50+ Red and White Wedding Color Ideas

Looking for red and white wedding ideas to inspire you? You’ve come to the right place. With 50 photos that offer inspiration for your centerpieces, appetizers, cocktails and more, we’ve got the bases covered. We know how important all of the little details are.

Use our red and white wedding inspiration tool and sort by season and style—or view the entire gallery at once. Whether your wedding lands on a bright summer day or a cozy winter evening, you’ll find the right special touches. When you’ve found your theme, design your wedding invitations to match.

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Offer guests a pre-dinner munchie or late night treat. Decorate your popcorn table with red buckets and flowers.

Photo By: Alexandria Monette Photography

Delicately balance white and red throughout your table decor with pieces like red-trimmed glassware and red-bordered plates.

Photo By: Anna Delores Photography

For a beautiful cake that matches your bouquet, order frosted white rounds and have them decorated with your main flowers.

Photo By: Brumley & Wells

When it comes to planning your red and white wedding, don't forget your bridal accessories and makeup. This bride chose a burgundy flower hair piece along with a lip color to match.

Photo By: Courtney Horwood

Stunning for a spring or summer red and white wedding, create a mixed-color bouquet to set beside your tall and short white candles.

Photo By: Eric & Jamie

Want simple red wedding decorations? Enlist a red table cloth along with flowers to brighten the scheme.

Photo By: Erin J Saldana Photography

This romantic bouquet uses rich ruby blooms and eucalyptus filler.

Photo By: Evynn Levalley

Looking for creative red and white wedding ideas? Bring the colors into your smaller details, like cocktails, appetizers and desserts.

Photo By: Gaby J Photography

Amplify your bridal look. Choose red nail polish and lipstick to bring your wedding day colors to life.

Photo By: Greg Finck Photography

Design a bouquet with balance—choose dark red hues along with light pink and white tones. You'll have a stunning arrangement that stands out against your white dress.

Photo By: Jenna Henderson Photography

Create a luscious red and white bouquet by choosing larger blooms intermixed with green accents. Loop a white ribbon around the stems.

Photo By: Jordan Voth Photography

Get guests excited for dessert time. Use a tower of white frosted cakes and decorate with gorgeous red and white flowers.

Photo By: Jordan Voth Photography

Leave no detail behind! Order a scrumptious cake that's built with red and white layers.

Photo By: June Photography

Make it easy for guests to find where they're going. Paint a sign using red or white.

Photo By: June Photography

Your red and white wedding decorations don't have to break the bank. Find simple white vases and fill them with blooms that match the mood you're going for.

Photo By: June Photography

Perfect for a fall wedding celebration, design your bouquet with red autumn leaves and simple white blooms.

Photo By: Kes Photography

A lavish red and white bouquet, this arrangement includes variously sized blooms of each color.

Photo By: Koman Photography

Put a spin on a one-colored suit with red buttons that match the bow tie and boutineer.

Photo By: Kt Merry Photography

Having an outdoor reception? Arrange for a food truck that's decorated with red details, like these balloons and awning.

Photo By: Laura Goldenberger Photography

Beautiful from end to end, this table incorporates red and white throughout the bouquets, glassware and wedding guest favors.

Photo By: Laura Goldenberger Photography

Brighten your special day with vibrant red dresses and flowers to match. Protea flowers make these stunning bouquets stand out.

Photo By: Lauren Fair Photography

Create a full, lush bouquet with varying heights and styles of flowers. Add contrast to your red and white blossoms with long green accents.

Photo By: Lauren Fair Photography

Light up the night—and the dancefloor—with crystal white chandeliers.

Photo By: London Light Photography

Embellish your table settings by placing a flower atop your plateware or consider using plates with printed floral designs.

Photo By: Lucy Munoz Photography

Bring extra color into your ceremony by fastening flowers to your end chairs.

Photo By: Luna De Mare Photography

Via: La Fleur Weddings And Events

Keep your guests comfortable no matter the season. At your ceremony entrance, offer a trunk full of red and white blankets.

Photo By: Meg White Photography

For a bouquet that's simple yet alluring, mix pink and red florals with a lovely gold ribbon.

Photo By: Megan Sorel Photography

Create wedding invitations that tie nicely into your wedding colors. A red invite with white calligraphy adds a classic touch.

Photo By: Megan Sorel Photography

Vibrant and eye-catching, this bouquet maximizes its width with large blooms and a loose arrangement.

Photo By: Meghan Christine Photography

Trendy and unique, this red and white cake steals the show. Use a textured red and white design on the bottom and adorn the cake with succulents and tiny white flowers.

Photo By: Michele Suits Photography

Via: Nutmeg Cake Design

Make a statement with colorful seating. Then set out a wedding program for each guest.

Photo By: Michelle Roller

Design your tables using all the best parts of winter: pine cones, branches, cookies and candles.

Photo By: Miriam & Manuel Photography

Looking for extraordinary style? Choose a red bridal gown instead of a white one.

Photo By: Miriam & Manuel Photography

Tie your bouquet together with beautiful red ribbon. Pro tip: match your ribbon to the color of one of your flowers.

Photo By: Olive Photography

Keep the day easy and stress-free with hand painted signs made with your signature colors.

Photo By: Our Labor Of Love

For a simple yet stunning bouquet, choose a flower with a rich red hue and a big bloom. Sprinkle in autumn leaves for a bohemian fall feel.

Photo By: Rebecca Yale Photography

Create an intensely beautiful bouquet with rich red tones and other hues that will stand out against your white dress.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

From your table decor to your appetizers, design a red and white wedding that blows your guests away.

Photo By: Sarah Kate Photography

Cake isn't the only wedding dessert. Try something unique, like these cheesecake squares topped with fresh raspberries.

Photo By: Shay And Olive Photography

Via: Jar Cakery

Personalize your reception drinks with custom wine labels. Choose a design that incorporates red, white and a special message.

Photo By: Sonya Yruel

Yum! Who says red and white can't be a part of your menu? These delicacies are made with red apple, pomegranate seeds and a white cream cheese layer.

Photo By: Tamara Gruner Photography

Use a wood cookie as a stand for your white and red wedding cake. This design will tie in seamlessly with your other centerpieces.

Photo By: Tamara Gruner Photography

Load your bouquet with depth and color. Vary your flowers with bulky greens to make your arrangement a stunner.

Photo By: Tracy Enoch

Want a sweetheart table at your reception? Decorate it with a white tablecloth, red napkins and other special touches like a colorful bouquet and special table marker.

Photo By: Twig & Olive Photography

Opt for a bouquet that won't get in the way. These white, red and pink blooms are arranged tightly together and will last all night long.

Photo By: We Are Origami