15 Unexpected Wedding Guest Book Ideas

While a classic and traditional wedding guest book serves the purpose of archiving the guests in attendance, we’ve found that it can be presented as something so much more than just a pen and paper. Much like coming up with a theme for the wedding, personalizing these details can make your day extra special and be enjoyed for years to come.

We’ve rounded up 15 wedding guest book ideas to help ignite your inner creativity. You will discover ideas that break the ice so that the guests start moving and mingling at the start of a reception, while others are meant to become valued pieces of art for your home or designated mementos to be opened on an anniversary. See all the ideas below and don’t forget to commemorate your big day with your own wedding photo album or book.

1. Quilt

Quilt Guest Book

Take a look at this quilt guest book idea if you’re looking for a warm way to keep memories of your special day, no matter how many guests you have in attendance. For best results, use high quality quilters cotton and have guest sign it with permanent fabric pens. Afterward assemble it with natural batting and clear nylon thread so that the message can always be read. Cherish your personalized quilt during warm nights on the couch, an afternoon picnic or for a fun tailgate.

2. Engagement Photo Book

Engagement Photo Book Guest Book

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Using your favorite engagement photos, gather them in a creative photo album for guests to sign on your wedding day. If you didn’t do an engagement shoot, use your favorite photos taken by you and friends while you were dating. With plenty of pages dedicated to sentimental notes and well wishes, this photo book is a perfect way to commemorate your special day.

3. Pin A Vacation On The Map

For the couple that loves to travel, using a map is a fun idea for a wedding guest book. Have loved ones pin a location on a map with a special note about why they should add this spot to their bucket list. Next time you’re budgeting for a getaway, you can turn to your map for inspiration. You can even pick up the phone and ask your friend or family member for suggestions on their favorite attractions!

4. Oar

Any wedding near the ocean or with a coastal theme can use this oar guestbook idea. Using permanent markers, guests can leave their signatures and well wishes. Then after the wedding, the oar will serve as a unique piece of wall art. Having it in plain sight will serve as a reminder that both life and love are meant to be a pleasant journey.

5. Piñata

For those seeking an extremely unique guest book at their wedding, try creating a piñata. Ask wedding guests to leave special notes or jokes and place them inside the piñata. Then, when you break it open on your one year wedding anniversary, you’ll be reminded of your amazing wedding day. Fun on the outside and sweet on the inside!

6. Date Jar

A really unique DIY guest book idea is this simple date jar. Guests can write out their best date night ideas for the happy couple and place them in a jar for later. Each is written on different colored sheets of paper based on the cost of the date. Keeping date ideas fresh and fun will contribute to keeping the spark alive, even after the honeymoon.

7. Wine Box

This couple decided to use a special wooden wine box as a guest book for their wedding. Using metallic permanent markers, guests were able to leave a custom note along with their signature. The wine inside the box was intended to be opened on your one-year wedding anniversary. A quality wooden wine box will last for many years and can later be used as a place to hold photos, jewelry and other special items.

8. Wine Bottle

For the foodie bride and groom, consider gathering four favorite bottles of wine to be signed by guests. Include a tag on each bottle that specifies which anniversary it is being saved for. So when one of the bottles is opened, it’ll serve as a special moment to reflect on your journey together.

9. Typewriter

Any couple planning a vintage themed wedding will love this throwback idea. Use an old typewriter for your guests to type out a personalized message upon arrival. Much like Frank Sinatra music or a Great Gatsby themed cocktail party, the classic ideas rarely go out of style.

10. Mad Libs

This alternative wedding guest book idea can be described as (fill in the blank). Creating a customized Mad Libs sheet can be a fun way for guests to sign in and it’s guaranteed for some good laughs when the couple reads them afterwards. Pick out your favorite and post it on the fridge so that every morning you can start the day off with a smile and a sweet memory.

11. Tip Jar

This punny couple asked their guests to get a little “tipsy” at their wedding in the form of having them share their advice for a happy marriage in their tip jar guest book. With just blank manila tags and a mason jar, this idea is also relatively easy to set up. It’s also the perfect size so that the bride and groom can pick out their favorite and put it in their wallet, so that they refer back to a certain sentiment at any moment.

12. Blown Up Engagement Photo

It’s important to have symbols of love that are big and bold throughout your home. This couple decided to get one of their engagement photos scaled up to a standard poster size, so that their guests could sign in at their wedding. Your engagement photo will inevitably be a daily reminder of all the wonderful reasons you chose to spend your lives together.

13. Home State Poster

If you come from different parts of the country, have a poster made with the outline of your home states to be used as your wedding guest book. Instead of a pen and paper, guests can use markers and sign their names directly on the poster. While building your new life together, it’ll serve as a helpful reminder of your roots.

14. Constellations

For a guest book that is out of this world, consider this unique constellation idea for your wedding. You will be thanking your lucky stars after your guests connect the dots and name their own constellations with you in mind. It may even become a fun tradition on a clear night to go star-gazing while trying to pick out which stars make up the constellations your guests created!

15. Mini Easels

Going along with its rustic theme, this alternative, DIY wedding guest book idea used mini easels. While at the dinner table, each guest was able to express their creativity by including their own drawings or by leaving a sweet, short message. Chances are you will end up with some inside jokes from your humorous friends.

16. Giant Photo Strips

When it comes to your wedding guest book, you may want to consider where it will end up after the wedding. If you want it readily on display to enjoy for years to come, consider getting giant photo strips made for your guests to sign with a special note. This is an idea can even be carried on as a annual tradition after the marriage by making more strips for vacations, holiday photos, or birthdays.

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