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100 Kids’ Room Decor Ideas & Photos

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When it comes to home remodeling for a kid’s room, certain bedroom decorating ideas come to mind—superheroes, princesses, bunk-beds, teddy bears, the list goes on. But as your kids grow, so do their tastes and their bedrooms become an expression of who they are and the things they enjoy. This may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, this collection of 100 incredible kids’ room decorating ideas will please your girls and boys, from your tiny infants to your growing teenagers. With modern ideas from amazing designers, creative rustic interiors, and cool bedroom makeovers, use the filters below to get your inspiration for your kids’ room decor.

With an idea in hand, make your kitchen yours with home decor options like bedding, picture frames and wall art.

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Pink bedrooms don't have to be overly girly. Choose softer hues and neutral accents for a softer feel.

Photo by: Strawberry Swing and Other Things

Match the energy of your room to your child, like these bold orange striped walls.

Photo by: Blake Hill House

Let your imagination run wild by adding bright colors and fun characters to your kid's room.

Photo by: Just Motherhood

Get your kid's imagination flowing with fun graphics and bright colors.

Photo by: Amidst the Chaos

Batman and Captain America are the stars of this child's room. The simple color coordination and matching stripes throughout the room are classic.

Photo by: A Little of This A Little of That

Although the bed sits low to the ground, the canopy hangs high above this child's bed, making the ceilings seem even taller than they are.

Photo by: Addicted 2 Decorating

Bright, light blues can be found all over this kid's room, from the rug to the chairs, and even in the ceiling.

Photo by: Anrinko

Via: The Boo and the Boy

This room makes great use of space with its bunk beds. We also love the coordination of the patterns in the rug and sheets with the hanging lamp.

Photo by: Centsational Girl

Via: Becoming Martha

A pair of little ladies sleep side by side in this lovely set up, complete with a colorful floral decoration that lives right in the middle.

Photo by: Daffodil Design

Via: One Little Project

This fun, minimalist design keeps the essentials with a bed and neatly organized bookshelf, full of stories perfect for a bedtime reading.

Photo by: Everyday is a New Adventure

Two small windows bring in a lot of light in this little girl's room complete with miniature furniture and tea set.

Photo by: Fancy Ashley

This cozy green room has a fantastic set of bunk beds, desks and shelves built into the wall, leaving optimal floor space for fun.

Photo by: Jean Randazzo

Via: Tim Barber

A colorful array of pinwheels hangs above this child's bed. The classic bed frame is a great touch.

Photo by: Jones Design Company

A fun mix of colorful flags hang above this classic bedroom. The neatly organized, numerical shelving unit is a great use of space.

Photo by: Land of Nod

The walls in this kid's room are a lovely shade of seafoam green, which is neatly complemented by the reds and grays in the bedding and pillows.

Photo by: Mandy

Via: Design Dazzle

This contemporary child's room features a beautiful cityscape with mountain backdrop. The large windows let in natural light, perfect for indoor hopscotch.

Photo by: Maughan Design & Remodel/Elina Zebergs

Lovely pinks and purples make up this little girl's room, from the walls to the floral pattern on the sheets. Even some of the stuffed animals are pink!

Photo by: Mix and Match Family

A bold letter G sits above the bed along with a perfectly placed arrow. These are the only needed decoration in this green and orange boy's room.

Photo by: Nest of Posies

Star fighters fly above the head of this lucky child in this space-themed ceiling perfect for any kid's room.

Photo by: Our Fifth House

Via: Design Dazzle

Bright, lime green walls with white accents surround this little girl's bedroom. A fun collection of hanging purple balls and orange balls decorate the ceiling.

Photo by: Refined Rooms LLC

This small kid's room has some great decor ideas, from the painted bouquet to the striped theme throughout the room.

Photo by: Robin McGarry

Via: One Little Project

A wonderful set of patterned circles makes for a great decorating idea for this kid's room. Each pattern matches colors found throughout the room.

Photo by: The Cottage Mama

Via: One Little Project

We love the coordination between the square sheet pattern and the square wall art found on the wall in this kid's room.

Photo by: The Happy Housie

Two matching beds with coordinating, personalized artwork above the bed make for a great shared kid's room idea.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

This child's room has one big theme - Superman. The clever technique of keeping all of the wall decals close and within eye level of the child makes for a great room decor idea.

