90+ Showstopping Wedding Cake Ideas For Any Season

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your wedding, excitedly sent out your save the dates and thought about your wedding invitations, it’s time to start thinking about the yummiest part; the cake.

No matter what time of the year you are getting married, a wedding cake can be a show-stopper. You can choose classic whites with intricate piping or go for a more modern twist with colorful hand painted details. Below we’ve selected 94 beautiful wedding cakes to choose from. Happy cake hunting!

Instructions: Click through the first row of buttons to sort by traditional and non traditional wedding cake ideas. Click on the second and third rows to sort by the type of cake. Click any photo for a larger view.

When the sky's the limit, your cake should be too. This regal cake features gold embroidery, fit for kings and queens alike.

Source: Sweet Guilt

Instead of flowers, decorate your cake with a variety of colorful berries for a rustic, modern feel.

Source: Sugar Lane Cake Shop

This rustic undressed cake, accented with figs and blueberries, is the perfect addition to a woodland-themed wedding.

Source: Sprinkle & Dash Cakes and Catering

This elegant cake is dressed in subtle gold sequins, adding just the right touch of sparkle to your special day.

Source: Annie's Culinary Creations

This black and white cake is anything but basic! Each layer is styled differently, blending a variety of trends into one seamless dessert.

Source: Cake Studio

Why settle for just one wedding cake trend? The metallic gold looks pairs beautifully with a pop of bright floral watercolors.

Source: Cake Ink

With love as sweet as Winnie the Pooh, chocolate cake, cookies AND cupcakes are needed for this special occasion!

Source: Fairie Tales

Intricately stenciled metallic stars scattered throughout this cake stand out behind a base of ivory fondant.

Source: Anna Delores Photography

This cake radiates with understated elegance, from its metallic stripes to its soft watercolored hue.

Source: Erica O'Brien Cake Design

Photo Credit: Melanie Zacek Photography

Striking watercolors and metallic accents make this wedding cake feel like a piece of stained glass.

Source: The Cake Whisperer

Photo Credit: Laura Kelly Photography

Channel your inner lovebirds with an enchanting topper and wholly unique cake layers.

Source: Ilaria Petrucci

Make a bold statement with a 24-karat tiered cake.

Source: Fab Mood

Photo Credit: Megan Clouse Photography

Pair purple and gold together in different ways in this opulent and vibrant cake.

Source: Carrie's Cakes

A rustic cake with accents of red and gold makes for a simple and stunning centerpiece.

Source: Kaked by Katie

For the bride who likes it sweet and simple, this handpainted floral cake is the perfect choice.

Source: Le Dolci

Photo Credit: Olive Photography

This cake is an instant classic, featuring an intricate layer of lace and silver detailing.

Source: Faye Cahill Cake Design

This tropical cake uses island fruits and flowers to create a bold and colorful statement.

Source: Bee's Bakery

A rustic cake gets a touch of whimsy with a banner and peach flowers.

Source: Anna Cake Couture

A whimsical topper is the perfect complement to a rustic and simple cake.

Source: Dream Cakes

Photo Credit: Powers Studios

Channel your free spirits in this simple cake festooned with vivid wildflowers.

Source: Lily Vanilli

With subtle shades of watercolor pink and crowned in a wreath of flowers, this gorgeous cake reminds us of love's sweet blush.

Source: Merdeditas Bakery

Show the uniqueness of your love with this romantic cake, which mimics initials carved into a tree.

Source: Birchgrove Baking

Sparkly fruit and pale pink roses add a little something special to this traditional white cake.

Source: Anneli Marinovich

A fairytale wedding gets its happy ending with this mint cake covered in delicate lace detailing.

Source: The Red Cake Company

A cascading waterfall of flowers adds a romantic touch to this classic cake.

Source: Elysia Root Cakes

Photo Credit: David Turner Photography

Beautifully detailed pearl stenciling takes center stage in this traditional white cake.

Source: Connecticut Wedding Cakes

Blush and blue succulents add a rustic vibe when wrapped around a traditional white cake.

Source: Pretty Please Bakeshop

This painted cake is so beautiful it almost belongs in a gallery! Delicate ruffled icing and watercolor flowers make for a jaw-dropping work of art.

