65+ Barn Wedding Ideas Full Of Love

As a wedding venue, barns offer three main qualities: beauty, character and versatility. A barn can be transformed for any wedding theme — from rustic soirées to vintage celebrations.

For inspiration for your own wedding, check out our collection of 68 barn wedding ideas. You’ll find everything from springtime themes to fall wedding flowers. Most importantly, these ideas will help bring your love story to life.

As you put together the decor elements of your wedding, make sure your invitations match. Consider rustic wedding invitations or get a free sample kit to trial a few different styles.

1. Pops Of Color

Barns provide a stunning backdrop for any ceremony or reception. Decorate primarily with white accessories like your tablecloths and chairs. Add in vibrant colors through your flowers for maximum effect.

2. Warm Bohemian

Choose darker tones, like mocha and walnut, to build your color scheme. Add a whimsical touch with playful details like eucalyptus leaves and macrame.

3. Tall Candles and Bottles

Build visual diversity into your decor with tapered candles and glass bottles. Contrast the taller height with shorter glasses and flatware. No matter which color scheme you choose, you’ll have a vivacious spread.

4. Red And White

For a cozy winter celebration, opt for a contrasting color scheme. Red glassware and flowers infuse warmth, while white and green offer balance.

5. Dainty Details

Looking for barn wedding decor ideas? Focus on putting personality into the smaller details, like your seating chart and guestbook. By incorporating DIY wedding ideas, you’ll have a celebration that’s custom to you.

6. Lush And Lavish

Allow your floral arrangements to steal the show. Include plenty of green filler to make each bundle bold and beautiful. The best part? The green tones perfectly complement the wooden details of a barn.

7. Modern Elegance

Sleek lines and geometric shapes offer a modern edge. Pair these designs with classic colors like green, white and brown for sophisticated appeal.

8. Casual Quaintness

If you and your fiancé have easygoing personalities, consider a more casual wedding celebration. Wear a shorter dress and forgo the suit or tux. Include some DIY details like your wedding favors or guestbook.

9. Subtle And Sophisticated

Design a timeless barn themed wedding. Opt for subdued colors of brown, green and pink for your floral arrangements, tablecloths and wedding centerpieces. You’ll have a classic look paired with a rustic feel.

10. The Wild West

Make your reception feel like it was born right out of the western frontier. Incorporate eye-catching elements like a wagon wheel and antlers.

11. Modern Eclectic

barn wedding ideas outdoor couch table

Source: Clark Brewer

From birch tree branches to leather couches, select your favorite textures to create an assorted spread. The range of decor will bring character and diversity to your entire celebration.

12. Simple And Earthy

Draw inspiration from the great outdoors to create your color palette. Blend together greens and browns in your flower arrangements and wooden accessories. A bright color, like pink or orange, will offer a pop of personality.

13. Cozy Autumn

Planning a fall rustic barn wedding? Provide cozy fleece blankets to your guests for the ceremony and choose festive decor items like antlers and autumn blooms.

14. Orange And Blue

For a vibrant festivity, choose a blue and orange color scheme. These tones offer contrast against the wood of the barn and give the party fresh energy.

15. Soft Vintage

Integrate vintage detailing in your tables, chairs and wardrobe. Keep the tones light and neutral for a serene celebration.

16. Green Soirée

The green color spectrum offers plenty of depth and variety. From your floral arrangements to your signage, include dark and light greens. Add color contrast through details like your cake and napkins.

17. Light And Dreamy

barn wedding ideas couple kissing

Source: India Earl

Aim for a charming aura by picking a simple wedding color combination. The muted colors give way to focusing on the most important part of your celebration: your love.

18. Complementary Tones

A harmonious color scheme is both stunning and cohesive. Mimic this couple’s design by choosing browns and oranges accented by greens.

19. Rich Reds

Lean on deep red hues to add energy to your wedding ceremony and reception. Your other colors can remain more subdued, like the white, green and brown featured here.

20. Winter Variety

A fur shawl, antique snowshoes and winter boots make for festive decor. That’s right: you can create a unique affair even in the wintertime.

21. Serene Scene

Lighter tones tend to have a more calming effect. Incorporate pastels and whites for a soothing aura — especially great when celebrating in a white barn.

