50 First Look Photos For Your Wedding Day

A bride sneaks up behind her spouse on their big day, ready to reveal the perfect white gown that she’s been hiding for months. Her partner stands anxiously, giddy with excitement. First look photos show an incredibly magical and intimate moment between a soon-to-be-wed couple. The raw emotion felt between the couple when they see their significant other on their wedding day for the first time is a moment worth capturing.

For those who wish to not break the tradition of seeing their partner before the wedding day, we have great news! You can still take a first look photo without fear of bad luck. Simply have your photographer capture you and your spouse’s expressions while you walk down the aisle.

We’ve collected 50 first look photos to give you inspiration for your big reveal. Capturing this romantic moment makes for the perfect wedding album idea. Your first look photos can also be used as a family calendar idea that you and your love can look back on fondly throughout the months to come.

1. Anticipated Elegance

Blindfolds add a fun, playful element of surprise to any first look moment. Your partner will be on the edge of their seat waiting for you to reveal yourself in a pristine white gown.

2. Hello, Hubby

Have your photographer capture your partner’s reaction as you take off their blindfold. It will be a moment you’ll want on film to cherish forever. Try matching the blindfold to your wedding colors for a more elegant photo.

3. Fairytale Love

With a quick tap on the shoulder, your fiance won’t be able to hold back their excitement to see you. For a more secluded first look location, try venturing to a nearby forest to capture the magical moment.

4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A colorful tuxedo and white dress against a lovely forest scene is sure to make for a romantic, eye-catching first look photo.

5. Hugs For My Honey

Capturing the moments leading up to a first look photo are just as important as the first look itself. Have your photographer take pictures of your entrance from the front as you run up behind the groom to capture the reactions on both of your faces right before the big reveal.

6. Bridal Balloons

Balloons are the perfect way to add some color and fun to a first look photo. Choose colorful balloons that match your wedding theme and will pop against a white background.

7. Holy Matrimony

It’s important for your photographer to capture your joy and excitement so you and your spouse can reminisce on your special first look moment. An empty chapel makes for a beautiful and intimate first look location.

8. Romantic Focus

Have your photographer play with the camera’s focus during your first look photoshoot by concentrating on you and your fiance in different shots.

9. Sneak Peek

Let your bridal party be a part of the first look photoshoot so they can share this special moment with you. It will be a truly memorable moment for everyone.

10. Happy Hearts

When waiting for your fiance to turn around, make sure the photographer captures the joyous expression on your face. Add this shot to your wedding photography checklist to ensure it’s documented.

11. Summer Sunshine

Have your photographer capture every second of this special wedding day moment. Incorporate the various shots into a romantic photo collage to hang in your master bedroom.

12. Modern Meadow Romance

A series shot can be comprised of a simple ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo and still show the love between you and your significant other.

13. Military Magic

A collage of first look photographs can really act a precious keepsake for any couple, so make sure your photographer snaps away to capture all of the magic.

14. Beach Beauty

Getting married on the beach? Capture some coastal elegance with a first look photoshoot in the sand. The blue water will be a fantastic backdrop for this special moment. This photo can also be used in your beach wedding thank you cards!

15. Cute and Classic

Reveal your wedding day look to your fiance by entering from behind a closed door. This is a simple way to accomplish a first look photo and keep the element of surprise.

16. Eye Love You

Perhaps the most special part of a first look is the moment you and your partner lock eyes.

17. Black And White Bliss

Having a black and white first look photo adds an extra layer of nostalgia and romance to this unforgettable moment.

18. The Moment We Met

Venture back to where you and your love met for your first look. You will both reminisce on all of the memories you have shared and celebrate your eternal love.

19. Garden Grace

Have your photographer take a step back in order to capture the beautiful outdoor scenery of your first look moment. Make sure to give your fiancé a twirl to show off your gown.

20. All Smiles

Bride holding groom's arms outside

Source: April + Paul

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing the huge grin on your fiance’s face when you appear in all white.

21. Bridal Showstopper

Consider keeping your first look moment simple and classic as shown by Eliario Photography. The sepia filter and brick pillars behind this first look moment add a special nostalgic touch to this photo without any extra fuss.

22. Rooftop Romance

If you’re getting married in a more urban area, stand with your love against a city skyline for your first look moment.

23. Here Comes The Bride

Smiling groom standing at alter with groomsmen in the back

Source: Lauren Apel

You don’t have to give up tradition to have a first look photo. This photographer captured the groom’s initial reaction while his bride made her way down the aisle.

