50+ Romantic Red And White Wedding Ideas

Red is traditionally associated with love and passion, making it perfect for a wedding color scheme. Paired with white, this color scheme is a versatile choice that works well for everything from a summer soiree to a snowy winter celebration.
If you’re planning a romantic red and white wedding, we’ve put together 50 ideas to help you. From the invitations to the favors, these red and white wedding ideas will guide you every step of the way.

1. Rustic Red and White Arch

red wedding archway
If you’re looking for fall wedding ideas, try incorporating seasonal elements into your arch. This couple chose to include apples and fall leaves in their rustic arch, and they also used unique vintage lanterns.

2. Crimson and Ivory Place Cards

Let guests know where they’re sitting with eye-catching crimson and ivory place cards. Whether you choose to use a crimson background and ivory font or vice versa, these place cards will look stunning.

3. Crimson Floral Table Runner

red and white wedding table
Bring crimson and white into your tablescape by featuring red napkins and white plates. Use flowers in these colors in your table runner, and include pieces of décor that match your wedding theme, like the candle wax wine bottles at this wedding.

4. Drape Wall Photo Backdrop

Set up a photo backdrop area that prominently features your wedding color combination. Use white and red drapes, and decorate the top of your backdrop with flowers in different shades of these colors. Also, be sure to offer some cute wedding booth props for your guests to pose with in their photos.

5. Nearly Naked Red Velvet Cake

A nearly naked red velvet cake with rough white frosting will look wonderful on your dessert table—the rough frosting will allow the red cake to show through. Decorate your cake with flowers or bright red berries.

6. Rustic Rose Bouquet

red rose wedding bouquet
Bring different shades of red into your bouquet by using a wide variety of roses and peonies. For more texture, use rosebuds and a mixture of green and golden leaves.

7. Flower Crown

Add a boho chic feel to your bridal attire by wearing a red and white flower crown. Include flowers that match the shades in your color scheme—for instance, if you’re going for a darker color scheme, use wine-colored and cream roses. Or, if you’re using brighter colors, try red and white poppies.

8. Red Lace Wedding Dress

Red lace is a beautiful addition to your white wedding dress. From small flowers on the bodice to a trim on the bottom of the dress, there are so many ways to include red lace in your wedding dress.

9. Fall Leaf Invitations

Invitations featuring dark red leaves are a good choice for a fall wedding. Tie a paper or silk leaf to the front of your wedding invitation for an added bit of fall flair.

10. Burgundy and White Bouquet

red and white bouquet
Burgundy and off-white roses work well together, and they look wonderful in a bridal bouquet. This bridal party also decided to wear rose corsages, and they even tied the corsages on with matching ribbons.

11. Tulip Floral Displays

Red and white tulip displays are a good spring or summer wedding idea. These bright flowers will look beautiful in the centerpieces of your wedding tables, and you can also include them in your bouquet.

12. Chiffon Table Runner

A chiffon table runner is a versatile addition to your wedding tables. To bring a floral element into your tablescape, drape a garland featuring flowers in your wedding colors over the table runner.

13. Hanging Rose Décor

When you’re putting together your wedding décor, don’t forget to look up. There are so many ways you can incorporate hanging décor into your wedding, from chandeliers decorated with red and white roses to hanging Mason jars filled with flowers.

14. Red Signature Cocktails

There’s a perfect red signature cocktail for every season. For spring or summer, try a raspberry or watermelon cocktail. For the fall and winter, consider making festive cranberry the star of your cocktail.

15. Burgundy Rose Bouquet and Cake

red and white wedding cake

Source: Jordan Voth

Burgundy and cream roses look beautiful in both a bouquet and as décor on a wedding cake. These darker flowers are a great fall or winter wedding idea.

16. Maroon Velvet Tuxedo

A velvet tuxedo is a good choice for a wedding in the colder months of the year. Pair this tuxedo with a white pocket square or a boutonniere with a white flower to add brightness to the ensemble.

17. Heart-Shaped Table Numbers

Heart-shaped table numbers are the perfect way to include this symbol of love in your wedding décor. For a rustic look, use wooden hearts painted off-white or cream, and write the table number in red font.

18. Red Velvet Lounge Furniture

Give guests a glamorous place to rest by using red velvet lounge furniture. For another pop of color, decorate the furniture with flowers that match your floral displays or bouquet.

19. Peony Bouquet

Cheerful peonies are a great summer wedding idea. Fill your bouquet with bright red and ivory peonies, and consider also using greenery like ferns or ivy.

20. Winter Wonderland Floral Display

snowy white outdoor decor
Turn your wedding into a winter wonderland by decorating with antlers, vintage vases, candlesticks, and flowers. If it’s too cold to host your wedding outside, use artificial snow to decorate your reception.

21. Winter Flower Crowns

Combine red berries with white roses and Queen Anne’s lace to create a wintry flower crown that will look amazing set against a snowy backdrop. You can also incorporate some classic holiday elements into the flower clown, like sprigs of holly.

22. Rosebud Boutonniere

With rosebud boutonnieres, you’ll be able to bring your red and white color scheme into your groom and groomsmen’s attire. Pair the rosebud with a matching tie and pocket squares.

23. Wedding Dress with Red Sash

Looking for a way to add a bit of red to a white wedding dress? Use a red sash in a shade that matches your wedding color scheme. You could also have your bridesmaids wear dresses in the same shade of red as your sash.

24. Watercolor Floral Wedding Menu

Decorate your wedding menus with colorful illustrations of red flowers. For the font, use a red that contrasts with the colors of your florals.

