40 Wedding Games To Fill Your Reception With Fun

One of the best moments of your wedding day is witnessing so many friends and family gathered in one place. Not only is a wedding a chance to celebrate your new marriage, but it’s also a prime opportunity to let loose with those you love. Fun wedding games of all kinds energize the evening, adding a childlike playfulness to the event and helping groups mingle and socialize.

Wedding reception games get guests of all ages out of their chairs and dancing, taking pictures or throwing that bocce ball. What’s more, many of these games are easy to DIY and require little to no materials at all. Consider this list of wedding game ideas when planning the perfect love-filled wedding day.

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Keep things classy with a friendly tournament of croquet. Two teams race to hit their balls through the wicket course the fastest.

Marriage Advice Cards

Include a collection of cards at the dinner table that encourage guests to share their own marriage advice for the newlyweds.

Couple Trivia

Leave a challenging fill-in-the-blank trivia card at each table setting full of interesting questions about the newlyweds.

Children’s Interactive Placemat

Keep kids of all ages occupied with a DIY interactive placemat. Include puzzles, art and word games for endless fun!

Corn Hole

Corn Hole

Perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour, the classic sandbag game can be customized for a husband vs. bride theme.

Find the Guest

Provide a questionnaire with interesting facts about guests in the room and send everyone on a socializing scavenger hunt.

Wedding Toast Bingo

What will be said during the toast portion of the evening? Provide bingo boards on each guest’s table to get them guessing.

Dance Challenge

Name each dinner table by song title. When the song plays, the whole table must rush to the dance floor to get things moving!

Dance Challenge

Wedding I Spy

Include a list of "I Spy" items throughout the room for kids to find. Encourage them to draw or write what they see on their game boards.

Wedding Pinata

What’s just as fun as cutting into a wedding cake? Whacking a wedding-cake-themed pinata filled with lots of delicious candy!

Mini Golf

Set up a mini course for the golf-loving guests. See if the parents can beat the scores of their newlywed children!

Lawn Yahtzee

Five DIY dice and a bucket set your guests up for a rousing game of Yahtzee as they sip champagne.

Ring Toss

Ring Toss

Break up into two teams and throw each ring onto your opponent’s hooks. Use wine bottles for a fun wedding twist!

Giant Dominoes

Add some excitement to this age-old game with comically large, handmade dominoes for an outdoor cocktail gathering.

Marriage Mad Libs

Keep things light and comical with hand-customized mad libs at each table for pre-dinner fun.

Life-Sized Jenga

Stop a 4-foot Jenga set from tumbling down! Perfect for adults and children, be the last player to keep the blocks standing to win.

Life-Sized Jenga

Spin the Wheel

Get the whole room involved with a wedding wheel with instructions like "the bride and groom kiss" or "give a speech!"

Lawn Bowling

Set ‘em up and strike ‘em down! Arrange a wooden bowling game on the lawn for some simple, old fashioned fun.

The Shoe Game

Place the bride and groom back to back on the dance floor for a classic game of trivia about their new spouse.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Send your guests hunting for the best photo-worthy moments! Include a prize for those who complete their list the fastest.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

Bouquet and Garter Toss

This tradition has a range of variations. Usually, the bride and groom toss the bouquet and garter into a crowd of single guests.

Date Night Jar

Keep things exciting for years to come! Set up a fun spot for guests to suggest date night ideas for all your years together.

Couple Coloring Books

Turn a favorite photo into a page from a coloring book! Include colored pencils and a spot for guests to hang their art.

Giant Chess and Checkers

Ranging from large to life size, consider a DIY approach to giant chess and checkers out on your venue’s lawn.

Giant Chess and Checkers

Stand Up, Sit Down

Break the ice with this group questionnaire game. Guests stand up when they agree with the funny question or statement.

Lego Creations

Put Legos at each table and challenge your guests to build creative centerpieces.

Ladder Golf

To play this lawn game, teams toss two balls connected by a string with the goal of hooking their opponents’ ladder rungs.

Guest Guess Who

Change up this classic game by adding small pictures of your guests at the wedding for personalized fun.

Cake Smash Bets

Cake Smash Bets

Who will end up with wedding cake on their face? Let the guests decide! Leave out jars for bets on either the bride or groom.

Couple’s Crossword

Puzzle-loving crowd? Create your own crossword for your guests with hints and questions from you relationship.

Wedding Hopscotch

Let the kids show you how it’s done! Supply chalk or tape for an outdoor hopscotch tournament during the reception.

Jenga Guest Book

Invite guests to include a message of love before placing their block at the top of the tower. Try not to topple the tower!

Jenga Guest Book

Paper Fortune Teller Making

Keep everyone crafting away with some old fashioned origami fortune tellers. Include plenty of art supplies for decorating.

Freeze Dance

Get hesitant dancers on the floor with this throwback. The DJ stops the music abruptly while the bride and groom act as judge.

Giant Connect Four

Build your own life-size version of this memorable childhood gem and add it to your list of cocktail-party lawn games.

Balloon Pop Wall

A balloon wall pop welcomes guests to seek messages and prizes inside a wall of balloons just waiting to be popped!

Best Photo Booth Contest

Best Photo Booth Contest

Add a touch of competition to the photo booth! At the end of the night, the couple chooses the silliest photo from the evening.

Painted Rock Tic-Tac-Toe

This simple and natural addition to outdoor games includes festively painted rocks and a DIY facbric tic-tac-toe board.

Bocce Ball

Set up a board and set of bocce balls to participate in this classic Italian outdoor cocktail and reception game.

DJ Name that Tune

When the DJ plays two seconds of the upcoming song, name the tune first for a prize or a special place on the dance floor!

DJ Name that Tune