Source: Palette Cakes

You don't have to stick with one cake flavor on your big day. This rustic naked cake features three different flavors and still manages to look effortless.

Source: Holly Loves Cake

A magnificient floral bouquet crowns this simple vanilla cake, perfect for a backyard wedding.

Source: Quintesssential Cakes

Nothing says romance like a rustic white cake wrapped in peonies and lavender.

Source: Wicked Cakes of Savannah

Small daisies and a pop of yellow are perfect for a simple spring wedding cake.

Source: Sugar Ruffles

A simple peach flower is the perfect complement to this blue and white laced cake.

Source: Bridal Guide

Photo Credit: Jillian Joseph Photography

This decadent black and white stunner almost resembles a top hat- perfect attire for your event of the century!

Source: Sweet Fix

A stunning tropical flower is accented by bold hues of purple, pink and orange in this festively fun cake.

Source: Sweet Tooth Confections

Lego lovers will find this cake the perfect dessert to build into their wedding planning!

Source: Eat Your Cake Too

No matter which way you slice it, pink, gold and white are a classic and chic color combination.

Source: Rosie Shaw Cake Company

A garland of silver feathers adds a touch of opulence to this traditional white cake.

Source: Catherine George Cakes

Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead Photography

Bronze offers a different approach to the metallic trend and adds a rustic feel when paired with burlap accents.

Source: Wilton

A nest is the perfect place for two love birds, as illustrated with this adorable and creative cake topper.

Source: Amber Lynn Photography

Love is sweetly celebrated on this cake featuring shadow cutouts and an explosion of colorful balloon candy.

Source: Cakes 2 Cupcakes

Handpainted flowers and a ruffled bottom add a touch of whimsy to this towering white cake.

Source: Baked Custom Cakes

Photo Credit: Rachel Birkhofer Photography

Ruffles and ombre combine to make a truly head-turning wedding cake.

Source: Wedding Include

Photo Credit: Catrina Earls Photography

Sharp geometric lines and a wash of blue watercolor give this simple cake an air of sophistication.

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Photo Credit: Ashley Rains Photography

Put a unique spin on your big day by incorporating different textures in the tiers of your wedding cake.

Source: Cupadee Cakes

Delicate greens and blues stain this elegant cake, perfectly fit for a seaside wedding.

Source: Knead to Make

Celebrate the moment it all started with a romantic drawing that captures the moment of the proposal.

Source: Fluffy Thoughts

This colorful ombre cake, inspired by the colors of autum, would be a showstopping centerpiece for a fall wedding.

Source: Baked NYC

Photo Credit: Brian Kennedy

This beachy cake, with sugar candy seaglass and white chocolate seashells, is the perfect complement to oceanside "I dos."

Source: The Pastry Studio

This opulent forest-themed cake features gold detailing and an array of colorful flowers, perfect for any woodland fete.

Source: Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

In need of something blue? This deep teal cake offers a pop of color- and stands out from the crowd.

Source: Nine Cakes

Hammered copper and concrete styling gives this cake a striking industrial look, softened by the use of a succelent topper.

Source: Cake Coutureni

An ivory cake gets a touch of playfulness with the addition of white chocolate snowballs and glitter.

Source: Joyfully Home

A dark chocolate cake looks just as elegant as traditional ivory when paired with gold accents and bright blooms.

Source: Blossom and Crumb

This cake is a marriage of opposites: both square and round, sleek and ruffled. It's the perfect solution for those who want a little bit of everything.

Photo Credit: Bluebird Productions

We all scream for ice cream! Show love for your favorite dessert with this whimsical and bright cake.

Source: Hey There Cupcake

Want to treat your guests to a variety of cupcakes, but keep the tradition of a wedding cake for you and your partner? This set-up is the perfect solution!

Source: Next to Me Studios

Peony ice cream cones add delight and whimsy to this sweet pink cake.

Source: The Bird Cage

Photo Credit: He is Visual Photography

Stop in the name of love! Fuschia and gold embroidery rings this unique hexagon-shaped cake.

Source: Sylvia Weinstock Cakes

A spray of bright flowers takes center stage when paired with aqua and baby pink icing.

Source: El Ciervo

Tiered racks of assorted donuts offer a sweet alternative to a traditional cake.