25. Rustic Floral Display and Sign

Welcome guests to your rustic wedding with a wooden sign with bright white writing. Continue the rustic theme in your décor by placing flower-filled vases inside vintage suitcases.

26. Raspberry Cheesecake

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert idea that fits your red and white color combination, try serving bite-sized raspberry-flavored cheesecakes. Top these desserts with a raspberry for more color.

27. Poppy Place Cards

Illustrated poppies look beautiful set against a cream place card. You could feature poppies in the border of your card, or you could include a watercolor illustration in the center of your card underneath the guests’ name.

28. Calla Lily Bouquet

Elegant red and white calla lilies will look stunning in your bridal bouquet. For an extra bit of red, tie these romantic flowers together with a red ribbon.

29. Fall Leaf and Rose Bouquet

Bring the fall into your bouquets by decorating with fall leaves. Pair these leaves with brick-colored roses, ivory roses, and berries to create a bouquet that has all the colors of fall.

30. Vintage Rose Centerpiece

rose and gold centerpiece
Fill a vintage golden vase with flowers in different shades of red, white, and pink for an eye-catching centerpiece. For more texture, place some berries on the base of the centerpiece.

31. Rustic Red and White Cake

Decorate a naked cake with burgundy and brick flowers for a lovely natural look. You can also incorporate some other natural elements into the décor, such as vines or woodland animal cutouts. For the base, try using a wood slice.

32. Rose Cupcake Favors

At the end of your reception, give your guests a sweet cupcake favor to take home with them. Top the cupcakes with frosting in the shape of a rose or other favorite red themed flower.

33. Red and White Appetizers

Looking for a way to feature your color scheme in your wedding menu? Serve your guests delicious red and white appetizers, such as tomato-filled bruschetta or crostinis with soft white cheese and apples.

34. Red Candle Favors

A red candle is a versatile wedding favor idea—there are so many scents you could use in this candle, from rose to apple. Tie these favors with a colorful ribbon, and include a message to your guests.

35. Crimson Rose Boutonniere

rose boutonnière
A crimson rose and ivory rosebud boutonniere contrasts well with a dark blue or grey suit. A matching bowtie is the perfect finishing touch for this look.

36. Burgundy and Cream Table Settings

If you’re using burgundy and cream as your main color scheme, be sure to include these colors in your table settings. Pair white plates with burgundy napkins, and include flowers in these two colors in your centerpieces.

37. Wooden Seating Chart

Write your guests’ names and table numbers on a piece of polished wood for the perfect rustic seating chart. Decorate the top of the chart with red flowers and greenery.

38. Wine Bridesmaids Dresses

Wine is a lovely dark shade for bridesmaids’ dresses, and the color will contrast well with your wedding dress. For more contrast, use lighter shades of red and white in your bouquets.

39. Boho Chic Floral Arch

A boho chic floral arch is a great spring wedding idea. Decorate the top and sides of the arch with your favorite types of flowers and some bright greenery. You can also use white macramé as a backdrop.

40. Whimsical Floral Invitations

red and pink wedding invites
Floral illustrations add a boho chic feel to your wedding stationery suite. You can use this stationery on everything from your menu cards to your invitations. To add a rustic touch to the invitations, place them in a burlap envelope.

41. Personalized Red Wine Favors

Send your guests home with miniature bottles of red wine that have your names and wedding date on them. This favor idea is perfect for a vineyard wedding or for the wine loving couple.

42. Floral Wedding Cake

Top your white wedding cake with red flowers that match your floral displays or bouquet. If you’d like to add another color to the cake display, consider using a gold cake stand.

43. Neon Wedding Signs

Light up your wedding reception with a red neon sign. This sign can say your names on it, or it can feature a phrase you love. Either way, the sign is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

44. White Suit and Red Tie

Pair a white or beige suit with a cherry-colored tie, and finish the look off with a rose boutonniere. This light-colored suit would fit in perfectly at a beach destination wedding.

45. Red High Heels

red high heels for wedding
Ruby red heels will add a striking pop of color to your bridal ensemble. For the groom and groomsmen, consider using a matching rose boutonniere.

46. Red-Trimmed Glassware and Plates

To bring your color scheme into your tablescape, choose white plates with red rims. To add more red to your table settings, use glassware with matching red rims.

47. Cherry Bridesmaids Dresses

Cherry is a bright, cheery color that will look beautiful in your bridesmaids’ dresses. For contrast, use flowers in a darker shade of red in your bridesmaids’ bouquets.

48. Vintage Lantern Centerpieces

A vintage lantern is a versatile centerpiece. If you’re having a winter wedding, fill this lantern with red and white ornaments and sprigs of holly. Or, if you’re having a summer soiree, decorate the lantern with colorful peonies and roses.

49. Rose Invitations

Roses are a classic symbol of love, making them a good choice for your wedding invitations. Illustrated roses are a wonderful addition to the invitations, and you can even put some dried rose petals in your envelopes. Also, don’t forget to include some illustrated roses on your RSVP cards.

50. Berry Dessert Bar

berry themed dessert table
Fill your dessert bar with sweet, elegant berry pastries and desserts, from tarts to mousse. To make the berries the star of the show, decorate your dessert table with a white tablecloth and all-white décor.
Use these red and white color scheme ideas to nail down all the details of your big day. Then, begin contacting florists, designers, and caterers to help you turn your dream into a reality. And don’t forget to book a photographer to document all of the fun at your wedding!