Photo by: Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo

Via: Swiss Miss

This adventurous child's room comes complete with a wall map marked 'Our Family Adventures' so that the child can enjoy memories of their great trips over the years.

Photo by: Bliss At Home

Via: Shutterfly

This amazing kids room paint idea perfectly coordinates color blocks to match the blocks of color found in the sheets, rugs, doors, and pillows throughout the room.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt/Orlando Soria

Via: Style By Emily Henderson

This small kids room makes great use of space by bunking the beds. There is also a fun theme of red and white polkadots found throughout the room.

Photo by: Anrinko

Via: The Boo and the Boy

This massive bedroom combines luxurious bunk beds for a quad sleeping arrangement, the perfect idea for this shared kids room.

Photo by: Harte Brownlee & Associates

Via: Hative

This wild bedroom combines two sets of bunk beds. The loft area above with multi-color portholes provides an almost magical look.

Photo by: JS Design

Via: Upland Development

Butterflies and flowers are the theme throughout this large kids room. The bunk beds act as a nice way to separate the room.

Photo by: Laura U Interior Design/Julie Soefer Photography

Via: Hative

This shared kids room provides a fun geometric theme found throughout. The faux-bird cage lampshade is a unique DIY kids room idea everyone should try.

Photo by: Live Loud Girl

This shared bedroom is a very minimalist design. But, by bunking the beds, it leaves room to play and scoot around on a bike.

Photo by: Marie Burgos Design/Francis Augustine

Via: Hative

This beautiful kids room has the genius idea to create shelves out of what looks to have been an old window.

Photo by: Smile and Wave

By keeping cabinets and bookshelves low to the ground and hanging things high, the ceilings in this child's room look higher than they seem.

Photo by: Jamie Street

Via: Cup of Jo

This kids room utilizes a great idea by painting the walls bright green and using the natural light to really bring the colors to life.

Photo by: Kelowna Lake Life

Via: Hative

A quaint, unique use of the fireplace gives this room an extra modern look. But the tiny kitchen set and dollhouse remind us that it is a kid's room.

Photo by: Little Chippers Interiors

Via: The Boo and the Boy

Striped blue and white horizontal lines draw the eyes around the room with this bold, kids room paint idea.

Photo by: Number 2 Pencil

This fun use of palettes creates a nice corner bedding area in this kids room. We love the coordinating blues found throughout.

Photo by: Petite Party Studio

This shared kids room combines a bunk bed with a shelving unit for a great use of space. It even has drawers beneath the bottom bunk.

Photo by: The Inman Company

Via: Hative

These two kids share the same room, but if you look closely, you will see two different themes for each bunk. One sleeps above with stars, while the other sleeps below in the woods.

Photo by: The Project Girl

We love the modern, minimalist decor of this kids room. With only a few decorations on the walls, each tells a unique story.

Photo by: The Vintage Whites

Black, white and light blue, this kid's bedroom is perfectly color-coordinated. The dog print is an insanely cute kid's room decor idea.

Photo by: The Yellow Cape Cod

This boy's room pays the ultimate homage to Star Wars action figures and is a great DIY kids room project.

Photo by: Twinflower Photography

Via: Clickin Moms

This kids room is actually built into a tree. But, complete with two beds, a table and some lamps, it is really hard to tell the difference!

Photo by: Alex Amend Photography

Via: Hative

This all-white, rustic kids room hides the bed and the only hint of green color in the room by recessing it in the wall.

Photo by: Dana Photo and Film

Via: My Scandinavian Home

These floating bunk beds are a great idea for a shared kids room. The ropes, porthole mirrors, and pirate sword are an extra fun touch.

Photo by: East Coast Creative Blog

Via: Design Dazzle

This bedroom coordinates the wooden desktop, shelves, and headboard of the bed. It also saves a lot of space by building drawers beneath the bedding.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design

The unique piping used to create the ladder on these bunk beds coordinates nicely with the metal shelving unit found below.

Photo by: Meghan Tucker

This bedroom matches wooden bunk beds and a red brick wall to create a rustic feel for this shared kids room.