22. Wild Spring

barn wedding ideas flowers glasses

Source: Jess Petrie

The springtime is ripe with many vibrant flowers — from yellows to purples. Rather than choosing just a few colors, try including a variety of hues in your decor.

23. Geometric Vibes

For an edgy feel, include geometric shapes in your table settings and barn decorations. Keep your color palette simple to allow the shapes to take center stage.

24. Green Spectrum

Opt for a green monochrome scheme. From juniper to sage, there are plenty of green tones that pair well with a brown, red or white barn venue. Preview this color palette and theme to your guests by sending out simple wedding announcements.

25. Festive Fall

Getting married in autumn? Gather the vivid colors of the season for your decor, like orange, yellow and pink. Your celebration will have a warm, energetic vibe.

26. Blue Contrast

barn wedding ideas blue napkin utensils

Source: Ken Kienow

Let blue be your decor’s main player. With your tablecloths and flowers donning subdued colors, your blue accents will stand out.

27. Old-Fashioned Fun

Honor both the traditional and the new with your barn wedding. Incorporate vintage furniture and signage, while adding your own touches through your centerpieces and bridesmaid dresses.

28. Outside Bar

Have your bartender set up shop outside to save on space inside the barn. With fancier details, like gold-rimmed glassware, you’ll have a stylish soirée.

29. Wood-Filled World

Infuse harmony into your celebrations with wooden elements. Your chairs, tables, signage and centerpieces can all incorporate an aspect of wood.

30. New England Style

Mimic the aura of this Hudson Valley wedding by hanging lights and paper lanterns. Enhance the beauty of the celebration with finer feminine details, like your place cards and menus.

31. Warm and Welcoming

A barn provides a naturally cozy atmosphere. Enhance the warm feeling with draping fabrics, lush bouquets and a subdued color palette.

32. Extravagant Arrangements

The larger the bouquet, the more attention it garners. Fill your arrangements with greenery like eucalyptus to build volume. The size will offer character to even the biggest barn.

33. Whimsical Wonderland

Whether your barn themed wedding takes place inside or out, incorporate whimsical details like hanging lanterns and extravagant bouquets. Include a mix of neutral tones alongside brighter colors like purple and pink.

34. Quirky Texture

In addition to choosing your wedding colors, you’ll want to build texture into your decor. Feathers, flowers and lighting are all stunning ways to give your decorations personality.

35. Pastel Palette

A lighter color combination brings a soft beauty to a celebration. Combine greens, pinks and oranges for a charming spring or summer barn wedding.

36. Rustic Warmth

Bring comfort to your rustic wedding reception with wooden decor and darker hues. Mix candles, antlers, feathers and flowers for a flavorful display.

37. Bright Florals

Play off of the barn’s natural elements by choosing wooden tables and chairs. The color of your flowers will really pop, especially if they’re bright tones like the ones in these arrangements.

38. Beautiful Neutrals

A blend of brown, gray and green makes for a classy celebration. This neutral color scheme can be used in any season and easily combined with modern place cards.

39. Pink, White And Green

For a spring or summer wedding, opt for a muted combination of green, pink and white. These softer tones are elegant and not overwhelming.

40. Dark And Dreamy

Ideal for a fall or winter barn wedding, this dark color combination is truly stunning. Red, green, brown and black merge seamlessly together — providing warmth and beauty.

41. Pastel Magic

Delight your guests with a pastel ensemble. From the paper flower backdrop for your ceremony to your reception decor, choose soft, enchanting colors.

42. Autumn Touches

Deep reds and greens are comforting tones, like the ones displayed in this stunning wreath. Contrast with creamy candles and other off white accents to balance the color combination.

43. Sleek Modern

Not all barn wedding ideas are rustic. Try modern tables and chairs instead of wood ones. Add metallic details and fresh greenery for personality.

44. Green And White

Construct a simple color palette that will complement your barn. Green, white and brown blend well together for an earthy ensemble.

45. Special Guests

Make your wedding even more memorable by inviting your furry friends. Whether it’s your alpaca, horse or beloved dog, ensure they have a spot in your celebration.

