60+ Wedding Color Combinations You’ll Love

Designing the details of your wedding day begins with choosing your wedding colors. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down your list — especially when you consider a whether you want a monochrome, muted or metallic palette. Determining a wedding color combination at the start of your planning can help narrow down so many options, from decor to bridesmaid dresses. Browse our season-specific wedding color combinations to find a blend that’ll bring your love story to life.

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With vibrant reds and yellows, fall weddings can draw inspiration from nature. Opt for bright metallics like gold or bronze as accent pieces or go a more muted route with soft neutrals. See some of our favorite ways to create a fall wedding palette below.

Tawny Brown and Pine Green

metallic couch at fall wedding Create a fall wedding scene that’s warm and inviting by choosing browns and greens — then accent with off-white features, like this vintage couch.

Gold and Plum Wine

flowers and gold plate setting Elegant and sophisticated, this rich color scheme adds depth to a fall celebration. The plum hues provide warmth while the pink and gold tones provide balance.

Off-White and Hunter Green

gold candlesticks on table Build contrast into your wedding colors with hunter green and off-white tones. Add in brown and orange shades to round out your autumn scheme.

Gold and Evergreen

gold escort card setting Opt for simple and sleek by choosing green and white as your color scheme mainstays. Metallic accents, like your silverware and table runners, offer the extra personality needed to make this combination pop.

Magenta and Sage

blush pink candles Invite warm, rich colors to your wedding celebration. Accents like eucalyptus and gold-colored candle holders help temper the deep magenta in the flowers and candles.

Maroon and Deep Purple

purple wedding cake From your bridesmaid dresses to your dessert table, deck everything out in rich purples and maroons for an elegant, flavorful affair.

Cherry Red and Heather Purple

berry dessert spread Brighter colors lend well to a modern theme. Incorporate purple tones along with black and white accents to harmonize your color ensemble.

Green, Pink and Black

curtains at wedding ceremony Depending on where you get married, there may be plenty of natural green left once fall rolls around. Build your color scheme using this green inspiration then incorporate pink, black and white details.

Brown, Maroon and Salmon

wood backdrop with armchair By selecting darker colors, like maroon and brown, you bring a certain warmth to your ceremony and reception. Accent with light-hearted shades of white and pastel pink for features like your candles and flowers.

Pinkish Reds

small flowers at table For a romantic feel, choose wedding colors that live on the pink spectrum, like solid and pastel pinks. Build texture into your decor by incorporating slightly darker detailing.

Blue Variations

all blue table setting A gradient scale of peaceful blues makes for a beautiful and serene wedding — for everything from your tablecloth and candles to your cake and glassware.

Red Gradient

floral arch Want fall wedding colors that stand out? Design your special day with red and maroon shades, like the stunning flowers on this ceremonial archway.

Latte Brown to Caramel

muted pink table setting From beige to chestnut, make your wedding feel like a warm autumn paradise. Include a mix of light and dark browns in your bridesmaid dresses, table settings and other reception decor.

Scarlet, Dark Brown and Deep Burgundy

dark wooden table with florals The best wedding color schemes are timeless, like this one primarily built of maroon, red and dark brown.

Golden Yellow and Lipstick Red

orange rustic cake Orange, red and tan combine to form a bright, colorful fall wedding scheme. For a special touch, have your cake decorations mimic the actual flowers of your special day.

Earth Tones and Canary Yellow

hay bails at wedding ceremony With green, brown and yellow wedding colors, you’ll create an earthy vibe that offers a flair of vibrant energy.

Dark Green and Pastel Pink

vintage table setting If you’re in search of a color scheme that’ll look great in photos for years to come, try this vintage look that incorporates green, soft pink and a rich maroon.


You can still get creative with colors when the temperatures are cooler. Get inspired by the holidays with deep reds and greens or go for a winter wonderland with brighter whites.

Raisin and Pine

winter cocktails on tray Pair together evergreen and mint tones for an earthy, organic winter vibe. Build contrast with dark purple and pastel pink for a full-bodied color scheme.

Gray, Peacock Blue and Gold

white crystal cake Wedding themes don’t have to include vibrant colors. Stick to neutral tones, like silver, gray, navy and gold, for a truly elegant aura.

Pine, Brass and Pastel Blue

pine cone wedding decor Earthy details like pinecones and evergreens can act as beautiful inspiration for winter wedding colors. Bring in pale blue and black for accents to create a breathtaking winter wonderland.