Source: Philly in Love

Photo Credit: Alison Leigh Photography

One of the biggest trends goes back to the basics- a naked cake christened with a halo of fresh flowers.

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

Photo Credit: Sarah Beth Photography

For a rustic, simple wedding, serve a cake at home in nature: topped with flowers and resting on a slab of wood.

Source: The Wedding Playbook

Photo Credit: Katherin Schultz Photography

Wildflowers provide the perfect topper for a simple cake perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Source: Two Front Teeth

This undone cake is a vision in red, letting layers of rosy-hued fruits and flowers take center stage.

Source: Zankyou Weddings

Photo Credit: Nadia Meli

Instead of a wedding cake, what about a wedding waffle? This unique dessert features layers of fresh cream and fruit atop sugary Belgian waffles.

Source: Waffle Love

Love is key, as this creative gold and rainbow flecked cake clearly shows.

Source: One Belle Bakery

It's true love! This "Princess Bride" cake absolutely steals our hearts.

Source: Little Cherry Cake Company

Unexpected pops of green pair well with metallic gold layers in this towering work of art.

Source: Charm City Cakes

Flecks of gold leaf and imperfect frosting add understated elegance to this artistic cake.

Source: Simply Sifted

Bookworms rejoice! This ultra-romantic cake features roses that look like crumpled paper and accents that look like old worn love letters.

Source: Jasmine Rae Cakes

Artistic couples will appreciate this geometric cake that appears to be painted with sunset-hued brushstrokes.

Source: Sweet Fix

Photo Credit: Sarah Street Photography

This is a cake fit for art lovers, with an ornate gold "frame" showcasing a Monet-worthy painting.

Source: Winifred Kriste Cake

This chocolate centerpiece wears a ruffled skirt and a lace sash, making it seem destined to win first place in a beauty pagent.

Source: Victoria Made

For a wedding that truly rocks, nothing sparkles more than this jaw-dropping geode cake.

Source: Intricate Icings

Photo Credit: Ali N Garrett

Love is a celebration. Show off your wild side with this festive candy-coated cake.

Source: Claire Owen Cakes

The unique color combo of copper and chocolate makes for a drool-worthy wedding cake.

Source: Ruffled Blog

Photo Credit: Sarah Libby Photography

For those who prefer their sweet to be extra savory, a cake made entirely out of cheese is the perfect alternative to a traditional dessert.

Source: Ruffled Blog

Photo Credit: Orbie Pullen

A cheerful topper takes center stage in this undone and "beary" romantic cake!

Source: Brides

Photo Credit: Max and Friends Photography

For a playful and festive celebration, adorn your cake in a shower of bright sprinkles.

Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

Photo Credit: Megan Beth Photography

A colorful peacock topper adds touches of whimsy and glamour to a beautifully blue cake.

Source: Bella e Dolce

This ruffled pink ombre cake features a sweet flamingo topper and beachy vibes.

Source: Earth and Sugar

Photo Credit: Philip Siciliano Photography

This cake is inked with an adorable hand-drawn portrait and accompanied with matching cookies for a playful feel.

Source: Nevie Pie Cakes

A hilarious- and blunt- golden topper gives way to tiers of donuts and a romantic couple's cake.

Source: Creme de la Cakes

For the couple who would rather be biking, nothing screams true love like the intricately detailed gears and chains on this chocolate cake.

Source: Rock N Roll Bride

Photo Credit: Kimberley Waterson Fine Art Photography

Colorful brushstrokes add an ethereal touch to this simple, romantic cake.

Source: Rodeo and Co

For a wedding that is truly out of this world, try a chocolate cake painted to look like a galaxy.

Source: A Cake Life

A sandcastle cake is a creative and playful centerpiece for all off-duty mermaids.

Source: Sweet Cheeks Baking

Photo Credit: Heather Elise Photography

Don't want to stick with one cake type? An array of colorful cupcakes offer a variety of different flavors - the only limit is your imagination!

Source: Artfully Wed

Photo Credit: Heather Scharf Photography

Chocolate and peanut butter are the best combination. Celebrate your love of this pairing with a unique cake topped with peanut butter cups.

Source: Guilty Bakery

Show love's true colors by dressing up a simple white cake with a bright pop of rainbow meringue.

Source: Fondant Fox