Photo by: Prodigal Pieces

This shared kids room uses a very interesting illusion of hanging bunk beds by using chains at the corners of the bed.

Photo by: Visbeen/Mike Buck

Via: Hative

A bed with built-in storage saves space for a reading chair complete with leather ottoman, as well as a desk.

Photo by: A Thoughtful Place

This fun decor idea for a kids room uses creative, gender specific pillows. We also love the matching bear print on the wall.

Photo by: A Bubbly Life

Via: Shutterfly

This small child's bedroom has very luxurious decor ideas, from the hanging lamp to the exotic rug.

Photo by: Krista Jones

Via: The Glitter Guide

This child's room pairs very sharp edged diamond shapes with smooth circular patterns, all segmented by the two tone wall, which is a very interesting paint idea for this kids room.

Photo by: Monica Wang

Via: Style Me Pretty

This infant's room features cute decor ideas, from the miniature rocking chair to the miniature trees that pepper the wall.

Photo by: Christy Allen

This infant's room decor is comprised of a fun mix of animals, from the mounted faux rhinoceros head, to the elephant rocker.

Photo by: Daffodil Design

This infant's crib is watched over by two stuffed whales and an enormous giraffe, as well as a large boat.

Photo by: Hallie Duesenberg

This bedroom utilizes the smaller space to its advantage with a beautiful minimalist design. Each piece of decor is essential, but doesn't take up too much space.

Photo by: Jylare Smith Photography

Via: Design Mom

This is full of fun kids room ideas, from the array of stuffed animals to the hanging wall art.

Photo by: Little O and Co

Via: The Boo and the Boy

This uniquely designed kid's room seems to flow horizontally throughout, drawing the eye around the room from one object to the next.

Photo by: Picsee Studio

Via: One Little Project

Coordinating complementary blue and orange are everywhere in this larger infant's room. It has some great ideas on how to align the colors in different pieces of decor. Beth Bourque Design Studio/Jessica Delaney

Photo by: View from the Fridge

This nautical themed room is perfect for an infant, with the adorable hanging whales, to the blue ceiling that draws the eyes upwards.

Photo by: Beth Bourque Design Studio/Jessica Delaney

Via: Project Nursery

This infant's wall decor is fish-themed, while the floor actually features a luxurious animal hide in lieu of a rug.

Photo by: Monte Design

Via: The Boo and the Boy

This classic kid's room features some great DIY ideas, from the hanging balls above the corner shelves, to the polka dot wall above the bed.

Photo by: Creativity Exchange

Via: Design Dazzle

The combination of the light, bright colors and beaming natural light are instantly calming in this beautiful, classic kid's room.

Photo by: Decoraide

Via: The Boo and the Boy

This kids bedroom utilizes an amazing strategy for saving space with its built-in shelves and recessed bed.

Photo by: Inspiration For Moms

The bold, deep navy blue stripe cuts the wall in half. But you will notice this horizontal alignment throughout the room, especially in the curtains.

Photo by: It All Started with Paint

This kids room cleverly coordinates the triangular pattern between the sheets and the wall above the bedding for a fully unified look.

Photo by: Katrina Lee Chambers

This kid's room is actually quite luxurious, complete with full fireplace and hanging chandelier. We love the tree pattern wallpaper.

Photo by: Little Liberty

Via: Baby Space

This simple, classic kids room creates a nice focal point with the frame decoration above the bed. The white drapes create a nice sense of unity with the white wall.

Photo by: Migonis Home

This kids room cleverly combines fun nautical pieces throughout the room, from the dark hardwood flooring to the 'treasure' chest bedside table.

Photo by: Migonis Home

This large kids room creates a nice contrast between the dark brown walls and all-white bedsheets. It also gets a lot of natural light with multiple windows.

Photo by: My Sweet Savannah

This is a great example of some really fun kids room ideas, from the Christmas lights photo gallery to the gum ball machine.

Photo by: Redhead Can Decorate

The light pink walls are a perfect compliment to the whites and pinks found throughout the room. We also love this cute miniature fur rug.

Photo by: Studio McGee

This kids room uses shapes and colors to give it a fun, playful look. The illuminated H is a great personalized touch.

Photo by: Tatertots & Jello

This is a great shared kids room idea of giving each child their own space, and a unique set of photos that defines their sleeping area.