Black and Gold

black and gold table Give your wedding a fresh, modern feel with greenery and gold. Tie in black and off-white accents in pieces like your tablecloths, napkins and candles.

Lavender and Gold

purple table setting Consider a wedding color scheme that’s infused with lavender tones. Add shimmery details like sequins and gold-colored silverware for extra personality.

Ruby and Sage

winter themed cake Green and red are frequently spotted together in the winter — and for good reason. They’re charming and vibrant when side-by-side and allow for simple accent details.

Gold, Black and White

black and gold table setting Beautiful neutral tones like gold, black and white make for a stunning winter wedding scheme. While these colors often serve as accents in other schemes, they steal the show when combined together.

Garnet and Cream

garnet and cream color palette Consider matching the colors of your different accessories — like a birch backdrop and off-white tablecloth — so there are fewer colors overall. Your guests will then be drawn to special accent pieces like the red pomegranates in this table setting.

Rich Reds

deep red wedding table This monochrome theme offers a truly classic winter feel. The scheme also symbolizes deep love through its beautiful variations of red.

Purple Medley

dark purple flowers With varying pink and purple tones, you’ll turn an ordinary bouquet into a lush garden even in the midst of winter. Coordinate these colors with your other details like your bridesmaid dresses and table settings.

Blueish Greens

soft blue bouquet By designing your bouquet and other accessories with a mix of blues and greens, your brilliant white dress will stand out amongst everything else.

Merlot and Sage

merlot and green wedding table Choose wooden tables and chairs to bring a genuine warmth to your wedding celebration. By adding reds, pinks and greens, you’ll make your guests feel extra cozy and comfortable.

Wood Inspiration

brown barn Don’t forget that some barns are still available for receptions in the winter time. Choose late harvest colors for your accessories, decorations and chairs.

Brown Blend

chocolate wedding cake Aim for a rustic vintage aura by selecting rich browns to fill your wedding scheme. Everything from your cake to your table settings can include these warm tones.

Pine Green and Soft Browns

Orange and green wedding table Place green tones next to brighter colors to bring your table settings and party to life — even in the midst of wintertime.


Summer time is one of the most popular wedding seasons — and for good reason. The weather is bright and sunny, making it easier to host outdoors. With many flowers in full bloom, take advantage of the bright colors from Mother Nature.

Mint Green and Eggshell

green and neutral wedding table Consider summer wedding colors that are playful yet elegant, like mint green and pink. Line your tables with eucalyptus — then accent with black details such as your napkins and menu cards.

Greens and Golds

green and gold decor Capitalize on the long nights and late sun by choosing golds and greens to highlight the season of mid to late summer.

Pastel Pink and Cedar Brown

pastel pink wedding table Design a formal wedding that’s built with an expression of feminine beauty. Dark browns and blacks offer a contrast to pastel pink details like your tableware and bridesmaid dresses.

Mint, Hunter Green and Gold

gold hanging planters A green color palette — with shades from mint to hunter green — gives way for exquisite details, like these gold geometric hangers.

Bright Array

colorful flower arrangement Choose a bouquet — and color scheme — with multiple pastel tones to highlight the vibrant nature of your summer celebration.

Periwinkle, Turquoise and Reddish Brown

bright hanging lanterns Looking for summer wedding colors that’ll stand out from the crowd? Compile your scheme with periwinkle blue, deep turquoise and reddish brown.

Deep Greens and Purples

pink and orange bouquet Design your bouquet with the best of the season: deep greens and purples from succulents — and bright, inviting colors from zinnias and roses. Match your other wedding details to these stunning hues.

Blue and Green

green and blue wedding table This green and blue color scheme exemplifies a romantic and playful vibe. Add in light and dark accents for extra depth and personality.

Beach Foliage

bouquet on beach You don’t have to select vibrant colors for a summer wedding. Instead, opt for the diverse greens of summertime to contrast your beautiful white bouquet and wedding dress.

Lilac to Grape

hanging lilac lanterns This purple palette is easily accessible during the summertime. The best part? These colors look beautiful in both the daylight and the waning hours of your wedding reception.

Peach, Green and Pastel Pink

peach wedding decor Build an atmosphere that’s light and airy with pastel pink features. Complement with orange tones and contrast with darker greens.

