20+ Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas & Photos You’ll Love

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather, and where we spend time every day preparing meals and brewing coffee. Showing your style through your wall decor is an important ingredient of making your kitchen feel warm and personal. That’s why we’ve compiled over 20 kitchen wall decor ideas. You’ll be inspired to create your own artwork or find just the right pieces you need to make it all come to life.

If you’re hoping to bring photos into your wall decor for the kitchen, consider mounted wall art that can be personalized.

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1. Giant Peg Board

giant peg board

Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

Need a way to store odds and ends around your kitchen? Build a giant peg board for your keys, cleaning equipment and cookbooks.

2. DIY Wind Chimes

When you’re cooking breakfast or heading off on a busy day, strum your fingers along this wind chime for a cheerful jingle. This one’s a favorite for the kiddos.

3. Personalized Calendar

personalized calendar

Source: Shutterfly

Keep track of appointments, birthdays and fun weekend plans with a personalized wall calendar. Include photos that inspire you, like recent travel candids and family portraits.

4. Clipboard Collection

Whether it’s to hang inspirational quotes or reminders for the week, this clipboard wall adds character to your kitchen but also serves an important purpose. Accent the clipboards with metallic paint for extra character.

5. Pressed Leaves

Have a favorite tree in the backyard or nearby park? Choose leaves to press, then frame them for your kitchen wall.

6. Initial Artwork

Imprint a canvas with your family’s initial to make personalized wall decor for your kitchen. Use a striped pattern as a background to build texture.

7. Washi Tape Wall

Decorate your kitchen wall with one of the most versatile materials: washi tape. Try a striped or zigzag pattern to enhance the wall’s texture.

8. Kitchen Sign

Design a personalized glass sign, incorporating the word ‘kitchen’ or your family’s last name. Repurpose an old picture frame for your border.

9. Painted Canvas

Brush a canvas with a serene color scheme, like blue and green, to create relaxing wall decor for your kitchen. Choose a large or small canvas, depending on the wall space you have available.

10. Wooden Words

Looking for simple kitchen wall decor ideas? Paint wooden letters to form a word that represents the vibe you want, whether that’s ‘cafe,’ ‘family’ or ‘home.’

11. Produce Baskets

Assemble a stylish home for your apples, bananas and fresh veggies. Paint baskets to match the rest of your kitchen decor.

12. Alphabet Art

With a stencil and paint, you can imprint a canvas with any words or letters you want. Consider a theme like the alphabet, numbers or your family’s initials.

13. Photo Gallery Wall

photo gallery wall

Source: Shutterfly

Build a gallery wall by printing your favorite photos, like those from summer trips, playing in the backyard or celebrating life’s milestones.

14. Gold Leaf Map Art

For all of the places you’ve traveled or hope to travel, enhance traditional maps with gold leaf sheets. These metallic pieces will result in stunning wall art.

15. Organizer Station

Give your home a landing place for your notes, pencils, pens and papers. Style it with washi tape for extra personality.

16. Paint Chip Wall

Splash color on your kitchen walls without having to pick up a paintbrush. Use paint chip samples to create a single accent wall.

17. Chalkboard Decor

Record your chores, grocery list and to-do items on a chalkboard. Paint the framing to match your other kitchen colors.

18. Contemporary Painting

If you want kitchen wall ideas that look professional, consider painting a canvas in a contemporary design. Use bright colors, like red or orange, to make the wall pop.

19. Festive Plates

festive plates

Source: Shutterfly

Compose unique wall decor for your kitchen using decorative plates. Include plates you picked up as a souvenir or received as a special gift.

20. Pixel Wall Art

Brighten your kitchen wall with a colorful pixel art piece. Design your layout on the computer first, then transfer it to canvas and paint away!

21. Pressed Flower Art

pressed flower art

Source: Hello Gwen

Pick beautiful fresh flowers from a nearby park or garden. Press and frame the flowers to create meaningful wall decor for the kitchen.

22. Fabric Wall Organizer

fabric wall organizer

Source: Spoonflower

To organize your papers and magazines, sew a fabric organizer that can be hung on any wall in the kitchen. Choose fabric patterns that offer an uplifting feel.

23. Zinc Letters

Enhance wooden letters using metallic paints to create simple yet stylish kitchen wall decor. Make yours say ‘eat,’ ‘drink’ or ‘Bon appetit!’

24. Inspirational Art

inspirational art

Source: DIY Candy

Create your own inspiring canvas art for your kitchen wall. Choose a favorite phrase or quote that sets a positive tone for each day.

Adding personality to your kitchen walls gives the space more energy. For simple touch that can encapsulate the spirit of your home, try a framed art print or a custom canvas print.