14 Clever Graduation Guest Book Ideas

A diploma is more than just a sheet of paper for a student. It’s a confirmation of the hard work they’ve put in over the years in order to accomplish their academic goals. Graduations mark the end of an era, which is why a proper celebration is warranted and should not be overlooked.

Grad parties can come in many different forms, but they are generally dependent on education level and age of the graduate. In any case, having a guest book for the event demonstrates the support they have from their inner circle and community before they transition into the next phase of their life. We’ve collected 14 graduation party guest book ideas that are diverse and entertaining, which may provide the right spark to start the party off right.

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1. Buoy

For any nautical themed graduation parties on the horizon, consider using a buoy as a guest book. Buoys are meant to keep objects afloat and with the notes the guests are able to leave next to their signatures, this will be a fun reminder of love as they leave safe harbors and journey into the next phase of their life.

2. Playing Cards

Playing Cards Guest Book

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A customizable set of playing cards can serve as the unique graduation guest book idea you are looking for. Add your favorite photos of the graduate to the back of the deck, then have each guest sign one accompanied by a fun note. Whether you use them to play Go-Fish, Gin Rummy, or Poker, you’ll have a blast finding out which card turns out to be the lucky one.

3. Jenga Blocks

This is an idea that is easy to prepare and guaranteed to be enjoyed for years to come. Guests will have enough room to sign their names and leave a fun messages that the graduate can relive every time they play the game. It serves as a great metaphor for post-grad life, because no matter how many times the blocks come crashing down, they always have the option to rebuild.

4. College T-Shirt

Graduating high school and moving away from home can be an intimidating time in a young person’s life, which is why this college t-shirt idea is such a great alternative to a traditional guest book for your next grad party. It could even become their lucky shirt to wear when rooting on their team for the big games!

5. Keys To Success

Keys To Success Guest Book

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With each graduation celebration comes new beginnings. Have your guests show support with this sentimental guest book idea by sharing some wisdom on a key to success. With this in hand, your grad can unlock the answers to life’s greatest obstacles.

6. Time Capsule

Graduation day is special in any student’s life, so creating a time capsule is a great alternative to a traditional guest book. Have clear instructions for your guests that the notes won’t be read for at least a year. It will present a fun challenge to try to guess what the future may bring. If any of them do make accurate predictions, it’s a fun reminder to write or call that guest and bring them up to speed on your life.

7. Platter

If you want to create a graduation guest book that can be used everyday, consider leaving out a special plate for guests to sign at the welcome table. Every time it’s used, the graduate will be reminded of their accomplishments. Just make sure to use a strong permanent marker so that the notes aren’t washed off in the dishwasher!

8. Photo book

Photobook Guest Book

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Instead of leaving out a plain, traditional notebook to be signed by guests at your graduation party, you may want to consider upgrading to a custom photo book for the graduate. Insert an assortment of fun photos, ranging from baby photos to senior portraits, that your guests will be able to build upon with their personalized notes and quotes. Just like their yearbooks, your graduate will be able to return to the memories for the rest of their lives.

9. Oar

If you’re celebrating a rower, consider this unique idea of using a wooden oar at your next graduation party instead of a traditional guest book. With a permanent marker, your guests will be able to leave a personalized note that will propel the grad into their future endeavors. A little momentum always helps during a transition phase in life!

10. Basketball

This idea is a win for any sports fans out there, and can be tweaked for any other game that uses a ball of some sort. This party had their guests sign a basketball with a marker—the heartfelt quotes and sayings were sure to motivate the college graduate on the court. As a bonus, if they hit a game-winning shot, they’ll know who to give a shout out to in the post game interview.

11. Typewriter

For the Millennial graduates who grew up communicating through emails and text messages, consider this throwback idea for your graduation party by having guests sign in and leave a little note using a vintage typewriter. It may be the first instance many of your graduate’s friends ever use a typewriter in their lifetime. If so, you can guarantee that the thoughts will be original and authentic, as they realize there is no “delete” key!

12. Fingerprints

For anyone out there that wants to ensure that their graduate doesn’t lose touch with their “roots”, consider this fun idea for a graduation guest book. Have your guests leave their own “personal touch” (a.k.a. fingerprint) as a leaf on a growing tree branch. As the people trickle into the event, it will be fun to watch the barren branches blossom right before your eyes!

13. Initial

If you’re looking for a unique guest book and wall decoration for your grad party, consider this idea. First paint a wooden letter of the graduate’s first initial, then have your guests sign in using permanent markers. Guests can sign it with their name, an inspirational message or even a biblical quote. After graduation it may be the perfect piece to hang in their new office or apartment.

14. Video Guestbook

Video Guestbook Guest Book Source: One-Love Photography

Here’s a digital idea—have your guest use any tablet to record a personalized video message instead of signing a traditional guest book. After the party, all the clips can be combined into one amazing video for the graduate to enjoy. Add a little extra nostalgia into the mix by using the most popular song at the time in the background of the video.

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