Bright Yellow and Biscotti

bright yellow flowers Do you enjoy watching sunsets? Try to mimic those tones by capturing the colors of the sky and introducing them into your wedding color scheme.

70s Beach Tones

yellow car with just married sign Make your guests feel like they’re at the beach by choosing sandy gold tones and relaxing blues. Your guests will be so comfortable they’ll want to party all night long.

Brown and Blush

dark brown and soft white colors Create an elegant, forest-like wedding by leaning on darker green decor and centerpieces. Integrate pinks and white tones to highlight the tender beauty of your love story.

Pastel Pink, Sea Green and Merlot

merlot flowers at wedding ceremony Set the mood to cheerful with brown and green earth tones accented with deep burgundy. The playful contrast pairs well with wooden features, like chairs, benches and tables.

Mauve and Pine Green

purple archway Mimic the feel of a vineyard with purples, greens and browns. Incorporate long, sweeping bouquets and draping fabrics to enhance this Mediterranean feel.


With flowers freshly bloomed, welcome the spring weather with a soft and colorful wedding scheme. Whether you opt for an outdoor ceremony or indoor reception, you have the whole rainbow to choose from.

Pink, Green and Gold

green and pink wedding table Spring symbolizes new beginnings. Construct a theme that’s vibrant and full of life with pinks and greens — all in anticipation of a beautiful new journey as a married couple.

Currant and Rose

red and green centerpiece Romantic and dramatic all rolled into one, this vivid scheme represents the richness of your love. Balance the deep tones with gold features, like your candlesticks and flower vases.

Golden Brown

metallic gold wedding table Not only can you glean color from your flowers and table decor, but from the candlelight itself. Consider a gold palette for a classic, luminous aura.

Silver and Soft Pink

pastel and silver wedding With a spring wedding, you’ll have access to a large selection of fresh florals. Light pinks give way to soft silver accents — making your wedding both radiant and welcoming.

Blue and Pale Orange

jeweled blue wedding table These spring wedding colors are fun, upbeat and playful. By infusing blues into your decor amidst light orange tones, you’ll have a celebration that’s bound to energize your entire guest list.

Black with Soft Pinks

black and pink door at church Yes, you can include black in your spring wedding scheme — just make sure to offset the dark tone with light pinks and oranges.

Green and Crimson with Cream

white and red wedding decor Let the natural elements of spring, like white flowers and fresh greenery, set the scene for your wedding day. Add in a deep accent color, like red, to offer hints of contrast.

Pastel Purple, Orange and Mint

pink and blue marbled cake Why not make your special day as unique and fun as possible? Integrate purple, orange and mint throughout your decor for a festive, playful vibe.

From Blush to Currant Red

red and pink flower arch Some of the most stunning florals are available in the springtime. Build an archway out of pink and red blooms — all of which should complement your dress and bridal party attire.

Simply Pink

lace and pink table Choosing wedding colors can be simple when you opt for springtime mainstays like creamy pinks and whites. The greenery that naturally accompanies your flowers will act as the perfect accent tone.

Lavender with Green

soft green table Do you love the richness of this green theme as much as we do? Be sure to tie in natural accents like fresh lavender to add bits of festive color.

Pinkish Purple

bright pink flowers on cake A spectrum of pinks and purples will offer a certain grace to your special day. The best part? Some of the prettiest spring flowers are rich with these hues.

Sage, Evergreen and Gold

burlap and green wedding Keep your wedding scheme simple and classic by utilizing greens and golds. Incorporate all of your favorite DIY wedding ideas, such as burlap accent pieces and handmade bouquets.

Coral and Berry

vintage wood centerpiece Add depth to your springtime reception by selecting an array of lavish pinks and reds. Remember that not only can flowers add to the color scheme, but the flower stands and accessories as well — like the wood slices and moss featured in this arrangement.

Pastel Pink, Green and Sandy Brown

rustic outdoor wedding By combining sandy brown, green and pastel pink, you’ll achieve an outdoorsy, late spring atmosphere — all while making it feel elegant and inviting.

Lavender and Golden Yellow

lace and purple flower centerpiece Infuse beautiful earth tones throughout your wedding — helping to highlight special lavenders, blues and golds, characteristic of the spring season.

No matter which wedding color combination you choose, the love you celebrate on your special day is what matters most. Personalize your wedding with details like your ceremony programs and guestbook.