70 Unique Black And White Wedding Ideas

The timeless black and white wedding design will always remain a go-to choice for elegant gatherings. But this classic look is just as easy to personalize as a wedding filled with a vast palette of colors. By sticking to a simple color combination, additional colors or unique accents stand out with style. Include the contrasting colors from start to finish of your wedding day design: throughout your stationery suite, in your bridesmaid dresses and all the way to the confetti tossed during your end-of-the-night send-off.

1. Framed Memories

black and white wedding older photographs

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Memorialize the family members that brought you both here today by framing a collection of their own wedding images in a photo display table along with their stories. It’s the perfect way to personalize your wedding.

2. Urban Chic

black and white wedding ideas stationery

Source: Andrea David

Catch the edgy details of your city by matching your wedding scheme with the black, white and gray architecture. Choose a unique design to match the elegance of your venue.

3. Rustic Wedding

black and white wedding rustic table number

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Accent a barn wedding reception table filled with rustic wildflowers and green vines with these printable table numbers. Nestle each number in the center of a floral display or secure in a vintage frame.

4. Distinct Dance Floor

Make the dance floor the focal point of your reception room with a color-coordinated design accented with elegant lighting. Celebrate each moment of your night at the center of the room.

5. Organic Hues

black and white wedding foliage invitations

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Weave watercolor paintings of olive branches and lush vines across a simple invitation suite. This layout can inspire your floral design, from tablescapes to bouquets and boutonnieres.

6. Deep Greens

Play with the dark hues of other earth tones like brown and green in a two-toned wedding. Dark eucalyptus stands out against white table linens and a naturally inspired cake.

7. Lace Invitations

black and white wedding invitation lace

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Whether it adorns your wedding gown or your stationery suite, lace adds timeless elegance to any style of celebration. Customize black and white wedding invitations adorned with white lace appliques.

8. Transform The Room

Once you settle on a color scheme, explore this unique wedding reception table idea. Surround a towering white centerpiece with a square of four long tables and line the walls of the space in flowing fabric.

9. Sleek And Simple

black and white wedding modern table number

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Modern wedding reception ideas blend with simple, clean lines like those used in this printable table number. Frame in a black, white or silver frame at the center of each table.

10. Chic Suits

Choosing a black and white wedding doesn’t mean you can’t show off your unique style. Select a suit that showcases the groom’s personality and pair with a vibrant a-line wedding gown for the bride.

11. Picture Your Plan

black and white wedding wedding planning binder

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As you lay out your invaluable wedding planning binder, add touches of black and white to inspire the look of your upcoming big day.

12. Tiered Garden Celebration

If you’re throwing your wedding celebration in a unique outdoor space, spread your dinner tables out around the tiered yard. The stark black and white decor will elegantly add to the landscape.

13. Chalkboard Flowers

black and white wedding ideas chalkboard table number

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These printable table numbers simplify all the last-minute details that creep up in your final days of planning. Set these elegant chalkboard numbers inside a black or gold photo stand.

14. Destination Elegance

black and white wedding ideas white floral altar

Source: darinimages

If you’re planning an epic destination wedding, showcase the views with cascades of white flowers and personalized touches to welcome your travelers from around the world.

15. Paper Touches

black and white wedding chocolate cupcakes

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Keep your decor and dessert table nice and simple by adding customized paper cupcake holders. Display your treats on a classic gray cupcake stand surrounded by seasonal decor.

16. Spring Greens

Black and white decor pairs well with fresh spring flowers. Include pale green hydrangea arrangements across a patterned tablescape and match the look in your bridesmaid bouquets.

17. An Elegant Display

black and white wedding ideas champagne flutes

Source: Lisa Rigby

As guests transition from the cocktail hour to dinner, lead them to stunning crystal-decked tables with ornate escort cards, photos of honored loved ones and a white floral display.

18. Lace And Pearls

Some of the most elegant patterns and stones highlight a white wedding, including a flowing lace wedding gown and pearl-studded wedding accessories.

19. A Graceful Space

This renovated monastery set the scene for a pristine white and black wedding. The elegant tablescape matches the towering two-toned architecture.

20. Chic Style

This bride chose a chic black and white wedding dress with an elegantly patterned cathedral veil. Her bridesmaids were dressed in unique black gowns while carrying simple white arrangements.

21. A Summer Soiree

Gather together for a sprawling outdoor dinner with rich black table linens covered in accents of fresh white flowers. Fill the space with string lights for a golden glow.

22. Soft In The City

black and white wedding ideas all black suit

Source: Andrea David

Fill your city wedding with soft natural touches like a unique white bouquet filled with dried grains and feathery flowers. Contrast the bride’s bright white look with an all-black groom’s outfit.

