What Should Your Wedding Signature Cocktail Be?

Cheers to your recent engagement and getting to the fun part of wedding planning—choosing a signature wedding cocktail! Naturally, weddings are cause for many a toast, and once cocktail hour starts, the drinks don’t stop. Many modern couples opt for his and hers drinks or uniquely named cocktails to add a personal touch and make ordering simple for guests. Either way, your signature wedding cocktail should reflect your personality and tastes as well as your fiancé’s.

Why choose a signature wedding cocktail?

A signature wedding drink is the perfect opportunity to add more detail and creativity to your big day. Signature cocktails are a must-have for the bride and groom who value the personalization of a DIY wedding. You have already put so much effort into planning your wedding and a signature drink is an easy but very noticeable addition.

You may be thinking that “signature” and “personalized” usually means more money out of your pocket but, in this case that isn’t true. It won’t alter your budget if you plan on having open bar or have an alcohol budget. They can be as simple as preexisting drink with a small twist or a completely new cocktail that is all your own. Your signature drink will always be a delicious reminder of your big day whenever you recreate it at home!

If you’re having trouble finding a drink that’s as special as the two of you, just answer these questions to find out what your signature wedding cocktail should be.

what should your wedding signature cocktail be

Wedding Signature Cocktail Recipes

Creating your signature cocktail

There are a variety of ways that you can create stand-out cocktails that you and your guests will love. You can use the cocktails listed above as jump-off point or feel free to make them your own! These tips are sure to elevate your beverage game and help you create a drink (or two) that is just as unique as you and your partner.

Hybrid drinks

A hybrid drink would be ideal if you and your partner’s favorite drinks mesh well together. This works best if they share the same base liquor, mixer, or if they have the same flavor palette. For example piña colada meets mojito and creates a refreshing “piña coljito,” comprised of pineapple, coconut, mint, lime and of course, rum- yum!

His & Hers

If your favorite drinks aren’t destined to mix and you want to include them both, his & hers signature drinks are a cute way to compromise. Your guests will have fun choosing between the groom or bride’s signature drink and you both deserve to enjoy your favorite drink. Pro tip: Display your his and hers cocktails using table place cards, labeled respectively, or try serving them in his and hers engraved glasses.


Try to include personal significance in your signature wedding drink. For example, did the proposal happen at a winery? Create a signature drink that incorporates wine, like a special sangria. Maybe he spilled lemonade on you on your first date- a gin shandy would be perfect. Incorporating small details make it so much more special.  

Color scheme

You put a lot of effort into picking your wedding colors, why stop at the beverages? Utilizing the color scheme in your bridal cocktails doesn’t just make for gorgeous photos, it will impress guests as well. There are many ways to integrate your color scheme with your signature cocktail including the mixer, alcohol, glassware, and garnishes   


Garnishes are the easiest way to tie your wedding cocktail into the rest of your wedding. The garnishes that you incorporate in your cocktail make a huge impact. Not only does it help the aesthetic of your drink, but improves the taste as well. Make sure you pick fruits, edible flowers, and herbs that are in season and fresh. Also keep the formality of your wedding in mind when picking garnishes. Your upscale urban nuptials probably won’t mesh well with tiny plastic swords. Garnishes can be as simple as a sprig of rosemary.

Less alcohol

This tip is an important one to consider. You’ll want your guests to enjoy the reception. Avoid drinks that call for mixing strong liquors or using an exorbitant amount of them. You don’t want your guests to overindulge during cocktail hour.

Mocktail options

Are you expecting underaged guests or people who don’t drink? If so, consider offering mocktails as an easy (and cost effective) way to include them in the fun. Just make sure that they can be easily distinguished from each other to avoid mix-ups. Try one of these delicious mocktail recipes or just modify your signature drink.

Proper glassware

Make sure you select the proper glassware for the type of drink that you plan on serving. If your cocktails and mocktails look too similar, try a variety of glassware. Pro tip: Personalized glassware etched with your initials and date can also serve as a great wedding favor for your guests and are super easy to create.

Easy to replicate

If your ideal signature cocktail is complicated, you don’t have to change it! Consider making a version that can be served in large batches, especially if your guest list is high. You can also make life a little easier on the bartenders by cutting back on the garnishes and flourishes that will cause a traffic jam at the bar. Don’t forget to grab a drink for you and your sweetie while at the sweetheart table. Pretty drinks make for great photo opportunities as well.

Taste testing

Once you and your sweetheart have created your signature wedding cocktail, make a couple of test drinks and have family or friends test them out for overall taste and appearance. Choose a couple of people that you trust. While you may love your drink, you’ll want to make sure that others will too. In the end you will have the final say, but it is always valuable to get some outside input!

If you want to add a unique touch to your DIY wedding, consider serving your drinks in personalized glassware. Wine or beer glasses etched with your initials and date can even double as wedding favors. With the right signature wedding cocktail, some games and the perfect tunes your wedding reception is sure to be a hit!