35+ Playful Kids’ Room Ideas

When it comes to remodeling a kid’s room, certain bedroom decorating ideas come to mind—superheroes, princesses, bunk beds, the list goes on. But as your kids grow, so do their interests and their rooms become an expression of who they are and the things they enjoy. This may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, any boy or girl will love these kids’ room decorating ideas.

Kids need a room of their own to play in and ideally, it should inspire both creativity and a love of learning. From climbing walls and ladder beds to creative room themes, find a design that your kids will love and appreciate throughout their childhood. With an idea in mind, make the bedroom special with personalized kid’s room decor like bean bags, night lights, and wall art.

1. Bold Colors

This amazing kid’s room paint idea perfectly coordinates color blocks to match the color scheme found in the bedding, rug, bedroom door, and pillows throughout the room. Add geometric side tables for a modern spin on the room theme.

2. Climbing Wall

This cool design will spark any kid’s interest in the outdoors. Incorporate a climbing wall into the bedroom design if you have high energy children who love to stay active. Tie in the theme with a rope floor rug and mountain art.

3. Reading Teepee

Nurture a love of reading with a reading area that delights children—don’t forget to add plenty of bookshelves and framed art that transports them to faraway lands. Refresh the reading corner with a new book each month to keep his or her interest.

4. The Great Outdoors

Kids love to be outdoors but sometimes the weather is not in their favor—bring the great outdoors in with bedroom decorating ideas that include a wood wall, shelving, and bear wall art. Make space for your little one to study or draw with a bedside desk and glass jars full of crayons.

5. Out Of Africa

Inspire a love of remote lands with a wildlife mural and framed maps of the continent. This design is perfect if you’re looking for toddler room ideas. Oversized animals like giraffes or elephants are fun additions that double as toys to play with.

6. Sharing A Space

Kids who share a room may not share interests and this is when a peaceful space is needed. Yellows and whites can promote kindness and sharing. Brighten up the room with personal bean bags and custom name plaques that they can call their own.

7. Go Geometric

This shared kids’ room has double twin beds and a geometric theme that’s ideal for either girls or boys. To achieve a colorful accent wall, consider wallpaper or wall decals that you update later on.

8. Chalk Wall

Aspiring artists need a place to practice! Use chalkboard paint to DIY a bedroom wall complete with colorful chalk that allows plenty of room for creativity. Don’t forget to photograph and frame your little artist’s best pieces.

9. Wild Wild West

Cactus and wide-open spaces are the hallmarks of the old west. A wild west theme is fun for the cowboy or cowgirl in your life. Plus, it’s gender neutral if you decide to keep it as a guest room later. Choose wooden frames and bright colorful patterns to tie the decor together.

10. Treehouse Dream

Treehouses are every kid’s dream—but if you don’t have trees of your own, you may need to create a treetop experience in a room. Leafy wall designs, tree stump side tables, and wooden accents are the perfect way to create this look.

10. Head In The Clouds

If your kid always has their head in the clouds, help them stay in a relaxing frame of mind with a cloud design. Choose some fluffy bean bag chairs and colorful art of hot air balloons to design their room.

11. The Big Apple

If your house is like Grand Central Station, embrace the madness with a classic Big Apple room theme that features clocks, classic lighting, and creative lighting. Kid’s room curtain ideas will certainly help you find a look that works!

12. Lost In Space

Use spaceship-inspired decor and futuristic lighting to make your kids feel like they’re exploring a new world. It’s the perfect way to inspire their dreams and introduce them to all of the new technology in the world.

13. City Lights

Not only do twinkling lights comfort children in the dark, but they can also create a clever design to any room. Give the bedroom a color treatment without painting walls by hanging string lights or with a multi-colored custom night light.

14. Arctic Exploration

Polar bears and penguins are the perfect way to bring the arctic to your child’s room. Glaciers make the perfect wall design and igloos are ideal for a reading nook. This is a clean, cool design sure to help your kids sleep well at night.

14. Simple Bed Riser

Do you have a teenager in the house? Elevate their bed with a white riser that doubles as a spot for easy-to-maintain cacti and greenery. Inspire a love for the outdoors with art prints on DIY clipboards to create an environment that is as wild as the deserts of the Southwest.

15. Contemporary Creative

Clutter confuses and creates tension, which is why a minimalist approach to a kid or teenager’s room can work wonders. The use of clean white walls and simple accents will help inspire creativity and allow space to create.

16. The Final Frontier

Whether you’re raising a Trekkie or Star Wars fanatic, chances are good a sci-fi theme will fit. Blast off to another world and create a room design that inspires your kids to do the same.