Photo by: Tips From a Typical Mom Blog

The bed in this room has a classic teenager floral print that is perfectly color-coordinated throughout all of the other room elements.

Photo by: Sand and Sisal

We love the way the second bed in this kid's room is cleverly placed beneath the sloping ceiling. And the wall looks like the ultimate DIY project for a kids room.

Photo by: Bagnato Architects

This colorful Scandinavian kids room uses a clever mix of pastel colors and fun hanging decor to create this cute look.

Photo by: Bek Halliday

Via: Petite and Small

The bedsheets in this kids room are exploding with color, but the bold geometric wall pattern acts as an equalizing effect.

Photo by: House Seven

This fun, simply designed kids room uses a great DIY technique of painting on two walls in the corner of the room. This also creates the illusion of depth.

Photo by: Just A Girl

Via: One Little Project

This classic kids room boldly states the three colors used in the room decor by hanging the colored balls in the corner of the room.

Photo by: The Crafting Chicks

Via: Becoming Martha

A low, wide bed gives the feeling of extra space in this kids room. We love the three paneled airplane wall decor as well.

Photo by: Ashley Ann Photography

Via: Remodelaholic

This modern kid's room creates opposing, moving lines of sight in all of the patterns throughout the room.

Photo by: Fawn Galli

The clever, minimalist design of this kid's room employs its only color (green) in the Hulk and matching plant.

Photo by: House Of Hawkes

This simple design uses black and white and simple diamond shapes throughout the kid's room decor, from the wireframe lamp to the bed sheet pattern.

Photo by: Minibots

Via: The Boo and the Boy

Bold, black and white stripes wrap around this bed in this kids room. However, the rest of the decor in this room is quite colorful.

Photo by: Petite Party Studio

This large shared kids room separates the boys' beds with a joint bedside table. The singular piece of wall art also acts as a focal point.

Photo by: Provident Home Design

This bold, room is all about angles and shapes. You can find diamonds, pentagons and hexagons all throughout. The walls themselves are even angled.

Photo by: Studio D Design

This room is perfect for a basketball lover, featuring someone dunking over the Earth. Take a step back and you'll realize that the overhead lamp might even represent the Sun.

Photo by: Studio D Design

A minimalist take on wall decor, this bedroom only has one piece of wall art, but it perfectly coordinates with the shapes and colors of the bed sheets.

Photo by: The Homes I Have Made

This fun paint idea for a kids room can be done with some hard work and planning. It brings so much character to the bedroom.

Photo by: Vintage Revivals

Via: Becoming Martha

Chalkboard paint is an amazing paint idea for your kids room. It acts as a decoration and place for a child to play around.

Photo by: 4 Men 1 Lady

Palettes are a great way to elevate beds. This kids room even has some great succulents in lieu of a bedside table.

Photo by: Honey n Fizz

The unique wall art in this kids room is the true focal point of this room. Look closely and you'll also see a great built-in bookshelf by the bedside table.

Photo by: Jeanne Oliver Designs

Nautical-themed bedrooms are great when they include several shades of blue creatively throughout the room. This one even has a blue-lined trashcan.

Photo by: Migonis Home

Via: Design Dazzle

This rustic kids room makes great use of the wooden floor and wooden beds by decorating the room with whites and navy blue, giving this an almost nautical feel.

Photo by: Nest Design Studio

Via: Design Dazzle

These beds may look identical on the surface, but this shared kids room has some great subtle ways of telling them apart, like the slightly different art hanging above each.

Photo by: Nesting With Grace

A summer beach house would be incomplete without a kid’s room with hanging skim board. The hanging lamps also coordinate with the sheets of the boys' beds.

Photo by: The Happy Housie

This bedroom takes great care to coordinate the tans and grays throughout the room. In fact, every color used in the room seems to be drawn from the unique whale wall art. /p>

Photo by: Weekday Carnival/Riikka Kantinkoski

Via: The Boo And The Boy

Don't be afraid of bold colors. This bright blue wall makes every piece of decor pop.

Photo by: First Sense Interiors

Be bold with your furniture choices for a fun kid's room—like this bright pink dresser in a bedroom for sisters.

Photo by: Crazy Chic Design