30 Photo Collage Ideas for Every Room

With smartphones in our pockets, it’s easy to capture special memories in seconds. From smiling loved ones to island getaways, you may have hundreds of memories tucked away in your phone. Instead of letting those precious photos remain unseen, why not display your favorites around your home? A photo collage is a great way to display your photos so that you, your family and your friends can enjoy them for years to come.

We’ve searched the internet to bring you 30 of the very best photo collage ideas for every room in your home. From framed photos to hanging displays, you’ll find all sorts of ideas to inspire your own project. Once you choose a photo collage craft idea or select a collage poster template online, print your favorite pictures or prints that inspire you. If crafting just isn’t your thing, simply order your photos printed onto mounted wall art to create a beautiful wall collage in minutes. What are you waiting for? Display those beautiful photos.

A Gallery Grid

a grid on the wall with a happy couple on it

A great way to keep your photo collage creation simple is to create one online. This Gallery Grid Collage Poster is easy to make and allows you to swap out photos with a simple click before ordering your print. Combine photos from a single event or trip—or select pictures that share a common theme—for a final collage that’s creative and cohesive.

Choose between a number of backgrounds and layouts before uploading pictures and even adding text. With options to design either a landscape or portrait collage, you can create the perfect wall art for any nook and cranny in your home.

Washi Tape Illusion

white flowers on a table with a collage of traveling pictures

Create a washi tape collage right at home without having to make a trip to the craft store. This Washi Tape Collage Poster gives the appearance of a crafty washi tape design but doesn’t require the slightest bit of DIY talent. Upload your favorite photos online, then arrange them digitally until you create the perfect piece.

Use the text feature to label your photos as a reminder of where your special memories were made. You can even dedicate an entire wall in your home to vacation photos by creating a number of collages in portrait or landscape orientations. Then hang them together for a unique decor piece that also serves as an excellent conversation starter.

Celebrating 50 Years

a collage for a 50 year anniversary above a table with coffee and dessert

If you know someone who is celebrating a 50th birthday or anniversary, this photo collage makes a perfect gift inspired by what truly matters—the memories you make with the ones you love. Upload your favorite photos to this online template for a 50-shaped Photo Collage, then arrange them however you’d like.

Keep it simple with photos alone or use the added text feature to title your creation or add a heartfelt message. Whether you present the collage as a special gift or use it as decor for a party, it will be sure to delight everyone who gathers to celebrate the big day.

Strung with Care

vase with a hanging plant and a photo collage to the right

Recreate the popular clothespin collage with just a few simple clicks on your computer. This Clothing Pins Collage Poster allows you to produce that timeless design in minutes. Just upload your favorite photos with a bit of text to personalize and you’re done!

You can display anywhere from eight to 14 photos in portrait or landscape orientation by choosing the size that’s right for you. Before hanging the collage in your home or gifting it to a friend, make sure to place it in a frame you love!

Straight to the Heart

a heart shaped collage above a table with a jar filled with crayons

Do you love the idea of creating a heart-shaped collage to display your treasured photos, but don’t want to tackle the design yourself? This Heart Collage Poster provides an online template so that you can create the perfect heart-shaped collage in just minutes.

Use this photo collage idea to group together photos of your friends and family in a way that tells the world they’re what matters to you the most. Make sure to frame your creation before displaying it proudly in your living room, hallway or entryway for family and guests to enjoy.

Additional Photo Collage Ideas

Since there are always new ways to decorate and spruce up a space, we’ve gathered 24 more collage ideas for every room.

Office Collage Ideas

Your workspace is a place where your imagination flows, so adding creativity will help with motivation. Here are six different ways to do so, as well as home office ideas to get you started.

Keep in mind you can mix and match any photos you’d like, as well as throw in inspiring quotes for those Monday blues.


Living Room Collage Ideas

For a welcoming living room area, find images that will bring color to your space. Vacation scenery, family photos and pet illustrations are a fun way to bring joy to any room. Check out our six ideas below plus our suggestions for an inviting living room space.


Kids’ Room Collage Ideas

For a kid’s area, it’s important to create a lively and happy atmosphere. Adding past and present pictures to a room creates a sense of nostalgia and a warmth that will make them feel at home. Get inspired by these ideas below.


Bedroom Collage Ideas

Bedrooms are a haven and a place to wind down after a long day to get some rest. Vacation photos, pictures of your kids and beautiful illustrations are a sweet way to incorporate dreamy scenes into your bedroom aura. Below are some unique photo collage ideas for you can use in your bedroom.

Home decorating trends may come and go, but photo collages will always be in style. These pieces are beautiful to look at, fun to make and completely personalized to you and your family. Choose a theme for your photo collage—like a family vacation, a special event or a certain year in your child’s life—or combine a variety of photos to proudly display all the people and times dear to you.

Photo Collages Make Great Gifts

Photo collages also make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings and holidays. Create one online or fill a frame with memories the recipient will appreciate. You can even include extra photos so that your loved one has options to switch up the decor. Because photo collages work in any room, this personalized gift is one you know will be used and treasured.

Once you find the perfect inspiration for your photo collage, it’s time to break out the hammer and nails! Don’t worry—hanging prints and photos doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out this tutorial on how to hang your pictures before getting started, and you’ll have a wall full of special memories in no time.