65 Sweetheart Table Ideas for Every Season

Design your wedding reception details with your own unique style and personality in mind. That includes your wedding head table: the place you and your future spouse will share part of your evening together. Whether you’ve decided on a table for just the two of you or one that includes your whole wedding party, plenty of options await you.

Our collection of 65 sweetheart table ideas will offer you inspiration and creativity. From spring floral arrangements to simple autumn designs, you’ll find something here to fit your style and season.

As you plan your big celebration, remember important steps like sending out save the date cards and wedding invitations. Check off to-do items early to leave you feeling stress-free closer to your special day.

1. Earthy Aura

White table with flowers and bread basket

Source: Angela Shae

Choose earthy tones and fresh greenery to build your wedding table’s motif. Line your chairs and the front of your table with sweeping greens mixed with pops of colorful flowers.

2. Hanging Sweetheart Table

Put a spin on a bride and groom table with a wooden surface that hangs from the ceiling. Drape a sheer table runner across the center. Accent with flowers and eucalyptus leaves.

3. White and Metallic Blend

Keep your color scheme simple with gold and white. Find a sequin tablecloth and metallic dishes for a stunning sweetheart table.

4. Vintage Garden

Give your wedding head table a timeless feel with a vintage tablecloth. Add floral arrangements, lanterns and glassware that match. A round table works best for a cozy garden atmosphere.

5. Neutral Chic

Blend a series of neutral tones: tan, gold, white and brown. You’ll build an elegant design without it being too overpowering. Incorporate greenery and soft-colored blooms for accents.

6. Autumn Flow

Anchor your fall sweetheart table with flowing greenery from floor to floor. Select autumn colors for your flowers like oranges, reds and yellows.

7. Romantically Lit

Your sweetheart table design isn’t just about what’s on the table, it’s about the atmosphere you create. Amplify the romantic mood with hanging candles along with high and low votives.

8. Metallic Touches

With a metallic tablecloth, glassware and candles, you’ll put plenty of style into your entire spread. Gold and silver go well with most floral colors including pink, white and purple.

9. Colorful Reflection

Place a thin mirror on the surface of your sweetheart table as the foundation for your decor. Your flowers, candles and glassware will make for a vivid reflection.

10. Rustic Bohemian

Combine a rustic and bohemian theme together with elements like a wooden table, protea flowers and eucalyptus. The blend of textures and colors will leave you and your spouse feeling mystical and earthy.

11. Valentine Hearts

The best wedding table ideas are built with love. Incorporate hearts in your centerpiece, napkins and tableware. Choose a simple color scheme like red and white to make it lovely and sleek.

12. Big Blooms

Enrich the surroundings of your sweetheart table with plenty of fresh flowers. Place a large arrangement at the front of your table, then let petals flow beneath your feet and above your heads.

13. Diversified Height

When you balance your table design by including short and tall elements, you achieve texture and eye-appeal. Try candles and flowers resting in water for your taller pieces, and let your shorter accents be simpler.

14. Simple Vintage

Spread a lace tablecloth across your sweetheart spot for two. Select vintage chairs and glassware to complete the look—without forgetting the complimentary florals.

15. Bright and Whimsical

Bring a bright and cheery aura to your wedding table with bold blooms like these ones by Holly Heider Chapple and colored candles. Choose tarnished candle holders and flower vases to let the colorful spread be the viewer’s main attention.

16. Lush Florals and Greens

Soft tones like peach, pink and lavender make for a dreamy display. Loop in greenery like eucalyptus as a filler for both your table and surroundings.

17. His and Her Accents

The beauty of weddings is often in the details. Create specialty accents like his and her cookies, Mr. and Mrs. chair signs or personalized glassware.

18. Floral and Silver

Let your florals do most of the work by arranging a large display at the front of the table. Accent with silver candleholders of varying sizes for depth and texture.

19. Cheery Yellow

Brighten your big day with a yellow sweetheart table ensemble. Cover your table with a satin tablecloth, then add rich yellow blooms for a joyful ambience.

20. Gemstone Bohemian

For an unconventional wedding table idea, match your floral arrangements with gemstone colors. Find silverware and table decor that bear gemstones to tie your elements together.

21. Classic Garden

Create a light and airy garden atmosphere with smaller blooms and fresh greenery. Opt for pastel tones for details like your tablecloth and dishware to maintain a sunny feel.