46. Tropical Delight

Big tropical leaves and bright flowers bring relaxation to your ceremony and reception. Aside from your tropical invitations, include fun accents like pineapples and coconuts in all of your decor for a fully festive vibe.

47. Farm Fresh

barn wedding ideas couple goat

Source: Matt + Jess

Embrace the surroundings of your barn wedding. Walk the property, take photos with the farm animals and give guests an opportunity to relax in such a beautiful space.

48. Wood And Sequins

Looking for rustic wedding ideas that offer some flair? Incorporate sequins into your decor, like in your tablecloth and bridesmaid dresses.

49. Vintage Touch

Fill your celebration with antiques. From chandeliers to sewing tables, integrate keepsakes and family heirlooms. Your wedding will convey a special message while having plenty of style.

50. Red And Pink Flair

barn wedding ideas popcorn bags

Source: Photo Love

Punctuate your decor with pops of red and pink. These two vibrant tones will stand out amidst the woodsy elements of your barn party.

51. Natural Antique

barn wedding ideas three women legs

Source: Ryan Ray

Create a calm and warm atmosphere by involving natural tones, like green and brown. Decorate with vintage pieces, like picture frames and wooden bins. Your barn themed wedding will have a traditional appeal that will look stunning in wedding photos for years to come.

52. Rich Rustic

Let your wedding be lavish. Choose a rich color palette, like one featuring reds and greens. Assemble lush bouquets and arrangements to make your decor larger than life.

53. Bright And Colorful

Amp up the energy with a brightly colored barn wedding soirée. Line your table with fun-colored runners and choose vibrant blooms for your arrangements.

54. Purple Enchantment

Captivate your guests with a beautiful lavender wedding. Build contrast and texture with darker purples and greens.

55. Earthy Dreamland

Wood tones and fresh greenery combine to make a calming wonderland. Pull in metallic accents for your plates and glasses to complement the earthy vibe.

56. Golden Delight

Offer contrast to the brown elements of the barn with golden yellow. Your flowers, bridesmaid dresses or bridal shoes can provide this yellow spark.

57. Muted Magic

barn wedding ideas ladder balloon

Source: The Lou’s

The delicate tones of blonde wood, white and pastel blue create a peaceful mood. Consider this color scheme if you’re having a spring or summer barn themed wedding.

58. Creamy Caramel

From the barn’s wood to your centerpieces, infuse rich caramel tones throughout your decor. Complementary colors include green and off white.

59. Wooden Charm

Looking for simple barn wedding ideas? Add to the wooden aura by incorporating trees into your centerpieces and reception decor.

60. Fresh Energy

barn wedding ideas wedding green table

Source: Vivian Lin

Just as your love story is full of life, so should your celebration be. Enhance the energy of your big day with big greenery and vibrant white flowers. Match your table decor by choosing a similarly serene menu design.

61. Brown Motif

Include brown throughout your decor. Consider tree branches, wooden beams and a chestnut ensemble for the groom. Accent with white and green tones — and elegant lighting.

62. Modern Chic

Stylish furniture and catchy signs go a long way in offering your wedding unique personality. Complement the scene with a green, white and pink color scheme.

63. Barn Bohemian

Create a boho-chic environment. Line your tables with lush greenery. Fill your walls with white macrame and string lights on the barn’s ceiling.

64. Green With Lace

Simplify your barn wedding with a tranquil design scheme. Make greenery and lace your mainstays, then accent with black and light pink.

65. Soft Beauty

barn wedding ideas bouquet candles

Source: Ken Kienow

Pastel pinks offer your atmosphere a feminine aura. Loop in contrasting tones with flowers like anemones and roses.

66. Classic Rustic

Want a rustic barn wedding that’s also timeless? Include flowing drapery, fresh greens and classic accent colors like pink and white.

67. Red, White And Brown

Let red symbolize the deep love of your wedding day. Contrast with white and soft brown to create a warm and tender celebration.

68. Barn Bliss

Incorporate earthy elements to complement the outdoor feel of the barn. Consider wood slices, plants and candles for your beautiful decor.

No matter how you decorate your wedding reception, be sure it reflects your personal style. Add custom touches with details like your ceremony programs and wedding napkins.