50+ Enchanting Purple And Silver Wedding Ideas

Purple is a bold, regal color, and silver adds a sparkle that will light up your wedding. These two colors are stunning together, and they’re perfect for cozy winter weddings, outdoor spring weddings, and anything in between.

From the wedding invitations to the reception’s décor, there are so many ways to bring purple and silver into your wedding. Read on for more purple and silver wedding ideas to use at your ceremony and reception.

1. Muted Grey Wedding Dress and Lilacs

purple flowers as walkway
If you’re looking for spring wedding ideas, try pairing a muted grey wedding dress with lovely lilacs. Line your wedding aisle with these bright flowers, and incorporate them into your bridal bouquet.

2. Silver Picture Frame Table Number

Create picture-perfect table numbers using vintage silver frames. Use purple font to write out the table numbers, and decorate the top of the frames with purple roses.

3. Marble Wedding Cake

A trendy marble cake will work wonderfully with your purple and silver color scheme. Include both colors in the marble, and decorate the cake with flowers that match the marbling.

4. Sequined Bridesmaids Dresses

Sequined silver bridesmaids’ dresses will add a sparkle to your bridal party. For the bouquets, go for darker purple flowers, such as deep purple peonies or plum-colored roses.

5. Lilac Arch

purple wedding arch
Give your wedding arch a boho chic feel by decorating with lilac-colored fabric and lilac bunches. For more texture, include greenery and roses. Hang lilacs over the area where you’ll stand during the ceremony for a romantic finish.

6. Galaxy Wedding Invitations

If you’re searching for inspiration for your wedding stationery suite, look up at the stars. Use a bold purple and black background, and decorate with silver stars and constellations. For the font, go for a bright matte silver.

7. Flower Vase Place Cards

Attach your place cards to a vase that features one of the flowers you’re using in your floral displays. This place card also works as a wedding favor idea—after the reception, guests can take their vase home with them.

8. Dusty Grey Suit

If you’re looking for ways to feature your color scheme in your groom and groomsmen’s attire, opt for a dusty grey suit with a boutonniere of purple flowers. You could also include a purple tie or bowtie.

9. Metallic Silver Cake Stand

Your wedding cake will look stunning on a metallic silver cake stand. Choose a cake stand that matches your theme—for instance, if you’re going for a rustic theme, try using a vintage cake stand.

10. Silver Headband and Bouquet

bride and groom with purple bouquet
This bride’s chic silver headband contrasts beautifully with her muted grey wedding dress. The lilac-filled bouquet adds a pop of color to the bridal ensemble.

11. Plum Rose Bouquet

A bouquet with dark, moody plum roses is a great winter wedding idea. If you’d like to include another shade of purple in your bouquet, use dusty purple or lavender roses.

12. Vintage Silver Vase Centerpiece

Fill a silver vase with purple flowers for a vintage centerpiece idea your guests will love. You could also include a few more silver pieces in your centerpieces, such as candlestick holders or an antique teapot.

13. Floral Framed Seating Chart

Use a purple font on your wedding seating chart, and frame it with a silver picture frame. For an additional bit of décor, attach purple flowers to the top of the frame.

14. Jam Favors

At the end of your wedding, send your guests home with a sweet purple jam favor. You could go for a mixed-berry jam, or you could offer blueberry jam. This wedding favor idea would work particularly well at a wedding with a rustic theme.

15. Deep Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

group of bridesmaids in purple gowns
Deep purple bridesmaids dresses are a great complement to a bride’s white wedding dress. A bouquet filled with white roses gives the right amount of contrast to the dark dresses.

16. Wedding Dress with Silver Detailing

To bring your color scheme into your wedding dress, select a dress with silver detailing. For the bouquet, consider using a mixture of purple and white flowers.

17. Watercolor Wedding Cake

Create a work of art on your wedding cake using watercolors. You could have your cake designer paint on purple flowers with silver accents, or you could go for a more abstract look. For more texture, decorate the top of the cake with flowers.

18. Lilac and Lavender Table Setting

Tie together sprigs of lilac and lavender to create a fragrant and lovely table setting that’s perfect for a spring wedding. Pair these flowers with a menu card that has a dusty grey font.

19. Geode Invitations

Use trendy geodes as inspiration for your wedding invitations. Feature a purple geode in the background of your invitation, and write out all the information about your big day in silver font.

20. Thistle and Rose Centerpiece

lavender and silver wedding centerpiece
Add depth to your floral centerpieces by using different shades of purple, like the dusty purple roses and darker thistles in this centerpiece. Place your centerpieces inside a gleaming silver vase.

21. Purple Donuts

Donuts are a sweet addition to your dessert bar, and it’s easy to customize these treats for your wedding. Serve up an assortment of donuts decorated with purple icing, and don’t forget to add some silver sprinkles.

22. Muted Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

With a few accessories, muted grey bridesmaids’ dresses can work well for a wide variety of wedding themes. If you’re going for a boho chic wedding, pair the dresses with purple flower crowns. Or, if you’re planning a formal affair, opt for a bouquet with purple and white roses.

23. Floral Hairpiece

Make a statement with a colorful purple and silver floral hairpiece. You could go for a single flower, or you could tie a few purple flowers together to create a larger hairpiece. This hairpiece is a beautiful addition to a bridal ensemble.

24. Lilac Bouquet

Lilacs come in many different shades of purple, making this flower a good choice for a purple and silver color combination. For more texture, use some greenery and Queen Anne’s lace or baby’s breath in the bouquet.

