33 Creative Wedding Cake Flavors For Your Big Day

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. You get to be creative with flavors and decorations, but most importantly, you get to taste cakes! There are hundreds of flavor combinations to choose from. To help you decide, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of wedding cake flavor ideas for every season!

This delicious tradition has been around since the 17th century and it’s certainly not going away soon. Couples for hundreds of years have celebrated their wedding day with a special cake. Use this list as inspiration for yours.

Tips For Buying A Cake

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When you are ready to pick your cake, find a baker that fits your style and budget and set up a tasting. This meeting will help you and your partner choose the flavor, size and design of your cake. Here are a few tips to make your cake buying experience easier.

How To Pick The Right Size Cake

Picking the right cake size can be tricky so add this task to your reception checklist early. The perfect cake size is determined by your guest count, how much cake you anticipate your guests will eat and other dessert options that will be provided. For a rough estimate, assume that 75% of your guests will eat cake. Talk with your baker about their serving sizes and they can help you decide on the right amount.

How To Save Money On Your Cake

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It is no secret that weddings can be expensive. Use a budget calculator to decide how much money you have to spend on a cake and talk with your baker about what you can do with that amount of money. Here are a few ways to save on your wedding cake:

  • Have small cake and include cookies, brownies and other sweets instead.
  • Talk to your baker about “fake cake” layers. Some bakers will add fake layers to your cake so that you can have a large, beautiful cake.
  • If cake is not a priority for you, make your own wedding cake or have a friend bake it.

Most Common Wedding Cake Flavors

If you and your partner are looking for a timeless option for your cake, choose one of these common wedding cake flavors. These classic cakes are sure to please!


wedding cake flavors vanilla 2

The classic vanilla wedding cake is a staple in nuptial celebrations. Even though the cake is simple, there is something truly quintessential about vanilla cake with buttercream frosting at a wedding. Many couples add creative flavors to the classic vanilla to make their cake unique.


wedding cake flavors chocolate

Like the vanilla bride’s cake, the traditional chocolate groom’s cake stands firm at the top of the list for popular wedding cake flavors. The timeless decadence of this rich tradition is enjoyable for every guest that takes a bite.

German Chocolate

German chocolate is the perfect mixture of chocolate, gooey coconut frosting and pecans. Your guests won’t be able to resist the moist texture and nutty flavor. This scrumptious recipe is a perfect twist on the classic chocolate groom’s cake.

Red Velvet

It’s no surprise that this decadent flavor tops every list of popular wedding cake flavors. Not only does red velvet cake taste rich and chocolatey, the striking color adds a pop of red to your wedding decor. Red velvet can be used with any flavor of frosting, but the classic cream cheese will always be the favorite.


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. What better way to celebrate than with champagne? Depending on your wedding colors, champagne cake can be white or even pink!


Lemon is the perfect wedding cake flavor for summer. This sweet and tangy treat is sure to impress your guests. Lemon cake is also extremely versatile, allowing you to add any flavor to show your creative side.


wedding cake flavors carrot

This classic has only recently become a popular wedding cake flavor. Carrot cake can be as sweet or as savory as you would like. This cake can be baked in a variety of ways—from adding nuts to different types of fruit, it can be made exactly how you like it.


Strawberry is a popular wedding cake flavor choice for summer and spring weddings. The pink hue of the cake goes perfectly with color schemes for the warm months. If you and your partner want to shake up the traditional strawberry flavor, try adding white chocolate and pistachios to the mix!


wedding cake flavors pumpkin

Pumpkin is the perfect cake flavor for fall weddings. The mixture of pumpkin and spices is simply irresistible! This delicious cake is usually paired with buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Flavor Combinations

If you love chocolate and your partner loves fruit, don’t worry! Get inspired by some of these decadent flavor combinations and choose a cake that is as creative as you are.

Cookies and Cream

wedding cake flavors oreo

Source: A Bakeshop

What could be better than combining your favorite cookie with your wedding cake? This chocolatey idea will send your guests back to childhood as they enjoy with smiles on their faces. The only thing missing is a cold glass of milk.

Cookie Dough

If you can’t decide between serving cake or cookies, why not combine them? The combo of moist chocolate cake, sweet frosting and chunky chocolate chips will surely delight everyone. Try adding cookie dough balls on top for easy grabbing.

Chocolate Gingerbread

wedding cake flavors chocolate gingerbread cake

Source: Liv for Cake

Chocolate gingerbread is a perfect holiday twist on the classic chocolate wedding cake. The added spice and molasses flavors will make your fall or winter wedding feel warm and cozy. Put out some ice cream for your guests as a special treat.

Black Forest

wedding cake flavors black forrest

Source: Sugar Hero

The combination of cherry, chocolate and whipped cream is the stuff of dreams. This rich classic makes the perfect addition to a romantic or dramatic themed wedding.

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a must when the weather starts to cool down. If you’re getting married in the winter, try mixing up a classic by adding some heat to your chocolate. Add some sweet chocolate buttercream frosting to this spicy masterpiece for the perfect balance.


wedding cake flavors tirimisu cake

Source: Eat Love Eat

If you love this espresso flavored Italian dessert and can’t imagine your wedding day without it, try a tiramisu cake. Espresso and mascarpone blend effortlessly, creating a delightful flavor and texture for your wedding cake.