23. Timeless Style

Combine modern trends like palm leaf bouquets with a classic black and white wardrobe. The style blends with all dress and suit shapes while leaving the door open for unique touches.

24. Minimalist Menu

black and white wedding wife place marker

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Add delicate decor to your dinner table by layering each place setting with a black and white menu, a touch of lavender and hand-stamped name card.

25. Overflowing Flowers

The lush table runner packed with white and green color sits atop of a floral tablecloth in the same color scheme. Add touches of soft pink and cream in your arrangements and the bride’s bouquet.

26. Modern Merriment

Maintain that classic look while breaking free from the norm with a black and white patterned wedding dress. Match the organic elegance of the laced bodice with wispy flowers and flowing ribbons.

27. Distinguished Design

Make a chic statement with tall black candlesticks set in golden stands against ivory table linens. A bright white space and clear dinner chairs add to the overall crisp and clean look.

28. Framable Vows

Make your personalized vows part of the wedding day design by matching your script to your invitation font and floral arrangements. After the wedding, frame it in your home or add to your wedding scrapbook.

29. Handwritten Name Cards

black and white wedding peacock name tag

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Guide your guests to their dinner seat with simple handwritten place cards tied up with black and white twine. Looking forward to changing your last name? Display it for the first time at your seat.

30. Celebrate By The Sea

Host your formal event by the sea and throw off your shoes for a beach photoshoot. The sharp contrast of black bridesmaid dresses will pop against the white sand.

31. Classic Cupcakes

black and white wedding cupcakes

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Nothing fits the black and white color scheme quite as well as the balanced combination of chocolate and vanilla. Alternate your cupcake display to match your palette.

32. Fashion Forward

black and white wedding ideas black and white suits groomsmen

Source: Joey Reger

Make a bold entrance with your groom’s party in crisp white suits trimmed in black. Add black accessories like hats, pocket squares and bow ties.

33. Poppies And Peonies

White flowers encompass a range of beautiful blooms like anemones, white poppies and peonies. Pick out seasonal flowers to spread throughout your reception, ceremony and bouquet.

34. Skip The Vase

black and white wedding floral box

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Break free from the traditional floral display options by packing unique boxes and containers with your favorite flowers. Black and white hat boxes filled with tulips make for lovely centerpiece displays.

35. Contemporary Style

Celebrate your chic and modern style with a white bouquet accented with flowing black ribbons and a matching contemporary wedding cake design.

36. Find Your Seat

Guests will gather around this modern and striking escort display of white cards against a black backdrop. Drape your cards in vines of vibrant green and pops of white flowers.

37. City Luxury

Show off the natural elegance of your urban venue by highlighting the colors throughout the room. Stick to all-white and black wedding details with accents of natural wood to bring out the architectural elements.

38. Garden Glam

A sprawling outdoor space requires little decor to bring out its beauty. Arrange a series of long dinner tables with white linens and a long centerpiece of lush greens, white blooms and gray and blue place settings.

39. Decadent Display

black and white wedding black desserts

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This luscious display of cakes and sugary treats balances the popular color that blends with all white and black wedding color combinations.

40. Find Your Dream Space

Wondering how to plan a wedding ceremony? Start with a breathtaking but simple venue filled with natural light. Any additional decor makes quite the statement in a clean white space.

41. Make It Yours

black and white wedding ideas black lace sleeves

Source: Jordan Burch

This bride’s black and white wedding dress shows off her own personal style, adding delicate touches of black flowers across the shoulders of a flowing sheath white gown.

42. Bright Backdrop

Donning a classic white gown and black suit? Add a creatively lit photo backdrop with golden lights for endless elegant photo opportunities.

43. Bright With Light

For a dramatic, glamour-filled evening, collaborate with a professional wedding lighting designer to highlight your ceremony, cake and tables with vibrant white light.

44. A Festive Space

Incorporate your interior design prowess in the wedding layout by bringing in cozy furniture, a family style table and lush floral arrangements to soften an industrial space.

45. Soft And Chic

Choose a creamier, softer white to fill your reception hall and create a more whimsical appearance. Add pops of black and gold to offset the white space.

46. Black Accents

Small black details make a huge impact on a pristine white dress. Add a belt, a piece of jewelry or pair of black shoes to blend with your color scheme.

47. A Garden Ceremony

black and white wedding ideas black and white suit

Source: EP Love

Highlight the crisp greenery of a wedding ceremony tucked in a backyard garden by choosing clear chairs, crystal accents and an all-white wardrobe. Include small touches of black and green in the flowers and groom’s suit.