25. Deep Purple Tie and Boutonniere

groom with purple tie
A white rose boutonniere adds a bit of color to a muted grey suit. The deep purple tie and pocket square complement this light-colored suit.

26. Silver and White Wedding Cake

Silver and white is a simple and elegant color scheme for your wedding cake. Finish the design by decorating the top and sides of the cake with purple flowers.

27. Snowflake Menu Cards

If you’re having a winter wedding, celebrate the season with menu cards decorated with matte silver snowflakes. For the font, go for a deep shade of purple, like plum.

28. Rustic Galvanized Bucket Centerpiece

Fill a galvanized bucket with a medley of flowers to create a stunning rustic centerpiece. You can also use galvanized buckets in other pieces of décor at your reception—for example, you could hang small galvanized buckets and fill them with flowers.

29. Purple High Heels

Add a pop of color to your bridal ensemble by wearing purple high heels. Pick a shade of purple that matches your overall color scheme, and consider choosing shoes with silver accents.

30. Purple Macarons

purple flavored macarons
Include a few different flavors of macarons on your dessert bar, such as blackberry and lavender. You could also give these macarons out as favors for your guests to remember the big day.

31. Orchid Bouquet

A bouquet filled with orchids is a wonderful spring wedding idea. If you’d like to include another flower in these bouquets, consider calla lilies or lilacs.

32. Succulent Centerpieces

Purple succulents are a unique choice for your wedding centerpieces, and they work well with a wide variety of flowers, from roses to hydrangeas. Place these colorful centerpieces in silver vases or planter boxes.

33. Hanging Paper Lanterns

Light up your wedding reception with hanging purple and silver paper lanterns. Use different shades of purple and silver and include different-sized lanterns for more depth.

34. Purple Rose Corsages

Corsages are a lovely addition to a bridesmaid’s ensemble. Try to use contrasting colors in the corsage and dresses—if you’re going for a dusty grey dress, you could use plum-colored corsages.

35. Silver High Heels

Silver high heels will add the perfect bit of glitter to your bridal ensemble. Try to choose shoes that match your overall theme—for instance, if you’re having a garden theme, choose shoes that are embellished with small flowers. Also, don’t forget the small details, like a silver clutch.

36. Plum and Matte Silver Invitation

A bold plum background will look great on your wedding invitations. For the font, choose a color that will pop against the dark background, such as matte silver.

37. Purple Chair Sash

Consider using silver chairs at your wedding ceremony and reception. To add purple, tie sashes to the chairs that match the shade you’re using in your color scheme.

38. Silver Welcome Sign with Florals

Bring your color scheme into your welcome signs by using a bright silver font and a silver border. Decorate this sign with either a floral garland or a few flowers that match your floral displays.

39. Blackberry Signature Cocktail

Blackberry cocktails have a deep purple hue that will go well with your color scheme. Try pairing blackberries with vanilla simple syrup, or mix blackberries and lemonade for a cocktail that’s perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

40. Metallic Silver Centerpieces and Heels

silver heels and wedding decor

Source: Paul Pruitt

Metallic silver is a beautiful addition to your wedding, and you can include it everywhere from your shoes to the candlesticks on your tables. Lavender candles are a nice finishing touch to this elegant tablescape.

41. Place Cards with Silver Border

A matte silver border is an eye-catching addition to your place cards. Display these place cards on a table with a purple tablecloth for the perfect purple and silver color combination.

42. Grey and Purple Rose Bouquet

Grey roses will contrast well with deep purple roses in your wedding bouquet. For depth, use a few different shades of grey and purple, such as slate, charcoal, lilac, and lavender.

43. Floral Chair Décor

Bring more florals into your wedding ceremony by decorating your chairs with hanging flowers. Try displaying these flowers in a way that matches your theme—for instance, if you’re having a country theme, you could display these flowers in Mason jars.

44. Sparkling Photo Backdrop

Invite your guests to pose in front of a photo backdrop featuring silver sequins. If you’d like to include more purple in this backdrop, try hanging a garland with purple flowers on top of the backdrop.

45. Dusty Purple Table Runner

silver and purple wedding reception
Metallic silver vases filled with calla lilies and Queen Anne’s lace provide contrast to a dusty purple table runner. Incorporate these colors into your table settings by using different shades of purple in your napkins.

46. Wisteria Arch

For an outdoor garden wedding, try draping wisteria on top of your wedding arch. If you’d like to incorporate another flower into your display, consider using hydrangeas.

47. Deep Purple Suit

Deep purple suits are a good winter wedding idea, and they work well with a grey bowtie. Lighten up this darker suit with a bright white boutonniere.

48. Sequined Tablecloths

Silver sequined tablecloths will add a glittery touch to your wedding tables. If you don’t want to use sequined tablecloths on all your tables, you could also use them on your dessert bar and snack bar. Or, you could just have one at your sweethearts’ table.

49. Metallic Silver Tree Centerpiece

Use metallic silver trees as the base of your centerpieces, and decorate these trees with purple flowers or hanging purple jewels. Surround the base of the tree with candles or flowers in silver vases.

50. Violet Wedding Invitations

purple wedding invitation
For your wedding invitation envelopes, chose a rich purple hue like violet. Pair the envelopes with invitations featuring different shades of purple and silver.

Once you’ve decided on all the details for your purple and silver wedding, start researching venues that are the right fit your unique wedding theme. Then, begin putting together your wedding stationery suite to let your guests know all about your big day.