14 Unique Bridal Shower Guest Book Ideas

If you’re a maid of honor or a bridesmaid looking for some creative and alternative bridal shower guest book ideas then you’ve come to the right page. Planning for an event like this is a true labor of love, so every extra personalized detail counts. It can serve as the ideal platform to demonstrate your love and support for the bride-to-be before she really gets into wedding mode and subsequently married life.

After you send out the bridal shower invitations, you’ll want to have a fun memento so you can remember those who attended. We’ve collected 13 bridal shower guest book ideas that are all but guaranteed to start your event off in a personalized way, by transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Don’t forget to collect your favorite memories from the day in a bridal shower photo book to gift to the bride.

1. Apron

This bridal party decided to use a white apron as their bridal shower guest book. With fabric markers they were able to write cute, fun notes for the bride-to-be to show their love and support. With each food stain from cooking in the kitchen, or a splash of paint during an art project, this apron will continue to build character every time it is used.

2. Decanter

Decanter Guest Book

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Signing a glass wine decanter can be a creative guest book idea for all the wine aficionados out there. The memory of the event combined with the wine makes for a deliciously, smooth taste that will please the taste buds for years to come.

3. Mugs

The future bride at this shower absolutely loved traveling and coffee so her friends decided to have a cafe theme. They asked the guests to sign coffee mugs as their guest book so she could be fueled and inspired by their thoughts for years to come. What better way to freshen up for the day than with a hot cup of coffee and a side of heartfelt memories?

4. Canvas Painting

Have your guests show their artistic side by signing into the shower by painting on a canvas. Allowing your loved ones to express themselves in this creative way can spread an inspiring sentiment. It’s also a fantastic art piece to have in their home thereafter.

5. Heart Slider Tray

This alternative bridal shower idea includes having your guests sign heart-shaped wood chips and then dropping them into a shadow box. If you plan to create this idea at home, parts include a backer board, some molding and a piece of plexiglass. Shake up the board to reveal different names that were covered up, which can act as a reminder that a phone call to that special friend is in order!

6. Log Slice

At your next DIY themed bridal shower, consider using a log slice as a guest book. This future bride decided to be sustainable and go green by using some of the excess wood from the clearing of trees at their wedding venue site. This evergreen idea can later be used as a dining table centerpiece to act as a symbol of wisdom and strength.

7. Shells

If you’re going for a coastal or beach themed bridal shower, gather some shells for your guests to sign like this soon-to-be bride. Use a glass bowl to keep them collected in one place and display in your home. Then the couple can pick up more shells to add to the bowl, while adding the time and location of their discovery.

8. Watercolor Paintings

If someone organizing the bridal shower has an artistic side, think about painting something like this watercolor print that can double as a guest book for the party. This idea is well-suited to be hung on a wall, which you can enjoy for many years. If you decide to have children, this could also be a great piece for the nursery or playroom where it will spread the love even further.

9. White Shoes

One guest book idea that is fun and anything but traditional can be achieved with just a pair of white shoes. Have each guest sign the shoes with a black marker as they enter. For best results, make sure to pick a pair that is non-patterned so that the guest’s signatures will be legible. Who knows, they might even make the bride a better dancer if she decides to rock them around the house while listening to her favorite throwback jams.

10. Recipe Cards

Those who believe that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach might consider using recipe cards instead of a traditional guest book. The soon-to-be bride can gather new recipes from her friends and loved ones for easy-to-serve dishes that the future husband’s taste buds will appreciate. After testing them out in kitchen, it will also be fun to report back to friends with how it came out and whether they decided to add their own new twist to the mix!

11. Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament Guest Book

Source: Bartlett Pair via oneWed

For a bridal shower during the holiday season, think about having your guests sign a personalized note on a Christmas tree ornament instead of a normal guest book. In combination with some hot cocoa and some yuletide tunes, the future couple can make a tradition of reminiscing on stories of their friends and family every time they decorate their home for the winter season.

12. Polaroid

Take an idea from this bride and have your guests sign into your bridal shower by taking a fun photo of themselves with a polaroid camera. Once dry, they can use some double-sided tape to stick it into a photo album where they can also write a small heartfelt note. After all, who doesn’t absolutely love looking back at a fun selfie?

13. Surfboard

For a surf themed bridal shower, you may want to consider using a new or used surfboard as a guestbook. Using permanent sharpies, your guests will have plenty of space to express their love for the soon-to-be bride, which can serve as a sentimental piece of wall art or as inspiration when the bride decides to paddle out. They may even have to call everyone to say thanks if they end up using it to catch the wave of their life!

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