47 Beautiful Fall Wedding Flowers

Have you dreamed about what your fall wedding will look like? Maybe you’ve pictured a vintage, rustic celebration or a more formal, classic feel—or even a modern and bohemian look. Whatever you’ve decided, you can design the details and flowers to bring to life all of your wedding dreams.

In the fall months of September, October and November, an abundance of flowers are available in all shapes, sizes and textures. With flowers being an essential element to any wedding, you’ll want to ensure the style and colors of the flowers match your personality and inner beauty.

That’s why we’ve put together an ultimate guide of fall wedding flowers with the top autumn blooms and various themed bouquets for inspiration. From orange and pink, to purple and red, to blue and green and plenty of yellows and whites, we’ve compiled choices for every variety of wedding. We hope these gorgeous options and styles to spark your creativity and make you excited to design your wedding florals!

Top Fall Wedding Flowers

Flower Types
Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red
White, Yellow, Pink, Orange
David Austin Rose
White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red
White, Pink, Purple, Blue
Seeded Eucalyptus
Gold, Green, Purple, Red
Spray Rose
White, Pink, Orange, Red
Pink, Green, Purple
Calla Lily
White, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red
Japanese Skimmia
White, Pink, Purple, Red
White, Purple, Red
Pink, Purple, Red

8 Fall Wedding Bouquets

If you have your wedding theme in mind, simply select the bouquet that emulates the style of your wedding the best. Still at the beginning of the wedding planning process? Not to worry—check out all seven of our beautiful fall wedding bouquets for inspiration.

Vintage weddings often have a special feel—they incorporate classic charm and the personal style of every couple. When you bring in old styles, laces and decor to your wedding day, you create a magnificent aura of love and tradition.

Your flowers can enhance this vintage feel, with all-time favorites like the rose and lisianthus. This bride chose a few other beautiful flowers that you may wish to consider for your own bouquet.

  • Field Chrysanthemum: Placing chrysanthemums in your fall bouquet will add rich color and lush texture. In autumn, the elegant chrysanthemum is available in white, yellow, pink and red.
  • Peach Avalanche Rose: Because of its soft, luxurious beauty, the peach avalanche rose is one of the most timeless flowers. Perfect for a vintage look, this rose will give your bouquet an instant glamorous feel.
  • Carnation: Splendid in white, pink, purple and orange, carnations make for a delightful addition to a bouquet. The ruffled-looking flower is relatively inexpensive and widely available in the autumn months.
  • Jana Spray Rose: The light pink jana spray rose can be placed at the very heart of a vintage bouquet. Its classic bloom and feathery texture are some of its most-loved features.
  • Campanella Rose: Campanella roses are like a lavish ruffle skirt. Their blooms have many layers, adding delicious texture to a bouquet.
  • Lisianthus: Lisianthus gives vibrance to a bouquet through their long and beautiful petals. Various hues of lisianthus can be found in the fall, including pink, purple and white.
  • Hypercium berries: Hypercium berries draw attention to a bouquet by adding a pop of color and rounded shape. Hypercium is a delightful accent, available in colors like red, white, green and pink.
  • Acacia: An autumn green acacia is a hardy foliage found in many autumnal arrangements. Place acacia around the flowers in your bouquet for an amplified texture.
  • Gum: Gum is a beautiful olive-colored green often used for additional flair and texture. Their rounded leaves bring out the magnificence of surrounding flowers.

Choosing a cheery, light-hearted and whimsical theme lets your wedding burst with positive energy and creativity.

For your bouquet, mix conventional and non-conventional flowers together for a majestic bouquet, like the one shown here. No matter the opinions you encounter, stay true to your tastes and unique desires. You can make your whimsical bouquet as intense, soft or as colorful as you wish!

  • Vintage Lilac: The tiny blooms of the vintage lilac give off an upbeat and cheerful attitude. Typically light purple, these lilacs do come in other tones like a brighter purple and soft white.
  • Nude-Colored Rose: A nude rose can offer a beautiful, classic spirit amongst other, nontraditional flowers. Giving off an aura of love, the rose is sure-fire pick for a wedding bouquet.
  • White Astrantia: White astrantia splashes texture into a bouquet with its wide and open bloom. This powerful white accent flower can add a whole lot of punch to any bouquet.
  • Eucalyptus Populus: Eucalyptus populus, also known as seeded eucalyptus, is available in green, purple, orange and gold. For wedding bouquets, seeded eucalyptus adds exceptional texture and fullness.
  • Dusty Miller Leaves: Dusty miller leaves add body to your flower arrangement, but their soft feeling and appearance create a delicate look within a wedding bouquet.

When choosing a modern wedding theme, you have a surprising amount of flexibility and creativity. Using trendy details and picking decorations that are unique to you, your wedding will showcase your chic and contemporary flair.

You’ll notice in the bouquet we’ve showcased here, that there are plenty of varying options for your fall flowers. Choose pastels or brighter tone flowers to create the modern ambience of your dreams.

  • Terracottas: The gorgeous, multi-layered terracotta offers a profoundly smooth, lavish look. Typically red or orange, terracotta flowers are freshest and brightest in the autumn months.
  • Gomphrena: Gomphrena flowers are often noticed by their vibrant, oval blossom. Available in orange, red, purple and white, gomphrenas will add extra oomph to your wedding celebrations.
  • Amaranthus: Amaranthus is a tall and slender, textured flower that either droops slightly or stands upright. These unique sprouts of flowers are perfect for adding a layered essence to a bouquet.
  • Focal Dahlia: Focal dahlia tend to differ slightly from other dahlias in their petal shape. Focal dahlias, available in a variety of colors, draw attention without being overpowering.
  • Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea are glorious, bright flowers with triangular petals. Often purple, these lively little flowers give a stunning pop to a bouquet.
  • Dahlia: Showcasing a ruffled blossom, dahlias contribute to a full, well-rounded bouquet. These lush flowers can be found in red, orange, pink, white and purple.

