Graduation Party

Nothing says “Congrats!” like a graduation party. If you want to celebrate the grad in your life, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled some helpful graduation party planning tips to get you started. Whether it’s a high school or college graduation, we have party ideas, decorations, food and more to make it a memorable event. Before your event, learn how to design custom graduation invitations with your grad’s favorite photos. For the big day, you can also use Shutterfly to create beautiful custom graduation party decorations, party favors, and unique graduation gifts. No matter what level of education your grad completed, you can put together the perfect graduation party to celebrate their accomplishments.

Whether you’re celebrating someone making their way through high school, you’re throwing a party for a college grad who just got their diploma, or you’re thinking of a great way to highlight your friend who completed a postgraduate degree, Shutterfly has all the graduation party ideas that you need to throw a memorable event. Make one of our customizable graduation party ideas the centerpiece of your event, and let us take your party to the next level. Celebrate your grad’s hard work and accomplishments in a fun way with custom graduation invitations, tableware, serving utensils, bunting banners, backdrop designs, and much more. Add school colors, inspirational quotes, or fun messages for perfect graduation party ideas.

Party guests taking a picture with a selfie frame in front of a bunting banner at a graduation party
Graduation Party Ideas for High School and College

Our grad party ideas are excellent for any grad party or get-together. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor graduation party, you’re tossing around backyard graduation party ideas, or you’re thinking about personalizing decor with your graduation year that you can set up by the drink station, we make it easy to add photos, inspirational quotes, and unique details to any design. Set up a yard sign by the food table, personalize selfie frames for a cute alternative to a Polaroid photo booth, and even create a special gift or party favors for guests at your small gathering. It’s a different way to ensure your graduation party is a total hit.

Add a personal touch to your graduation party ideas this year. Whether you’re throwing a small party with your fellow seniors or designing an outdoor graduation party that’s bound to be a big bash, we have all the customization tools you need to add words, photos, and messages to your best ideas. You can even personalize placemats, table settings, and cards to let people know what different foods and desserts you have available. This graduation season is a great time to celebrate with close friends, family members, and loved ones.

Create Custom Graduation Party Invitations

Shutterfly can help you express all of your graduation party ideas through your grad party invites. Since no graduation party is complete without some fun and festive graduation invitations, why not turn things up a notch by creating some personalized graduation invitations and college send off invitations that capture the mood and spirit just right. Whether you’re designing invites that contain all of your backyard graduation party ideas or you’re creating invitations that match your graduation decorations for a rented space, it’s easy to personalize all the invites and graduation party supplies you could need with photos of the grad, bright colors, and special messages. Make this the ultimate graduation party to remember with invitations that can act as keepsakes after the party is over.

Make Your Party Festive With Graduation Party Decorations

Give your graduate something to truly celebrate with our creative graduation party ideas, including decorations, graduation banners, and other fun ideas to which you can add a personal touch. Choose table runners and decorations to match your color scheme, design a colorful selfie frame, or personalize place settings and photo banners for your event. It’s easy to add graduation party decorations to your get-together with Shutterfly’s unique designs.

Explore Grad Party Favors

Highlight your fellow graduates and share the spotlight on this exciting day with graduation party ideas like customized party favors from Shutterfly. Whether you’re customizing practical gifts or tucking personalized photo magnets into a DIY gift bag, we have all the design tools you could need to throw the graduation party of your dreams. Customize a set of personalized flasks to give to your best friends after graduation or explore age-appropriate high school graduation party ideas and favors like custom photo tote bags, photo gallery magnets, and other unique designs that you can customize as much as you’d like.

Design Graduation Party Signage & Flags

If you want to ensure your graduation party ideas light up the night, start by ensuring that party guests and attendees will notice your event with signage, garden flags, and other custom Shutterfly designs that can help turn your grad’s party into a big hit. Then, with a little help from our design tools, you can turn your great idea into unique yard signs or bunting banners.

Select Graduation Party Tableware & Utensils

If you’re looking to bring your best graduation party ideas to life, Shutterfly is here. Upload your favorite DIY designs or start with one of Shutterfly’s party ideas like utensils, placemats, and coasters. Then, upload your favorite photos, graduation quotes, and special messages to your design to customize it even further for this graduation season. From bowls and serving utensils for all your graduation party food ideas to photo coasters that can hold chilled beverages, you can turn your favorite memories with your special graduate into decor and food-serving items that will make a big statement.

If you’d like your high school grad party or college graduation celebration to pop off, include customized decor and graduation decorations that you can use at any major event, special dinner, or outdoor party. If you’re looking for an easy way to design the perfect grad party for your high school graduate or college grad, Shutterfly has tons of designs that can help you turn a simple idea into the focal point of your party.

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