMars

If you’re a collector, consider using the items you collect as part of your wedding reception. This couple collects timepieces, and so they creatively used them for their place cards. They continued with their time theme by including antique clocks in their centerpieces.

35. Midcentury Modern

If you’re a fan of the midcentury modern style, bring this style into your wedding by featuring retro 1950s and ‘60s radios in your centerpieces and stationery with a bold blue, pink, and orange color scheme. To include more ’50s-style pieces, use Eames chairs at your reception and ceremony.

36. Bright Sunflowers

A sunflower theme is a bright, cheerful summer wedding idea. Include sunflowers in your floral displays and bouquet, and decorate your wedding cake with these sunny flowers. You can also have your bridesmaids wear dresses with a sunflower pattern, and offer packets of sunflower seeds as favors.

37. The Big Bang Theory

From their beaker and test tube flower arrangements to their geometric cake, this couple incorporated their “Big Bang Theory” theme into every aspect of their wedding. For their favors, the couple gave out Jacob’s ladder toys, and they had the show’s famous “bazinga” catchphrase on some of their signs.

38. Under the Sea

Go under the sea with a beautiful mermaid wedding theme that features a pastel color scheme and tables decorated with seashells and pieces of coral. To bring your theme into florals, use fishing net to tie your bouquets and boutonnieres together.

39. Sailor Moon

Don’t be afraid to pair two themes together, like this couple did with their unique “Sailor Moon” and art deco wedding. The bride and her bridesmaids carried “Sailor Moon” style wands instead of bouquets, and they included symbols from the show on all their signs and place cards.

40. Ancient Greece

With a few gold and white details, you can make your guests feel like they’ve gone all the way back to Ancient Greece. For your bridal ensemble, consider wearing a gold leaf headband and carrying a bouquet with white flowers. Bring your theme into your tablescape by using white plates with gold accents and decorating with marble head busts and vases.

41. Magical Forest

This whimsical wedding took place at a woodland venue, and the couple used the forest around them as inspiration for their décor. Their altar was surrounded by pastel-colored fabric, and they used giant paper flowers and beeswax candles in their reception décor.

42. Snow White

If you’re a fairytale fan, Snow White is a good wedding theme idea for you. Pay homage to the story’s forest setting by including rustic décor featuring moss and tree branches. For your place cards, consider using red apples with your guests’ names written on them in gold.

43. Mexican Fiesta

This south of the border-inspired wedding featured centerpieces with pinatas, colorful blankets, and cactuses. They also had a taco truck, and they used tropical flowers throughout their décor.

44. Honey Bee

Your guests will be buzzing with excitement when they see all the details at your bee-themed wedding. Include delicate bee illustrations on your wedding invitations, and decorate your wedding cake with a honeycomb pattern and golden bees. Also, be sure to include honey throughout your celebration—serve some sweet honey-flavored treats, and give out jars of local honey as favors.

45. Good Morning, San Diego

For a creative wedding theme idea, try using your favorite movie as your theme. This couple chose to use “Anchorman,” and they cleverly included cutouts of Ron Burgundy’s head in their centerpieces. They also gave their guests Ron Burgundy-style mustaches to wear.

46. Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s iconic novels are a wonderful romantic wedding theme idea. Include some of your favorite Jane Austen quotes on your wedding signs, and use her novels as part of your wedding décor. For the color scheme, go for a classic regency blue and white.

47. Written in the Stars

Fill your wedding with celestial details, like a photo booth with an intergalactic backdrop, menus with a star pattern, and moon-shaped place cards. To add an interstellar feel to your wedding cake, consider decorating a black wedding cake with pops of silver and gold.

48. Vintage Photographs

Vintage family photographs are a wonderful addition to a reception, and you can incorporate these photographs into many different parts of your décor. Hang up a few photos around your wedding, and place framed photos on your tables. You can also consider including some family heirlooms in your décor.

49. Back to School

Take your guests back to school with a classroom-themed wedding. Use chalkboards to display your table numbers, and attach your place cards to number two pencils. For your guest book, go for a classic composition notebook.

50. Ready Player One

Incorporate your favorite video games into your wedding by featuring the games in your décor. This couple used D20 dice and spaceships in their centerpieces, and they also had a creative Minecraft cake.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding style, begin searching for venues that fit your theme. Then, start looking for designers who will bring your vision to life and wedding photographers who will capture all of the magical moments during your wedding day.