53 Classic Ways to Decorate a Church for Your Wedding Ceremony

From quaint chapels in the countryside to towering Catholic cathedrals, church wedding decor is an elegant way to reflect your wedding theme. Even though a church ceremony is quite traditional, you may be wondering how to uniquely decorate a church for your wedding ceremony. Quite often, churches have specific restrictions on wedding ceremony decorations that align with the religious denomination and the time of year. Nonetheless, they range from simple pew floral arrangements to elegant altar displays.

Always begin by speaking with your church to see which ceremony decorations are allowed and which are discouraged. Choose simple accents that complement the design of the chapel. Lastly, don’t forget to send out thank you cards to your vendors when the big day is over. Below, check out ideas of both unique and simple church decorations for weddings of every style.

1. Floral Welcome

Your wedding ceremony decorations can serve as a way to guide and welcome guests. Add a bouquet to a decorative milk container with a ceremony sign, and mirror your floral color scheme throughout the church.

2. Garden Ceremony

Bring the energy of a garden wedding indoors by adding potted trees, branches, and other greenery to the church. Balance the design with white flowers and delicate fabric for a fresh aesthetic.

3. European Elegance

If you’re hosting a destination wedding in an older, European church, reflect the style of the architecture in your design. Keep rustic decor simple with a spray of flowers on the altar and warm, natural lighting with candles interspersed throughout the church.

4. Bold Color Scheme

Some churches feature bright colors throughout their year-round decor. Complement the bold pop of color in the church with your bouquets, aisle flowers, and altar displays.

5. Pew Vases

Keep your flowers fresh during your ceremony by attaching small vases to the ends of each pew. Fill each vase with a spray of flowers that match your color scheme.

6. Rustic Entranceway

Ideal for framing a chapel’s doorway, weave your wedding flowers into several curved tree branches. Simply attach the sides of the entrance for a lovely photo opportunity and simple church decor idea.

7. Floral Pew Vines

Line your aisle with elegant vines of greenery, flowers, and bows within your color scheme. This gives the whole church a cohesive, natural look while framing the aisle for your grand entrance.

8. Chapel Flower Arch

Frame your entranceway with a vibrant arch of flowers and greenery for a classic appearance. Incorporate tulle through the arrangements and railings for a cohesive theme.

9. Exterior Decor

Guests spend a good deal of time waiting outside the church as well. Add touches of flowers to accent the outside architecture of the church. This becomes an excellent spot for first-look photos before the ceremony.

10. Keep it Simple

When you’re marrying in a classic, quaint chapel, let the style of the church speak for itself. Display a simple arrangement of roses and greenery on the altar to match you and the wedding party bouquets.

11. Aisle Archway

Frame the start of your aisle with an elegant archway covered in the same flowers within your bouquet. Having a clear starting point showcases everyone who comes down the aisle, from the ring bearer to the bride.

12. Natural Touches

Forgo the traditional floral bouquets in your ceremony church decor by gathering hand-picked bundles of greenery and dried branches. Attach the sprigs to aisle chairs and around the altar for a simple, clean design.

13. Church Candle Accents

Many churches already decorate their interiors with classic candelabra and altar candles. If possible, meld their candle decor into your ceremony design, lining the room with festive ribbon and floral arrangements.

14. Soft and Elegant

Completement the color scheme of your cathedral’s stonework with your decor and flowers. Softly hued stones work best with delicate pastels and whimsical touches.

15. Hints of Decor

Many church designs speak for themselves. Take a minimal approach to ceremony church decor by adding single candles and flower petals along the aisle and one eye-catching arrangement on the altar.

16. Highlight Your Unity Ceremony

Where will you spend most of your time during the ceremony? Add pockets of brightly colored flower arrangements in areas where you plant to perform certain rituals and unity ceremonies.

17. Winter Hues

Highlight the festive time of year by incorporating seasonal winter plants into your decor. Stick to a two-colored theme—white and green make a strong pair in this wedding—and weave vines throughout the ceremony space.

18. Altar of Light

Looking to decorate your altar on a budget? Cluster small handmade arrangements of pastel-colored wildflowers with a collection of candles of different sizes for a romantic, whimsical appearance.

19. Warm Welcome

Make your arrival to the church just as welcoming as your walk down the aisle. Wrap ivey and seasonal greenery around the railings of the stairway and incorporate candles, loving signs and your flower’s overall color scheme into the front door decorations.

20. Built-in Planters

If your church’s front entrance features potted plants or areas for flowers, spruce them up with decorative branches, vines, and collection of your wedding flowers.

21. Run with a Theme

Blend a vintage reception theme into your church ceremony decor by incorporating props into your aisle and altar design. Nontraditional props like vintage suitcases decked out in flowers keep the look both classic and unique.

22. Springtime Archway

Gather a romantic collection of red, cream and pink flowers to hang above your church’s archway. This eye-catching floral arrangement will be the focal point and favorite spot for photos before and after the ceremony.

23. Matching Wreaths

Looking for a way to tie in your bouquet flowers with the rest of your ceremony decor? Work your favorite flowers into small wreaths the hang in and outside the church.

24. Elevated Decor

Highlight all the architectural beauty of your church, even above eye level. Work with your florist to create cascades of flowers on the pillars of the cathedral, and weave the same floral scheme throughout the rest of the space.

25. Reflect the Space

Tying the knot in a one-of-a-kind church setting? Reflect the natural beauty of the space by working with the venue’s existing plants and pops of color.