22. Fall Spectrum

Encompass the full spectrum of autumn colors with orange, red and pink blooms. Bring in other cozy elements like woven blankets and denim pillows.

23. Antique Loveseat

Antique neutral loveseat with draping florals

Source: Izzy Hudgins

A signature piece like a beautiful loveseat will give your sweetheart spot unique character. Decorate the rest of your wedding table with luscious greenery, flowers and candles.

24. Soft and Dreamy

Round table with draping tulle and simple flowers

Source: Jenna Joseph

Sweep a sheer runner across your wedding head table for a dreamlike scene as done by Tres Chic Affairs at Avensole Winery. Layer the table with soft lavender tones and metallics to compliment the aura. These beautiful florals by Carla Kayes Floral Design do just the trick!

25. Tropical Woodland

Mix wooden pieces like your table and accents with tropical touches like bright flowers and palm leaves. Choose a unique set of chairs, such as high back wicker seats, for your newlywed spot.

26. Burlap and Linens

For a simple yet gorgeous sweetheart table, spread out a neutral-colored linen. Accent the table with burlap by making a sign or wrapping pieces around your candle holders.

27. Autumn Rustic

By incorporating leaves, branches and woodland flowers into your arrangement like Steel Cut Flower Co. does, you’ll have a rustic feel with a fall edge. Pair the look with autumn-colored candles like deep red or orange.

28. Boho Outdoor Canopy

Opt for a truly unique sweetheart spot for you and your future spouse. Set up a canopy or tent made out of lace and wood for an unforgettable outdoor celebration. Accent with flowers, pillows and candles.

29. Red and White Array

A two-toned table, like red and white, is easy to design. Choose tablecloths, signage and even plateware that matches your color scheme.

30. Luscious Lettering

Label your love with a sweetheart table sign. Whether it’s “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Together Forever,” choose words that represent you and your spouse-to-be.

31. Pink Simplicity

It’s often best to keep your wedding table ideas simple and straightforward. With a pink scheme, you can blend a lighter tablecloth with blooms of varying shades. Don’t forget your pale pink candles and festive sign.

32. Lanterns and Eucalyptus

Line your table with eucalyptus for an easy earthy feel. Place lanterns across your table as well for a simple yet charming spread.

33. Purple Tones

Fill your sweetheart table with shades of purple. From your flowers to your napkins, choose complementary tones. Accent with white blooms and silver flatware.

34. Majestic Mood

Design your wedding head table with an aura in mind. Make it magnificent with specialty lighting, candles floating in water and a large floral arrangement.

35. Sweet as Punch

From fresh berries to colorful blooms, construct your wedding table with uplifting hues. Drape a neutral tablecloth and pair your table with two simple wooden chairs.

36. Ivory Comfort

Want to party in style without sacrificing on comfort? Choose cushioned chairs that match your scheme. Opt for a tablecloth and florals in the same color, like white, for a complete ensemble.

37. Enchanted Rustic

Charming details like napkin rings and silverware can make your sweetheart table feel enchanted. Keep a simple color scheme with lavender and white for a dreamy feel.

38. Wicker and Wood

Set a backdrop to your wedding head table with a wooden designed board. Choose a wooden table and wicker chairs to compliment. Decorate with flowers, candles and greenery.

39. Towering Trellis

Give your sweetheart table extra oomph by placing a trellis over your newlywed spot. Wrap blooms around the trellis and match them to the flowers in your arrangements.

40. Purple Orchids

Orchids come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Select a purple array of orchids for your sweetheart table and balance the look with blacks, whites and silvers.

41. Pops of Color

Add some serious personality to your decor with bright tones like orange, blue and yellow. From your candles to your tablecloths, intermix the colors so they pop when resting next to each other.

42. Lace and Lanterns

Wedding table ideas need not be complicated. Cover your table with a lace cloth then add lanterns. Your table won’t be cluttered—leaving you plenty of room for dinner and drinks.

43. Modern Brightness

Cheerful and festive, this mix of orange, pink and blue is bound to brighten any room. Include similar shades in your smaller details, like your napkins, glassware and placemats.

44. Easy Elegance

You don’t need extravagant details to make your sweetheart table elegant. Choose simple accents like pink blooms, fresh greenery and gold-rimmed plates. You’ll end up with a simple design that’s plenty beautiful.