Chocolate Hazelnut

What’s better than chocolate and hazelnut? Nothing! Except maybe both of those things in cake form. This delightful cake will have your guests coming back for seconds and probably even thirds.

Raspberry Chocolate

Raspberry and chocolate were made for each other. The tangy sweetness of raspberry pairs miraculously with the rich chocolate. Use the raspberries for a delicious cake decoration.

Fruity Flavor Combinations

Choose a fun and fruity creation for your wedding cake. These creative ideas are sure to tickle the taste buds and wow your guests!

Lemon and Raspberry

Incorporate this sweet and tangy mixture into your spring or summer dessert spread. Serve this cake to your guests with some pink bubbly for the perfect combination.

Lemon and Elderflower

wedding cake flavors lemon and elderflower

Source: Liv for Cake

If you have dreamed of having a wedding fit for royalty, then serve a lemon and elderflower cake like Harry and Meghan. Add some of your wedding flowers or make your own paper flowers to tie it into your theme.

Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Fruit and chocolate mix together delightfully in a cherry cake. This beautiful creation adds a dark and romantic element to your dessert table.

Brown Sugar Cranberry

wedding cake flavors brown sugar cranberry

Source: Sugar Hero

If you’re having a wedding around the holidays it can be hard to acknowledge the season without having cheesy decor. Brown sugar cranberry cake is the answer. The moist brown sugar spice cake and the tangy cranberry filling gives your wedding holiday spirit without overdoing it.

Naked Earl Grey Cake With Raspberry

Enchant the tea lovers at your event with a naked Earl Grey tea cake. This delicate cake is perfect for weddings in the colder months. The addition of raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream will give your cake a well-rounded and scrumptious flavor profile.

Rosemary Orange Blossom

When picking flavor combinations, don’t be afraid to get creative. Tell your baker your favorite flavors and let them craft a masterpiece for you. For example, rosemary and orange blossom are not two flavors that are paired together often. But in a rosemary orange blossom cake, the two flavors work together seamlessly.

Naked Hummingbird Cake

If you want to pay homage to your southern roots on your big day, look no further than the hummingbird cake. These pineapple and banana spiced cakes are southern gems. Complete with cream cheese frosting and pecans, this wedding cake flavor is simply irresistible.

Orange Thyme

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of savory and sweet, a brown sugar buttermilk cake with thyme frosting might be the perfect choice for you. This wedding cake flavor is perfect for any season. Add this to your list of unique reception ideas to make your day as special as you and your partner are.

Out-Of-The-Box Flavor Combinations

If you have been hoping for something different than chocolate or fruit, then try some of these out-of-the-box cake ideas!

Naked Eggnog Cake

Are you dreaming of a white…wedding day? Christmas weddings are so special. The brisk air outside and the warm festivities inside make for a dreamy day. Top off your holiday theme with a naked eggnog cake. For some extra detail, decorate with holiday fruits and spices.

Salted Caramel Cake

wedding cake flavors salted caramel

Source: A Bakeshop

It’s no secret that salt and caramel are a popular flavor duo. There are salted caramel chocolates, lattes and cookies, so why shouldn’t there be a salted caramel wedding cake? If you’re as obsessed with this flavor as we are, serve your guests this sinfully sweet treat.

Maple Pecan

Maple pecan is a great wedding cake flavor choice for any time of year but fits perfectly in fall wedding themes. This delicious flavor is sure to wow your guests both young and old.

Vanilla Rosemary

wedding cake flavors white cake with rosemary butter cream

Source: Esther Sun

Couples have started to personalize their weddings by taking simple vanilla cake and adding a subtle flavor to make it unique. If you love rosemary, why not add it to your cake? The result is a delicious and special cake that your guests will enjoy.

Naked Hibiscus Cake

wedding cake flavors vanilla bean with hibiscus

Source: Esther Sun

Similarly, if you have a favorite flower, talk to you baker about adding notes of it to your cake. A naked hibiscus cake is perfect for warm and floral filled spring weddings.

Naked Tres Leches Cake

This delicious Mexican sponge cake is the perfect wedding cake flavor for any time of year. This dessert is soaked in three types of milk, making it difficult to stack, so you may have to serve mini versions to your guests. However, the flavor and texture is so exquisite, they won’t mind.


For a soft and buttery flavor, choose a delicious pistachio cake. This nutty dessert is a perfect springtime cake. The light pistachio, vanilla and almond flavors blend together effortlessly.


For a couple that loves green tea, matcha cake is the perfect fit. The delightful taste of matcha mixed with honey and buttercream frosting makes this green dessert a true masterpiece. This cake would make a perfect addition to a natural themed wedding.

Every decision that you make in your wedding planning process should reflect the love that you and your partner share. Whatever cake you choose, make sure it is as creative and spectacular as you are. As delicious as cakes are, they will eventually be eaten. Consider making a wedding album as a special memento of your best day.