By choosing a classic theme, you’ll ensure each element of your wedding day is cohesive and complementary. While the details differ from bride to bride, a classic wedding is an opportunity to display your elegance and bring out key pieces of your personal style.

When deciding on classic touches for your wedding, it’s often helpful to use clean, smooth designs that will never go out of style. This doesn’t mean you can’t add personal flair. Like the bouquet shown here, it is formal yet full of life and personality.

  • Rose: Roses are a classic and timeless flower, widely available in many colors throughout autumn. Ranging in style and petal arrangement, roses glow with an aura of love.
  • Red Calla Lily: The red calla lily, also commonly identified as a red ruby slipper, has a uniquely slender bloom. With an air of elegance, these vibrant flowers showcase their beauty most when paired with flowers of different shapes.
  • Viburnum Berries: Viburnum berries are a colorful accent with a notable spherical shape. Available in red, blue, green, pink and orange, these berries give an energetic burst to your bouquet.
  • Scabiosa Pods: Scabiosa pods are vastly different from the typical wedding flower. Its interesting spherical shape is made up of greenish-brown smaller flowers and although they can discreetly blend in with the other flowers, they will add a unique element to your bouquet.
  • Tetra Nuts: Tetra nuts pair well with traditional flowers adding a modish touch without straying away from the classic look.
  • Purple Limonium: The truly delicate purple flowers are commonly used as a filler flower and will add a small detail among your bigger bolder blooms.

Whether or not you are familiar with bohemian styles, you can easily create a bohemian themed wedding. With a variety of fall floral options, your bouquet has incredible potential to be exquisite and bursting with a boho-feel.

As seen in this bride’s bouquet, a range of colors are well-utilized to produce a full-bodied, brilliant bouquet. The flowers highlighted here will give you a perfect foundation for designing your own bohemian arrangement.

  • Snow White Dahlias: Snow white dahlias burst with energy. With a yellow center and bright white petals, these flowers are sure to add a light-hearted ambience to your wedding bouquet.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus: Seeded eucalyptus is a popular bouquet accent for a reason. Their leaves are lavish and their tiny blossoms make them full of texture and style.
  • White Viburnum: White viburnum are tiny white blossoms accented with a yellow center. They usually grow on a stem at different angles, adding extra shape to a bouquet.
  • Foliage: Particularly for a whimsical or bohemian style, it’s best to have foliage that creates a loose essence. By adding various green, purple and lavender foliage, you’ll end up with a well-rounded arrangement.

Fall is the perfect time for a rustic wedding, due to the magnitude of colors and earthy complements being in season. Rustic weddings welcome a creative mind and spirit, because there is lots of flexibility with this theme. You may choose to have a more woodsy look or something more country.

Whatever your style of rustic, create a bouquet that matches and amplifies that aura.

  • Leucadendron: The hearty leucadendron stands out with its rusty red tips. With its reaching petals, leucadendron fits in well with many other florals.
  • Hydrangea: Hydrangeas give off a light-hearted, beautiful look. The soft-looking petals sprout in various directions, offering exquisite detail to a bouquet. Hydrangeas are available in white, blue, purple, green and pink.
  • Black Magic Rose: The black magic rose’s fun name lends itself to its qualities of a rich and majestic flower. It captivates with its swirling petals and deep red color.
  • Garden Rose: Garden roses are captivating with their decorative ruffles layered within the outer circle of the bloom. This breathtaking flower is available in white, pink, orange, yellow and red.
  • Grevillea: Fresh in the autumn months, grevillea offers layers of green tone. Add them to a bouquet for additional depth and flair.

With a fall bouquet, a simple design is easy to create, while still having a stunning bouquet. A wide range of colorful flowers and textures are freshly available in the fall.

This bride chose a lovely peach ambience with white and green accents. Use a few different shapes and styles of fall flowers to round out your simple, yet elegant autumn bouquet.

  • David Austin Rose Peach Juliet Ausgameson: This variety of the David Austin rose has numerous layers of beautiful, lush petals. Adding this to your bouquet will give it an charming, elegant look.
  • Million Stars: Million stars is a delightful accent flower with its tiny white petals and glorious texture. Used frequently in wedding bouquets, million stars are available throughout the year.
  • Hypercium Berries: Hypericum berries are available in a wide range of colors, like green, peach, red and white. These tiny berries offer sparks of energy to a bouquet.
  • Anemone: The anemone’s wide bloom and contrasting center make it a vibrant bouquet choice. Anemones can be found in blue, white, pink and purple.

Although roses are often the main component of many wedding bouquets, the smaller, versatile flowers dispersed throughout the flower arrangment is what can make the bouquet uniquely yours. This wedding bouquet uses local flowers with contrasting textural elements to create a chic bouquet that you and your guests fawn over.

  • Amnesia Rose: The Amnesia Rose is available in pale pink with outer petals in lighter brown, which creates an antique look in a lively fall wedding bouquet.
  • Cotton Branch: Often used in rustic or barn-themed weddings, cotton branches are soft and white, adding the perfect amount of volume and texture to your bouquet.
  • Privett Berries: These navy-colored berries are smooth and round, adding a natural look to any bouquet.
  • Dusty Miller: This soft textured leaf makes for a subtle textural element in wedding bouquets despite the season.
  • Solidaster: Solidaster has a long stem full of small yellow blooms, which will add depth to your wedding bouquet.

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