17. Space For Imagination

This contemporary child’s room features a beautiful cityscape with a mountain backdrop. The large windows let in natural light, perfect for indoor hopscotch. Use cube storage that’s close to the floor so kids can easily access toys and games on their own.

18. The Big Top

The circus is in town and your kid’s bedroom is the host of the main event. Red and white striped ceilings and a canopy over the bed will make your kids feel like they’re at the circus. Include a vintage popcorn machine as a fun decor piece and delicious snack for movie nights.

19. Wild Side

Walk on the wild side with inspiration from wildlife. Whether it’s giant bear tracks or jungle-themed monkeys, nature delights all children. Safari animal bedding, a plush campfire set, or animal wall decals can complete the look.

20. Sail Away

Sailboats and pirate ships are the perfect way to express a love of the ocean. Anchors and sea clock art will make your kids feel like they’re sailing off to a new adventure every day. Antique wall lanterns will help inspire the feeling like you’re out to sea.

21. For The Sports Lover

The budding sports fan will love a room that is centered around their favorite team. Whether it’s football, soccer, or basketball—choose wall art and creative decor that drives their next win. Install a mini basketball hoop, wall lockers, or framed posters of their favorite player.

22. Bookworm Hideaway

For the avid reader, bedroom decorating ideas focus on books and reading nooks. Choose a style that provides lots of natural light and plenty of shelves for books, along with step stools that help them reach taller shelves.

23. Delightful Dollhouse

If there are bedroom elements like a fireplace that you can’t remove, simply decorate around them. For children who love dolls, there are many ways to create a dollhouse-theme for their collections. Don’t forget to leave room in the corner for the dollhouse in your little girl’s room.

24. Race Car Driver

A race car bed, hot wheels shelves, and race track rug are perfect for decorating your kids’ rooms. Don’t forget to add black and white checkered flags or bright red and blue accents to represent the fun of a boy’s bedroom.

25. Chutes And Ladders

Bunk beds offer a perfect escape with a slide down to the bottom. This theme is sure to delight the most active of kids and gives you plenty of opportunity for storage ideas under the ladders.

26. Boho Vibe

Bohemian themed kids room.

Source: Jamie Street

By keeping cabinets and bookshelves low to the ground and hanging things above, the ceilings in this child’s room look higher than they seem. Include small wicker baskets to hold toys, a colorful area rug, and hanging greenery to create a bohemian theme.

27. Happiest Place On Earth

Nothing imagines spaces better than Disney and it’s still one of the best places to get inspired for your kids’ room designs. From classic Mickey Mouse to modern-day Lion King, it’s a wonderful way to make your little one’s room the happiest place on earth.

28. Aquatic Room

From oceans to lakes and rivers, an aquatic environment not only inspires, but it also helps to relax. Teach your kids the responsibility of taking care of a pet with their first aquarium or fishbowl.

29. Bunk Bed Fun

What’s more fun for kids than sleeping in bunk beds? Furnish a room with towering bunk beds and outdoor-inspired decor like a ‘Lets Sleep Under The Stars’ wall decal. Be sure to create a private area below to read or study.

30. Into The Garden

Create a garden-style room that includes butterflies and beautiful wall flowers. Green plants, butterfly gardens, and floral decals are the perfect additions to inspire a love of life.

31. Love For Legos

Long work tables and benches are the perfect room addition for Lego® lovers. Help your child master the elements of legos. Keep the bedroom organized with cube storage or clear labeled bins so your kids know exactly where to find their toys.

33. For The Adventurer

This adventurous child’s room comes complete with a wall map marked ‘Our Family Adventures’ so that the child can enjoy memories of their great trips over the years. Tie in the global theme with a desk globe and framed map of the world. As your child works on homework, they can reference these and get inspired.

34. Surf’s Up

Dolphins and rolling waves are ideal for calming the mind. Recreate your days at the beach with a fun ocean-themed room. From blue and teal paint colors to palm tree design, your little ones will want to try surfing in no time.

35. World Of Maps

Aspiring travelers will love a room inspired by maps. Frame maps that feature a worldview to help kids understand geography or detailed city maps that encourage a love of local history.

36. Aspiring Author

For the aspiring author of the family, nothing inspires more than words. Choose framed typographic prints with words that encourage or lift the imagination. A built-in bookshelf will leave plenty of space for decor, books, and collectibles.

37. Cats And Dogs

This fun theme is ideal for brothers and sisters who share a room and a love of animals. From DIY dog canvas art to photographs of your furry friends, inspire your kids to come up with ideas for the perfect wall art.

Get inspired to switch things up and find kid’s room ideas that are as unique as your childrens’ personalities. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for boys bedroom ideas or ideas for girls room decor, there is no limit to design.