45. Vibrant Blooms

Flowers bring heaps of personality to your wedding table and festivities. For summer and spring celebrations, select an arrangement of flowers with varying bloom sizes and colors for a festive, upbeat vibe.

46. Silvery Spirit

Compose a color scheme of silver for your sweetheart table. Choose a shimmery tablecloth to set the stage, then add silver flatware, silver vases and even silver chairs.

47. Whimsical Woodland

Looking for unique wedding table ideas? Design a fanciful spread with colorful, draping flowers and special touches in your silverware and glassware. Choose a wooden table for a forest aura.

48. Creamy Expression

Make your sweetheart table as fluffy and dreamy as marshmallows and whipped cream. Involve whites in all your elements, from your chairs to your candles.

49. Sleek and Simple

Find a set of table and chairs with slender elements and clean lines. Decorate lightly with greenery and flowers, but let the main focus be your uncomplicated elegance.

50. Modern Rustic

Rustic wood table with large lanterns and white and blush florals

Source: Zoom Theory

Fuse a modern look with a rustic feel by choosing a wooden table and antique lanterns to go with your fresh blooms and metallic candles. Add comfy chairs or a loveseat to make this a spot worth celebrating.

51. Floral Arc

Beautiful flowers aren’t just for bouquets and table arrangements as you can see from the work of Faye + Renee and Clover Event Co. Form an arc out of wicker or branches, then intertwine blooms across it. Hang the arc above your wedding table for a stunning backdrop.

52. Autumn Tones

Incorporate autumn leaves of red and orange into your sweetheart table design. Line your table and candleholders with burlap for a more rustic feel. Consider driftwood pieces as accents.

53. Whites and Water

Intermix the heights of your table elements for depth and diversity as done by Evantine Design. Place vases of varying sizes on your sweetheart table and fill them with water. Set your flowers and candles in the water to create a peaceful and romantic scene.

54. Lace, Florals and Candles

It’s hard to go wrong with a timeless design. Spread out a lace tablecloth, add colorful blooms, then accent with taper candles and tinted glassware.

55. Gold Sequins

Whether your reception takes place on New Year’s Eve or you want a chic and shimmery look, opt for a gold sequin tablecloth. You’ll only need simple details to go along with it, like white balloons and small votive candles.

56. Dark Whimsical Hues

For a late summer or fall wedding, utilize dark-toned candles and florals like these ones by Kaleidoscope Floral. Choose a darker table and candle holders to enhance the scheme. Don’t forget unique accents for a whimsical touch.

57. Oversized Florals

Let your florals occupy your table with an oversized arrangement. Ensure the height of your bouquet still allows guests to see your joyful faces. Consider a floral piece for your hair to match your table’s decor.

58. White Woodland

The foundation for this stunning sweetheart table is a sheer white runner and a wooden table. Bring in taper candles, lanterns and soft-toned blooms for your highlights.

59. A Chandelier and Fine China

You can hang a chandelier from a tree, ceiling or custom-made stand. Pair your sophisticated lighting with fine china, ribbon napkin rings and a vintage loveseat.

60. Fruit-Inspired Arrangement

Pineapples, peaches, apples and pears make for delicious designs. Involve fruit shapes in your candle holders and vases. Place fresh fruit on your table, especially if you’re having an outdoor or vineyard reception.

61. Driftwood and Flowers

Build contrast into your design with beautiful blooms placed next to lanterns and driftwood. Leave space open for dinner, drinks and dessert.

62. Complimentary Floral and Fabric

Wrap your chairs and table with flowing fabric that compliments your wedding color scheme. By matching your blooms to your fabrics, you’ll achieve both elegance and harmony.

63. Roses and Red Accents

A rich, red scheme is a classic representation of love. Place red roses in your bouquets and tuck a rose stem into your napkin rings. Include red in your plateware, vases and glassware to amplify the romance.

64. Al Fresco

Having an outdoor reception? Create an al fresco feel with an extended table, wicker chairs and a hanging floral arrangement.

65. Bursting with Color

Add plenty of personality to your sweetheart table with a blend of colors: reds, pinks, yellows and greens. Keep your plateware and other accents a neutral or metallic tone to let your bright shades be the focal point.

Now that you’ve looked through our wedding table ideas, check out options for your place cards and wedding guestbook. With coordinated details, you’ll have a beautiful celebration from start to finish.