48. Towering Tablescapes

This wedding reception table idea reaches up to add breathtaking height and dimension to the space. Drape vines filled with white flowers against pale branches on a clean white, black and crystal table design.

49. Gettin’ Ready Robes

Looking for that perfect bridesmaid gift? Choose matching gray and white robes for them to wear as they prep their hair and makeup before the ceremony.

50. Keep It Cool

black and white wedding ideas leather jackets

Source: Abby Rose

Classic black and white weddings can still showcase plenty of personality. Throw a leather jacket on top of your white wedding dress for photos and find a groom’s suit that truly shows off your style.

51. A Wedding In The Woods

Black and white themed parties also work beautifully in the heart of nature. Add soft colors like tans, greens and browns to balance the striking touches of black and white.

52. Playful Pastries

black and white wedding pastry

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Mix your black and white color scheme with the rich color of berries, cream and pastry for a tasty dessert display that blends with your wedding decor.

53. Dinner Design

Keep your wedding decorations sleek and simple to make a big statement. Space out pops of natural green on a long white table with black and white table numbers.

54. Classic Confection

Keep your style classic and sweet by choosing an all-white cake with black and white floral accents. Poppies and anemones are a popular choice in today’s black tie wedding style.

55. Soft Sophistication

Throw a formal black tie celebration in a chic, modern space by adorning the simple elements of the venue with flowing tulle, lace and ribbons. Accent the space with black velvet furniture and lush white flowers.

56. All-White Wedding

Invite your guests to wear all white for a breathtaking evening of romance as they come to celebrate your nuptials. Pepper the space with touches of black in your wardrobe and details.

57. Guest Book Display

black and white wedding ideas mr and mrs letters

Source: Unsplash

Grab your guests’ attention by surrounding your wedding book with glitter, flowers and a classic Mr. and Mrs. sign carved from white wood.

58. Celebrate The Setting

This outdoor chapel wedding adopts the natural grays and greens from the architecture around it. Add bright white floral accents to your church wedding decorations, whether indoors or out.

59. Balanced Boutonniere

Work your white and black wedding details into every corner of your wedding design—even small floral accents like the boutonnieres. Black ribbon wraps around a collection of unique white blooms in this modern arrangement.

60. Harvest Wedding

black and white wedding rehearsal table

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For an end-of-summer or early fall wedding, bring in all the pale golden colors of the harvest into a light-filled reception space. Line the table with black and white accents to balance out the earth tones.

61. Ceremony Details

You’ll likely need a range of ceremony props for your walk down the aisle, unity ceremony and wedding send-off. Choose white and black details to weave into your design.

62. Classic Kids

Give your flower girl the chance to dress up like an elegant princess in a tulle-filled black gown. Be sure to catch all her priceless moments stealing attention on the dance floor.

63. Naked Cake

black and white wedding elegant cake

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“Naked cakes,” or cakes with a minimal crumb layer of icing, show off the natural colors of the cake underneath. They also benefit from bursts of color with leaves, flowers and branches.

64. Black Tie Beauty

Go the classic route with a range of stunning black gowns for your bridesmaids, alternating necklines and styles. Give the whole group matching white bouquets to tie the look together.

65. Edible Art

This one-of-a-kind black and white wedding cake towers like an ornate pedestal topped off with a burst of pink flowers. Display your cake on a bohemian-style hanging stand and choose from unique wedding cake flavors.

66. A Good Vintage

Marrying in the heart of wine country? Celebrate a classic black-tie wedding in a rustic winery space by designing your wedding details like reception place cards from black and white, wine-themed items.

67. Two-Toned Treats

black and white wedding fruit desserts

Source: Unsplash

Fill a tray, dessert display or traditional cookie tables with two-toned, black and white desserts like chocolate mousse cups, sandwich cookies and tarts.

68. Laid-Back Elegance

Combine a formal wedding look with casual energy by choosing flowing, whimsical bridal party gowns and modern, tailored suits for the men.

69. Crisp And Clean

Set a linen-free table with white plates, pillar candles, flowers and name cards to stand out against a natural backdrop. Include small black accents to secure the name card.

70. Ceremony Seats

black and white wedding mrs and mr chairs

Source: Unsplash

Take a seat during your ceremony as your friends and family members take the stage to read your hand-picked passages or bless your upcoming marriage ahead.

Looking for ways to personalize your black and white decor? Consider handmade elements that show off your artistry such as DIY paper flowers or a handmade escort card display. No matter the season or setting for your nuptials, black and white combines to showcase your celebration with complete elegance.