15+ Wedding Invitation Fonts For Every Theme

A unique and personalized wedding can be achieved in a wide variety of ways. Whether you choose a memorable color combination, incorporate striking decor ideas, or offer a signature cocktail, nothing will be easier than designing and wording your wedding invitations –– at least not after reading this invitation font guide.

Design your invitations and save the dates as early as possible, and periodically keep track of any other tasks on your wedding reception checklist. During the design phase, pick an invitation theme and font that complement what you envision for your wedding. Whether you’re planning a boho chic outdoor wedding or a classic romantic ballroom reception, you’re sure to find the font that aligns perfectly with your wedding’s theme.

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Elegant Fonts

elegant fonts

Classic and timeless themes require classic and timeless fonts. If you’re planning a more elaborate wedding, an elegant font on your invitations will give your guests a first glimpse at the many wow-factors they’re sure to see on your big day.

Burgues Script for a Classic Romance Wedding

A classic grand ballroom wedding never goes out of style. You want your photos, invitations and keepsakes to look just as good 20 years after your wedding. For this theme, we recommend going for Burgues Script. Its timeless look can match countless classic themes regardless of the unique spin you put on your wedding.

vintage wedding

Meddon for a Vintage Wedding

When it comes to vintage style fonts, there are tons of options to choose from. However, unless you want your wedding to look like a retro soda commercial — which can be totally cool —  you’re probably thinking more along the lines of long-sleeved lace gowns, candlelight and rustic centerpieces. For a vintage-inspired wedding, try Meddon. Its hand-drawn aesthetic will take you back to the golden age.

Snell Roundhand for a Maximalist Wedding

You’re a proud maximalist and you’re not afraid to show it. Your wedding will be filled with towering floral pieces, intricate table decor and endless photo-worthy displays. For a wedding like this, a font like Snell Roundhand should take center stage on your ornate wedding invitations, elegant table numbers and thank you cards.

classic weddiing

Compendium for a Royal Wedding

For a royal-themed wedding, a whimsical font like Compendium will go perfectly with your invitations. Use dazzling details like foil rose gold and cherry blossoms to complete your fairytale romance invitation. If you’re planning a romantic destination wedding, use the location to inspire additional color combinations.

Bickham Script for a Glitter And Gold Wedding

At your wedding, everything that glitters will be gold. Use a Bickham Script style font to match the grandeur of your wedding’s theme. Frame your elegant invitation design with a golden lace treatment for an eye-catching detail.

wedding bouquet

New Baskerville for an Elegant Fall Wedding

For a classic fall wedding, combine elements like gold and leaves with rich colors and textures. This beautiful golden garland invitation uses New Baskerville to give your design a warm yet sophisticated fall look.

Copperplate for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Crystal, white and icy glimmer typically characterize elegant winter weddings. For your invitations, go with a classic font like Copperplate. Use silver foil to create a radiant invitation design and mimic the look of snow.

Simple Fonts

simple wedding fonts

Keeping things clean and simple is another way to ensure you capture timeless photos for your wedding album. For more minimalist weddings, beautiful wow-factor decor and details can still be achieved with smart use of color and textures. Be sure to pick an invitation that matches your understated style by playing with clean lines, foil accents and simple fonts.

Lulo for a Summer Beach Wedding

Since the ocean tends to make us feel calm and relaxed, we recommend using a font like Lulo. Its simple look lets you embellish your invitations with some beautiful watercolor or floral designs. With a beach wedding theme, you can also incorporate some unique details like DIY floral leis or tropical photo booth props.

wedding invitations

Mrs Eaves for a Green Wedding

Nature-focused, greenery weddings have become increasingly popular in the last few years for obvious reasons. Although they can be minimal, their focus on all things green makes for impressive and memorable decor. To match this theme, we recommend using a clean font like Mrs Eaves. Add a small winding vine for a beautiful, fresh treatment.

Bakerville for a Minimalist Wedding

Clean lines and plenty of open space are typical of minimalist weddings and the font should be no different. Use a Baskerville font to convey the simple yet beautiful style you desire for your big day. To make it pop, make use of color, foil accents and a justified invitation design.

wedding reception ideas

Fournier Caps for a Contemporary Glam Wedding

A modern wedding doesn’t have to compromise on glitz and glam. Contemporary glamour can easily be achieved with rose gold accents, subtle crystal decor and unique florals. A diamond blossoms invitation design that uses a Fournier Small Caps font is an ideal match for this theme. Incorporate other modern ideas like a fun kids’ table and a wedding hashtag.

Bodoni for an Art Deco Wedding

Although the 20s were all about overindulgence, you want to keep your font bold yet simple on your wedding invitations. For the larger details such as your name, go with something like Bodoni. Choose a black background with gold foil detail for a Great Gatsby inspired elegant invitation.

floral wedding ideas

Goudy Old Style for a Spring Floral Wedding

A garden tea party can make for an enchanting and unique wedding reception. Since floral arrangements and patterns take center stage for this theme, we recommend going for a clean font like Goudy Old Style to match your spring blossom invitations. Create a stunning DIY paper flower backdrop for your guests to take endless photos at your wedding.

Unique Fonts

Couples often pick an out-of-the-box theme to reflect their unique personalities and tastes. When this is the case, the font on your wedding invitations, programs and menu cards should be just as unique as your theme. Whether it’s abstract, boho chic or an alternative wedding, you’re sure to find the ideal design for your wedding stationery.

Mrs Eaves Petite for a Geometric Wedding

Modern, unique shapes create wow-worthy designs that you can easily incorporate throughout your wedding decor and invitations. Use a font with distinctive swirls like Mrs Eaves Petite for the smaller details and add your own geometric shapes to match your theme.

wedding stationery

Freeland for an Abstract Art Wedding

If you want to represent your love of abstract art at your wedding, be sure to include the theme on your wedding invitations. Use a watercolor background and a brushstroke-like font for a DIY wedding invitations design.

Beloved Script for a Rustic Barn Wedding

A romantic, warmly lit barn wedding with rustic accents would go perfectly with a combination of straight and curly fonts. To give your invitation an outdoor yet homey feel, use a straight font like Neutraface Book Alt for your larger headings and a thin script font like Beloved Script for the smaller details. Use a neutral wood background to give it texture and further tie-in your theme.

dark and moody wedding

Clicker Spript for a Dark And Moody Wedding

Darker accents and decor are always a trending theme for fall and winter weddings. If you like rich, bold colors and textures, go for Clicker Script. The striking look of this font will be perfect for the larger details of your moody invitation design and the overall aesthetic of your wedding theme.

Asterism Style for an Alternative Wedding

If you and your partner don’t fit the mold and are planning to throw an unconventional wedding to match your unique styles, Asterism style font is a perfect match. A modern invitation style with a dark background and intricate font sets the mood for your alternative wedding with a flair of sophistication.

boho chic wedding

Arquitecta Bold for a Boho Chic Wedding

Boho chic is a common wedding theme but one that you can easily customize. For your invitations, achieve a rustic garden design with a brush stroke font paired with a strong font like Arquitecta Bold. Print your design on brown cardstock to create an aged feel.

Your save the dates and invitations are the first elements of your wedding that your guests will see. Put together a beautiful design that reflects you as a couple with the use of color, textures and fun fonts. Don’t be afraid to play with various types of unique, elegant and simple fonts to get the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of for your big day.