26. Indoor Wedding Arbor

Garden-party-inspired arbors work just as well indoors as they do out. If the front of your church has space, place a flower-adorned arbor at the front of your ceremony, lining the aisle with matching blooms to balance out the design.

27. Neon Love Message

Break the mold and add a touch of modern flair to your church wedding decor. Hang a neon sign from the choir loft to send you and your guests off with a loving message.

28. Stay Symmetrical

The design of a church is often balanced and symmetrical, making it easy on the eye. Aspire to do the same with your aisle and altar decor, keeping things clean and classic in a traditional space.

29. Welcome Signs

Guide your guests toward the ceremony with an elegant, handmade sign at the front entranceway. This doubles as beautiful décor for your arrival and exit.

30. Flowing Blooms

If you’re using particularly tropical or vine-bound flowers, find creative ways to display them in and outside the church. Hang them from your entranceway like a cascade and tuck them into tall vases up at the altar.

31. A Room of Roses

Set the scene with an extensive display of flowers both down the aisle and in the ceremony arch. Weave the same colored bloom in each section of your flower design, giving the room a cohesive look amidst the different areas of decor.

32. Handmade Accents

If you choose to go the DIY route for your church wedding decor, tie your floral design into each craft. By adding a few fresh blooms to your pew decorations, the overall aesthetic comes together.

33. Bohemian Blooms

Break away from the traditional colors and classic roses for a wilder floral design. At the entranceway of your chapel, fill your archway with wildflowers, vines, and lush greenery.

34. Tulle Accents

A budget-friendly and elegant way to decorate pews is to bunch a swatch of white tulle with a thick, satin ribbon. Match the tulle to your wedding dress or choose a complementary color.

35. Play with Greenery

Well-organized branches of greens add a simple, rustic look to a church wedding. Line a handmade sign at the entrance of your chapel with simple branches and use the same greenery down the aisle.

36. Woodland Church Wedding

Fill the space with living plants to create a whimsical woodland theme during your church ceremony. Deck out the end of each pew with wildflowers and create a welcoming archway from planted trees at the top of the aisle.

37. Draping Decor

Frame your church threshold with dense greenery and soft blooms that drapes downward. These taller flowers are meant to extend this way, making them ideal for a door frame or arbor.

38. Bundles of Eucalyptus

Particularly helpful if you’re designing your own wedding flowers, bundle together handfuls of flat-leaf eucalyptus with satin ribbons and attach them to the end of your pews. Work the same eucalyptus variety into your bouquet.

39. Romantic Hues

Spread deep reds, pinks and greens throughout your church wedding decor with the use of ribbons and fresh roses. Highlight the warm color scheme by lining the aisles with pillar candles.

40. Classic and Crafty

Some of the best simple church decorations for a wedding utilize your crafting skills. Create paper bouquets from metallic craft paper and weave throughout the church in the pews, at the altar and on the entranceway.

41. Autumnal Display

Reflect the energy of the harvest season in your church ceremony decor if you’re tying the knot in the fall. Line the aisle with bunches of pumpkins, pillar candles and pine cones for a cozy design.

42. Floral Cross

Combine your floral design with the central focus of your church ceremony. By designing a cross of roses at the front of your ceremony space, few other decorations are needed to complement this eye-catching piece.

43. Light up the Room

Ideal for smaller, wooden chapels, hang string lights with exposed bulbs across the top of your seating area. This cozy, rustic look lends a romantic lighting design to the space.

44. Candles and Vines

Flank the ceremony area with symmetrical candelabra, serving a practical purpose in the ceremony and decorative touch to the altar area. Drape with greenery for a natural accent.

45. Hydrangea Wreaths

A simple wreath for the spring and summer, the fullness of hydrangea create lovely and festive wreaths. Hang these over the front church doors with satin ribbon to match your color scheme.

46. Creative Placement

In a particular ornate church, work with your florist to highlight certain areas of the ceremony with pockets of flowers. This way, each wedding photo will capture the decor as you move throughout the service.

47. Bunches of Baby’s Breath

For a simple church decoration idea, gather large amounts of baby’s breath into straw baskets, pew accents and front door displays. These flowers always create a soft look to a ceremony with minimal arrangement necessary.

48. Line the Path

If your church has a large front lawn, guide your guests to the front door with arrangements of potted flowers. Use these spots for lovely first-look photos as well.

49. Make it Yours

Exchanging vows in a more contemporary church setting? Design the space with artistic touches that speak to who you are as a couple. Include unity ceremony items on a central altar and fill the room with warm color and light.

50. Frame Your View

Some countryside and mountain-town churches take advantage of their stunning surrounding views. Be sure to keep your decor simple, low and natural to complement the natural backdrop.

51. A Spring Display

Carry the colors of your reception flowers into your ceremony by placing two symmetrical arrangements of either side of the altar, such as these by Kio Kreations. This both frames your unity ceremony and reflects your springtime colors from your overall design.

52. Living Greenery

By using potted floral arrangements and small trees, you can more your wedding decor throughout the church more easily. No matter how early your setup, plats remain fresh in water or soil.

53. Baby’s Breath Wreaths

Baby’s breath is a go-to flower of choice for church ceremony decorations. Weave them into small wreaths to hang on alternating pews.

As you explore how to decorate a church for your upcoming wedding, tie accents of your overall color scheme and design into your ceremony decor. These choices will even help you design your wedding invitations. Most importantly, choose the design that represents you and the unique energy of your wedding day.