24. Genuine Joy

This couple couldn’t hide their excitement to spend the rest of their lives together. Have your photographer attempt to showcase your wedding venue without compromising the first look itself.

25. Taking The Plunge

Rainy weather can add a beautiful and romantic touch to any first look photo, while also providing great lighting. Stand with your love under a large umbrella as you share this special moment.

26. To Have And To Hold

If possible, ask your photographer to shoot your first look moment in a way that complements your hair and dress while also capturing your fiance’s reaction.

27. Dearly Beloved

Groom wiping away tears as he holds bride in a garden

Source: April + Paul

A garden location for a first look photo adds a whimsical element to this emotional moment. It will definitely be a moment you want framed as a keepsake.

28. Snowy Sweethearts

It is important that photographers give the couple some space to be vulnerable during their first look moment, as done by Elario Photography, in order to capture genuine reactions. This also allows for a great shot of the location.

29. Tears of Joy

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Rustic wooden doors act as a beautiful backdrop for an emotional first look moment.

30. Fairytale Feelings

If you’re having a destination wedding in the mountains, you’re in luck. The earthy terrain will make for a beautiful background that looks like it is straight out of a fairytale.

31. Jaw Dropper

Don’t want to break the tradition of waiting to see your significant other until the wedding? No problem! Your photographer can still capture the reaction of your fiance watching you walk down the aisle.

32. Finding Your Soulmate

Sharing the joy of a first look moment with your partner is sure to make for an adorable keepsake photo and also allows you to showcase your personalities.

33. Endearing Excitement

The delighted expression on your fiance’s face when they see you for the first time on the big day is a moment worth capturing.

34. Black Tie Bliss

Your fiance has been waiting for months to see you in a gorgeous white gown. Make sure your photographer captures their expression when they see your bridal beauty.

35. Handsome and Happy

A modern and elegant ballroom is a great place to have a first look reveal. The luxurious enclosed area will allow your photographer to perfectly capture your partner’s delight when finally seeing you on the big day.

36. Saying ‘Yes’ To The Dress

The bride isn’t the only one who has to say ‘yes’ to the wedding dress. Your partner is sure to be just as excited when you reveal yourself in all white.

37. Winter Wedding Wonderland

Having a winter wedding? The snowy landscape during a first look offers an amazingly scenic photo.

38. Elated and Elegant

As a bride, you won’t be able to contain your excitement when you see your spouse-to-be on your wedding day. It is sure to be a moment you’ll want made into a custom canvas keepsake.

39. Lovely in Lace

A first look photo is an opportunity to capture your unique bridal style, whether is bohemian or modern.

40. Blooming Bride

A beautiful bouquet is often a must-have for most brides. Have your photographer incorporate your flowers into the first look photo.

41. A Vintage Vision

This first look photo not only showcases this bride’s unique, classic style, but also shows how excited her fiance is to see their true love.

42. Laughter and Love

Rustic barn doors create the perfect location for a first look photoshoot, as the bride can walk through them as the wedding party parts the doors.

43. An Endearing Embrace

One of the perks of having a first look is getting to spend some quality time with your love before the wedding.

44. You May Now Kiss The Bride

A first look captures a couple’s endless love for one another. Ask your photographer to take the photo at an angle that showcases your engagement ring. Consider using your first look photo for your wedding thank you cards.

45. True Love In The Tropics

Getting married in a tropical location? Take advantage of surrounding palm trees and birds of paradise plants for your first look photo.

46. Happily Ever After

Bohemian branches make for a gorgeous backdrop to any first look photo. Pair your flowy dress with a delicate flower crown for a unique touch.

47. Forever and Ever

A first look photo should first and foremost show the love between two people who are about to spend the rest of their lives together.

48. My Better Half

Can’t wait to see your honey until the wedding but don’t want to break tradition? No problem! Many couples will share a back-to-back moment together as they prepare to make a lifelong commitment to each other.

49. Around The Corner

Hold hands with your love around the corner of a room for an extra element of surprise before the big reveal.

50. Modern and Magical

Mirrors and draping greenery against neutral earth tones create a simple and elegant setting for a first look photo.

Whether you prefer to abide by tradition or don’t care about superstitions, there is always the possibility of having the perfect first look photo. It is important to consult with your wedding photographer so they can truly capture the love between you and your partner. Discuss your favorite first look ideas and take into account the best lighting options and what angles you are comfortable with.

By doing your research in advance, you will have a first look photo that you and your honey will cherish for the rest of your life. Show off this romantic moment in a custom photo book you can share with your family and friends.