80 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you may have noticed all those sweet personal details the bride and groom incorporated into their special event. These may include their furry best friends, cocktail stirrers, or a really unique backdrop.

Whether you want to pay homage to your loved ones who are no longer here or just take your wedding on a fun twist, all these small details will make your special day even more memorable. 

Below we have 80 easy and simple ways to personalize your wedding without adding extra stress to your big day.

A Memorable Ceremony

art frame with wedding poster

  • Choose “your song” for when you walk down the aisle.
  • Have a friend ordain your ceremony.
  • Have a family member sing with the choir.
  • Include your favorite quote in your wedding invitations.
  • Include children in the ceremony as ring bearers or have them help with vows or walking with mothers.
  • Read a poem in your native language.
  • Hand flowers to your matchmakers during the ceremony.
  • Choose a meaningful place for your save the date photos.
  • Use your parents’ rings to honor them in a meaningful way.
  • Create a fun table for your guests to place their wedding gifts.
  • Instead of kids as ring bearers, include the older generations such as grandparents or family friends.
  • Make your ring pillow from materials of a family keepsake.
  • Monogram the aisle entrance with your new initials.
  • If your wedding is in the summer, hand out paper fans to the guests.
  • Illustrate your wedding programs and include cute cartoons of the bridal party as well. You can even give the illustrations as gifts to your bridesmaids and grooms.
  • Choose a non-traditional bouquet like succulents or even studded jewels or crystals.
  • Have mismatched bridesmaids in different colors and shades.
  • Create a unique essential oil mix or perfume and spritz it on your flowers.
  • Throw confetti initials instead of traditional rice.

A Joyful Reception

table with vintage photos

  • Include a unique wedding guest book, or a printed photo display.
  • Display all the the handwritten notes you’ve ever written to each other in a large frame for all guests to see.
  • Choose family linens for the sweetheart table.
  • Display a fun fact about the bride and groom on each table.
  • Create signature drinks that represent the both of you.
  • Monogram your wedding napkins.
  • Create centerpieces with different themes for each table.
  • If you are both children at heart, hang balloons from the ceiling.
  • Have a custom neon sign created just for your sweetheart table.
  • Pick a unique reception spot such as a forest, aquarium or botanical garden for the perfect themed wedding.
  • Have a kids table with crayons, coloring books and printable activities to keep them entertained.
  • Honor loved ones by placing wedding plaques and pictures on a special table.
  • Include beautiful glassware that has been passed on through generations.
  • Name each table after your favorite movies.
  • Create a unique cake topper that represents the two of you.
  • Hand the DJ a playlist of you and your sweetheart’s favorite songs.
  • Include fun “food stations” of your favorite foods such as sushi, cheese and gourmet appetizers.

  • Have charcuterie boards from around the world to represent your love of traveling and food.
  • Include your honeymoon theme as part of the wedding.
  • If you collect memorabilia, decorate your wedding with vintage toys and signage.
  • For garden aficionados, decorate with hanging plants all over the venue.
  • Use unique and mismatched furniture instead of standard white chairs for an eclectic look.
  • Create a special menu that includes a family tradition cake.
  • DIY your own unique chandelier to match your wedding colors.
  • Design your own wedding backdrop such as a flower wall or green garland.
  • If you love music, incorporate guitar picks as part of your wedding such as in the boutonniere or table numbers.
  • Don’t be afraid to include your hobby such as collecting vintage items, sports or art into your decor.
  • Hire a comedian to warm up the crowd.
  • Visit any food trucks often? Have them cater your wedding. This works especially well with smaller receptions.
  • Bake your favorite homemade cookies to go along with your cake.
  • Choreograph a dance routine with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Along with your memorable father and mother dance, include your siblings and dance to their favorite song.

Special Bride & Groom Details

dog with flower crown

  • Make sure to include your furry best friend walking down to aisle or during the ceremony — don’t forget their flower crown!
  • Make a unique and grand entrance, such as on a carriage to represent your Central Park first date.
  • Use your mother’s wedding dress lace on your bouquet and include a special charm that is meaningful to you.
  • Initial your future spouse’s name in your wedding attire.
  • Handwrite a note to your spouse and hide it in a special place before the wedding, let them know as soon as your ceremony is over.
  • Monogram the wedding dress hanger.
  • Have an eco-friendly wedding if you are lovers of nature.
  • Personalize candles with your favorite love quotes from movies or poems.
  • Add framed photos from your hometowns into the decor such as the cute corner cafe you visited as a kid.
  • If you both have a quirky personality, don’t be afraid to use bold colors such as neons and rainbows.
  • If you are sports fans, add a fun twist with your favorite team colors.
  • Give party favors that represent the cities you have visited as a couple.
  • Recreate your first meal together as a couple for your main dish.
  • Llamas and farm animals would be the perfect addition for those who love and appreciate furry friends.
  • DIY a modern car banner for when you are whisked away on your honeymoon.

More Fun For Your Guests

table with black plate and menu

  • Leave a polaroid camera on each table for guests to use throughout the reception, include a box in which they can drop the pictures in.
  • Make a shadow box for people to leave handwritten marriage advice.
  • Do a fun trivia game for your guests during cocktail hour or rehearsal dinner.
  • Build a piñata for a fun after-party.
  • If it’s a winter wedding, hand out personalized ornaments as party favors.
  • Set up a photo booth with unique wedding props custom made just for your wedding theme.
  • Have guests write out a newlywed bucket list for the bride and groom.
  • Come up with fun wedding games for a perfectly fun summer wedding.
  • Instead of money, have guests leave a donation to your favorite charity.
  • Choose your favorite picture from the wedding and include it in your thank you cards.
  • DIY fortune cookies with your favorite wishes for your guests.
  • Hand out pretty personalized blankets for outdoor winter weddings.
  • Pick a fun hashtag for your wedding guests to tag you on social media and incorporate it throughout the decor.
  • Use different flowers and arrangements in each centerpiece and have guests take them as wedding favors.
  • Make a “travel suggestion table” with postcards and have guests leave recommendations for places they’ve visited.
  • Have polaroid wall where guests can stick on photos throughout the night.
  • Have guests bring in their favorite bottle of wine and create a special wine station for the party.
  • For a beach wedding, provide cute sandals for all guests.

As you can see, it only takes a couple of sweet, personal details to make your wedding as dear to your heart as it can possibly be. Start by selecting a unique theme for your save the dates and continue on from there. You’ll realize that the extra effort will be well worth it.