Wedding Color Ideas

The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere — it’s all about discovering the best reflection of your style. Maybe you have one color in mind, but are wondering what combination will create a harmonious color palette. That’s where we come in with our wedding colors guide. Curated by the designers at Shutterfly, wedding bloggers and professional wedding planners, it includes seasonal appropriate shades based on the color of your choosing.

To get started, select your wedding season below for inspiration across every color of the rainbow. When you’re done, don’t forget to browse our invitations based on your favorite color to find the perfect color palette fit.

Choose A Season

Spring Colors

Fresh blooms and warmer weather make spring a remarkable time for a wedding. Whether you’re looking for bright and colorful or classic and pastel, our collection of spring color palettes are bound to inspire.

Summer Colors

Summer weddings have endless potential. With extra sun, longer days and sensational vistas, you can design the celebration of your dreams. Set your wedding apart by choosing a color palette with depth and personality.

Fall Colors

Vibrant, colorful fall leaves are the perfect inspiration for creating a stunning wedding atmosphere. Enhance each piece of your autumn celebration with a color palette that matches your vision and personal style.

Winter Colors

The winter months offer unique opportunity to design a breathtaking wedding wonderland. No matter your vision, you’ll find a color scheme that enhances everything you have in mind—and more.

200 Ways to Use Color on Your Big Day

Black & White Wedding Ideas

No matter your vision for the big day, these black and white wedding ideas will be sure to spark your inspiration.

Lavender Wedding Ideas

In both light and darker tones, lavender makes for one of the most stunning wedding color schemes.

Red & White Wedding Ideas

A red and white wedding offers you plenty of flexibility, all while representing the love you and your fiancé share.

Purple & Silver Wedding Ideas

Purple and silver, a beautiful pair when done right, have the power to blow your guests away.